Philippines’ Growth Champions 2023 Exist Software Labs Inc. Ensures Biz Success Thru Tailor fit Solutions

Philippines' Growth Champions 2023 Exist Software Labs Inc. Ensures Biz Success Thru Tailor fit Solutions, Java Developer Philippines

Philippines’ Growth Champions 2023 Exist Software Labs Inc. Ensures Biz Success Thru Tailor fit Solutions

Philippines’ Growth Champions 2023 Exist Software Labs Inc. Ensures Biz Success Thru Tailor fit Solutions 650 486 Exist Software Labs

“People are the core of every business. Businesses are based on relationships, and relationships are based on people.”

This quote from businessman Marcus Lemonis was taken to heart by the men behind Exist Software Labs Inc. (Exist). Since 2001, Exist has been providing top global enterprises with cutting-edge technologies through consulting and software development. They have become a formidable development expert providing breakthrough solutions to verticals and domains in banking and finance, healthcare, retail, and energy industries.

Exist has also developed two home-grown software products including Anahaw, which brings retail businesses to the forefront of the game, and Healthcare solutions for hospitals and clinics.

MERX is a system to manage hospital information for more efficient operations. Medcurial has enterprise-grade clinic management and electronic medical records systems that ensure smooth transactions and boost the performance of telemedicine services.

Staying abreast of clients’ individual needs and creating IT solutions tailor-fit to their specific needs, Exist has helped top enterprises reach new peaks.

Its services include enterprise software development, mobile app development and management, offshore outsourcing, technology consulting, data solutions, QA and testing, and cloud development, deployment, and management services.

Philippines’ Growth Champions 2023:Exist Software Labs Inc. ensures biz success thru tailor-fit solutions, Java, Java Philippines

Exist Software Labs. Inc.: Service throughout the Pandemic

In 2020, just like any other business, Exist was taken off guard by the sudden disruption in business activities. Its core – its people and strong partnership with its clients – kept it going. Exist’s culture of continuous collaboration with its people and a solid commitment to its client partners showed the company’s resiliency during economic uncertainties, especially during the pandemic. The “Agile Culture” of Exist Software Labs Inc. led them to achieve their annual revenue goal and more.

“The success of Exist in the past years is because of your hard work and dedication,” Michael Lim, President, and CEO, told employees during a town hall meeting at Exist.

Three years later, Exist has increased its revenue year after year and expanded both its clientele and manpower. In this year’s Philippines Growth Champions 2023 of Inquirer and international research company, Statista, where the Top 25 companies with the highest revenue growth are recognized, Exist ranked 20th overall and, for its category, IT and Software, Top 5.

With over two decades of experience, Exist continues to help various companies reach milestones, even in large-scale projects, using modern application design and development, as well as providing world-class support. Clients can prove that the innovations they achieved collaborating with Exist have transformed them for the better and allowed them to build a sustainable advantage in their industries.

“The team at Exist has brought us several technology innovations over the last few years and we look forward to continuing to push the digital envelope with them,” said John Howard Medina, COO of PBCOM.

Exist Software Labs Inc. may have ascended to its current status as a reliable partner, but it plans to help even more businesses. It is ready to serve companies that need a complete revamp of their client IT infrastructure, API services orchestration, and software design; as well as those enterprise users who would like a software application that adheres to their current flow.

A leader in designing for systems integrations, Exist allows software applications from different departments to communicate with each other for better, more informed, and timelier decisions.

Exist’s solutions perfectly fit institutions with unique processes or those that want a competitive advantage; especially those who now find that, rightfully, building software is more flexible, designed to be more scalable through integrations, more secure, and more resilient than buying off the shelf (OTS).

Exist Software Labs. Inc. continues to live by its promise that there’s always a better way by empowering its business partners with innovative solutions and services that give them a competitive advantage by ensuring their individual needs are recognized and addressed with top-notch solutions.