POS System

Fast, Secure and Flexible Anahaw Retail Solution

Designed for medium and large retail enterprises who needs POS systems, Anahaw is a fully integrated retail solution that provides today’s retailers with end-to-end functionality.

It is a cost-effective and scalable browser-based retail software platform that covers point-of-sale (POS), inventory and merchandising management, CRM, reporting and analytics, and financials.

Anahaw offers a holistic and real-time view of your business ensuring that your data is up-to-date. Through our industry experience and technology expertise, Exist built Anahaw to adapt to modern retail business requirements, and to specifically work on providing you an edge over the rest by increasing real-time visibility, enterprise ability, and operational efficiency across the business.

Trusted by some of the biggest retailers in the country, the Anahaw POS Solution has been proven to provide ease and better management to medium to large enterprises.

It is designed to work at any type of retailing business including groceries, drugstores, boutiques, restaurants, fast-food chains, and etcetera. As we provide both the hardware and software, Anahaw will leave you with not much worry about compatibility and security issues.

Bring the optimum change to your retail business with Anahaw.

See how Anahaw POS System works

Point of Sale

Easy-to-Use POS
It is fast, reliable, intuitive, and full-featured. Has the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

BIR Accredited
Follows BIR requirements and can easily be customized for updates that will be required by BIR with no customization fees when on active support.

Hardware Support
Anahaw works with current-modern hardware and is compatible with most POS peripherals such as cash drawers, receipt printers, touch screen monitors, barcode scanners, customer terminals and it can be easily integrated with additional store customer devices.

Full Offline Mode
Support ensures uninterrupted sales during a loss of connectivity. The main functions of the POS are still available and allow you to continue business transactions without the internet.

Store and Merchandise Management

Product Management
You can choose to add products or update product details via CSV file upload or do it in Anahaw’s web interface.

Price-list Management
Set future pricing for your products. Setting prices can also be done with a CSV file. Easy as one, two, and three.

User Management
Cashiers and Supervisors set right from your headquarters, are assigned to their respective store to operate Anahaw POS.

Inventory Management

Inventory Transfer
Transact when pulling out inventory from one store and placing them to another via In/Out Inventory function.

Stock Card Reporting
View what happens to each SKU you have in your inventory from the beginning to the latest transaction. This also provides the current inventory of each item you have.

Marketing Management

Customer/Membership Registration
Add members to your shop, store, or restaurant to help you identify your loyal customers. By adding other information from your members, such as gender, birth date and contact information, you can place or segment customers to create personalized retail marketing campaigns. Your marketing team can target customers based on their specific products of interest.

Promotions, Discounts, & Membership Points
Go after your targets and create those promotions for them to boost your sales. Let your customers earn those points based on your defined purchase amounts. And eventually, your customers use those points for their spending to your shop or store.

Marketing Ads
Let them know about your promos. Placing ads on customer screens is easy as well. No need to go through each and every terminal. Ask sponsorship from your suppliers and have their ads played as well on your customer screens.

Reporting & Analytics

Dashboard for Real-time Reports
Visual appealing graphs showing performing stores, products, and
sales of your shop. View your sales progressing throughout the day.

End-of-Day Reports
Easily validate all transactions made within the day with your X
and Z reports.

Sales Report
Simply get those receipt information, from invoice/OR receipt
numbers, items sold and media tenders accepted.

Central Command

Deploy updates right from your headquarters. View your terminal’s current version build number. And check to see logs on transfers made between stores to headquarters and vice versa.

Clients & Certifications

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POS System
Mall Accredited

Bring your retail business at the front of the game.