Noble House Distribution Enterprise Inc., Philippines


Noble House Distribution Enterprise, Inc., a distributor and reseller of luxury goods in the Philippines is seeking a retail type POS that can consolidate all transactions into single back office. It should be able to scale into many branches across the country with ease. 

Project Category


Exist provided an out of the box Anahaw Retail POS and installed them to Noble House branches. The Anahaw retail solution provided the following capabilities to help Noble House solve their challenges:

  • Open platform for future customization (API development-driven; built on top of Open Source)
  • Hardware agnostic (works to virtually any devices e.g. POS machine, desktop, laptop, and mobile devices)
  • Triple redundant database
  • Multi-store under single/centralized back office
  • Near real-time transactions
  • Localized pricing for multiple stores
  • Create retail packages and promotions on the fly
  • Basic sales reporting
  • Light-weight and web-based solution (with offline mode capability)

Noble House also purchased a license of Exist’s basic accounting system with the following features:

  • General Ledger (Chart of Accounts)
  • Cash Management (Bank Transactions and others)
  • Accounts Receivables (Sales)
  • Accounts Payables (Purchases)
  • Fixed Assets (Basic features only)
  • POS transactions/sales are integrated with Accounting
  • Basic Accounting Reports