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We are a company committed to developing energy systems for Traditional Generators, RE Generators, RES, Distributors, WAG, SOLAR, and RES. Energy companies can seamlessly use our energy system solutions to trade and monitor real-time data from the Philippine energy market and increase overall operation efficiency. Currently, we have a total combined capacity of 89,839+ MW passing through our energy developments across the country.

We help enable organizations to complete innovative projects; which include working on new systems for the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC) and Independent Electricity Market Operator of the Philippines (IEMOP), the Independent Market Operator of the Wholesale Energy Spot Market (WESM).

Energy System Solutions


Automate your system and focus on your customer!
Achieve easy billing and trading monitoring,
forecasting accuracy, payment and collection
management, and much more.


Don’t just let your data be unutilized! Transform your
data to produce intelligent business insights; Break
down data silos, produce timely accurate reports, and
speed up your analytics process.


Reduce your costs while increasing system efficiency!
With future-proof architectural system design, you
can reduce system fluctuations, downtime, and
other unanticipated system errors.

Our Key Energy System Solutions

Billing and Trading

Billing and Trading System

Our billing and trading solution is infrastructure-agnosticfully scalable, and has ready access to NMMS, CRSSPREMSother IEMOP, and PEMC-related open applications, as well as other data sources.

Internet of Energy

Internet of Energy (IoE)

We provide a fully integrated and comprehensive Internet of Energy Solution! Our strategy is to combine our unique IoE know-how with our extensive experience in information technology and industry knowledge.

Take your power to a new level!

With our extensive experience working with IEMOP and PEMC, we can offer you Energy System Solutions and Services that bring possibilities and digital innovation to elevate your business advantage.

Our agile approach to software development is iterative & incremental, enabling you to respond quickly. While also incorporating security as a fundamental component through constant monitoring, assessment, and analysis, using the DevSecOps approach.

Imagine having an experienced and skilled team in place to get the job done on time. Imagine being able to put your mind at ease with no disruptions to your business operations.

Why struggle with fixed, inefficient, and costly energy systems? With our Energy System Solutions, we can help you acquire a more efficient model for your business without blowing you bank!

Automate the processing of this data to your internal operations

Drive your efficiency in billing & settlement, forecasting bids & offers. etc.

Automate the collection of 5-minute WESM data

Ensure that you get timely and up-to-date WESM data without hassle.

Ensure your faster go-to-market

We can deliver you the minimum valuable product in less than 3 months.

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