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With the urge for continuous integration and real-time innovation, businesses are turning to DevOps to save costs, enhance productivity, and speed up the time to market. However, many people find it difficult to adapt to a new process, culture, and mindset.

Leveraging on our enterprise-scale delivery experience, proven methodology, and expertise in open source technologies, Exist’s DevOps services help organizations break down silos, streamline and automate the delivery process and drive business agility.

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Capabilities and Solutions

We offer end-to-end enterprise services solutions. With key expertise in Java and Open Source technologies for a wide variety of verticals and business domains.

As an IT partner, we skillfully co-create unique software systems and engage with you on various levels to help you empower your business.

Industry-Specific Experience

Exist will help you assess, analyze and develop a tailored DevOps roadmap at whatever your state of automation is that aligns with your strategic business goals.


As your implementing partner, Exist can assist you with enterprise-wide DevOps implementation, solution upgrades, integrations, containerization, and microservices to facilitate continuous integration and deployment and automate your end-to-end delivery pipeline across your value streams.

Why Choose Us?

We guarantee you our IT enterprise expertise.
And here are more reasons we can collaborate to empower your digital transformation.

Industry-Specific Experience

Obtain global competitiveness! – We have strong domain experience and diverse industrial know-how to provide superior IT solutions.

Tailor-made Solution

Attain your organization’s objectives with custom IT solutions!

Drives Innovation and Efficiency

Achieve the essential efficiencies – simplify and streamline procedures to reach your maximum potential.

Drives Revenue

Unlock many more valuable benefits, such as new products and services, new revenue streams, and so on.

Ensure your faster go-to-market

Access the minimum valuable product in less than three months.

Our Work


Salarium is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that provides an end-to-end payroll automation system for small, medium, and large businesses.

Exist helped Salarium Implement a container-orchestration system for automating their application deployment, scaling, and management.

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