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We work and operate from the principle that data is the drivetrain of everything good that is happening and can happen in an organization. From understanding the customer better, improving business processes, identifying new opportunities for revenue, to balancing risk and reward (these things most people call digital transformation), data is the fuel to the flame, and EXSight can help you harness this Promethean gift.

EXSight, which is short for EXIST Data Analytics Insights, is EXIST Data Solutions’ solutions and services offering in the area of data analytics. It showcases best-of-breed data management technologies to carry out the processes required to turn an organization’s data into actionable insights.

Self-Service Visualization Tools

The Business Intelligence component of ExSight provides users with little to no programming experience with the ability to construct dashboards and reports.

Collaboration between users and departments

ExSight streamlines the process by facilitating sharing of datasets and reports between users and groups, with the option of limiting access to these shared materials, also known as permissioning.

Centralize and Curate Trusted Data

Get a 360-degree perspective of your company and evaluate the data stream from your customers to develop an effective and strategic plan for your organization.

Access to our Data Architects and Analysts

Throughout the project cycle, collaborate closely with our technical experts! Get technical assistance, create strategic technical plans, and identify business opportunities.

Leverage the power of your data with EXSight!

Data Warehousing

(Data Hub / Data Lakes / Big Data)
Achieve high quality, rapid speed, and historical context offered by a data warehouse, and increased understanding in data mining can lead to more revenue-generating decisions.

Data Integration

Streamline and transform your business data from multiple data sources into a consolidated platform to empower data-dependent solutions.

Data Visualization

We will assist you in revealing critical data to business users through intuitive visualizations. Our consultants help clients visualize data to discover patterns, follow corporate goals, and analyze other information.

  • Data Quality

    Improved Data Quality leads to a better decision making,
    Reduce risk while increasing revenue opportunities by improving the quality of your data!

    Data Governance

    Set data quality standards — accuracy, consistency, timeliness, and completeness of data assets — and improve consistency and confidence in risk assessment and business decision-making.

    Data Virtualization

    Make timely decisions and compete effectively. Analyze and mitigate risk more effectively, improve campaign performance, and accelerate business goals at a lower cost.

Turn your Data Into Actionable Insights with ExSight,
Exist’s Data Analytics Services!

  • End-to-End Data Analytics Hub

    From data source discovery to data integration, to setting up a data lake or data warehouse, to finally deriving insights through data visualization and AI/ML modeling, our data solutions experts will set up the data analytics hub your organization needs for a data-driven competitive edge.

    Data Governance

    Opting to adopt a data governance/data management platform like Informatica and TIBCO is a strategy some organizations are willing to undertake despite costs, and our team has the expertise to set up, deploy, and configure these big boys if the requirement presents itself.

    Data Integration

    Whether through the traditional ETL batch process, or through streaming, and even data virtualization, our team can set up, deploy and implement both open source and commercial data integration tools to bring your raw data closer to its insightful, actionable form.

    Data Warehousing

    Whether through on-prem implementations of open-source or commercial Greenplum, or up on the cloud using Azure Synapse technologies, our team will set up, deploy, and implement these data warehousing platforms that ensure lightning-fast querying through MPP (massively parallel processing) and even local AI/ML processing through built-in AI/ML libraries.

    Data Visualization

    Our data analysts are experts in both open source and commercial data visualization tools like Tableau, PowerBI, and TIBCO Spotfire (to name a few), enabling your organization to engage in descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics for better-informed decision-making.

    AI/ML Modeling

    Needing AI/ML-driven and derived insights? Our team of data scientists can select the best algorithms for your use cases and operationalize your models in the least amount of time.

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data-driven organization understands the importance of data and bases its choices, actions, and procedures on concrete facts. This organization has spent time and resources to get a hand on Data Solutions Services that can source data from within and outside of the organization.

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Data Analytics Services

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