Your Enterprise-Grade Database Without the Enterprise-Cost

An enterprise-class database platform is expensive, but it shouldn’t cost you your kidney. Businesses already face challenging operating costs and a database license shouldn’t be part of the burden. What your organization needs today is an enterprise database platform that will enable you to funnel your financial resources in the right direction—in the direction of the core business.

Enterprise Database

PostgreSQL EXIST Enterprise Xpertise, or simply PostgrEX

A complete service and support enterprise database offering based on a fully open-source, enterprise database platform. Founded on PostgreSQL CE, it is able to meet high availability, performance, scalability, and reliability requirements essential to any mission-critical application, minus the burden of license costs and vendor lock-in.

Get Unlimited Cores!

Reduce operational costs while maintaining peak performance! With Unlimited Core, you can add an unlimited number of cores to let you process more data and complete synchronous tasks with low recurrence.

You can also count on our quality local support!

Our homegrown database experts are highly qualified, certified, and more than ready to help you ensure that your mission-critical applications never miss a beat. Fast response and database uptime guaranteed.

No Vendor Lock-In

The user is not obliged to uninstall the system if they opt out of support because all software components are OSS.

All you need is PostgrEx!

PostgrEX is a suitable replacement for Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.

High Performance

Ready for anything. Powerful architecture for your most demanding, complex workloads.

Five-nines of Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

Achieve high availability with 99.999% uptime


The choice is yours. Deployment options to match your business requirements.


Stable, tested, proven. Backed by trusted PostgreSQL community leaders.


Use more budget to innovate. Enterprise-class performance; zero license cost.

Here are more reasons why you should choose
PostgrEx as your Enterprise Database!

  • Migration to Postgres

    Hassle-free transfer. Your existing SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle databases will be migrated to Postgres CE.


    Get the best out of this service. You’ll have the database engine, along with the high availability/failover, monitoring, backup and recovery, and connection pooling components.


    Operate at a higher functional level. Your database configuration settings will be optimized for the best possible performance given the hardware available.


    Ensure that your database is in tip-top shape. Grafana, prometheus, and postgres_exporter will be installed, set up, and configured as your default database cluster monitoring tool.

    Backup and Recovery

    Secure your important and valuable data. Barman will be installed, set up, and configured as your default database backup and recovery management tool.

    Scoping and sizing of DB hardware Leave the nitty-gritty to us.

    You’ll get the hardware specifications (memory, CPU, storage, networking, etc.) that will be optimal for your business requirements based on the current and projected data growth, the total number of users, total concurrent users, largest table size, largest query size, etc

    Query Optimization

    Run with more efficiency. You can also get our query optimization services for your developers in order to ensure fast query performance.

    High Availability/Failover/Disaster Recovery Mitigate downtime and service disruption.

    Replication will be set up between the Postgres database servers (streaming replication, WAL log-shipping, or a combination of both) in the main site and disaster recovery site, while Patroni, etcd, and HAProxy will be installed, set up, and configured as part of the failover mechanism of your system.

    Connection Pooling

    Perform faster connections. pgBouncer will be installed, set up, and configured as your default database connection pooling tool.

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