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Simple-to-use & web-based, enterprise-grade EMR and clinic management system.

Clinic Management System & Electronic Medical Records

Manage your clinic operations with a system that supports the full business cycle with ease.

Medcurial is a web-based application for doctors and clinics who would like to move from paper-based practice to digital without complicated software installs and costly hardware investment.

clinic management system appointments prescriptions billing

Appointments, Prescriptions
and Billing

Manage appointments, calendar schedules, and access billing information. Prescribe medications, print prescriptions and medical certificates from the same system.

patient records

Manage Patient

It is both an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and practice management system that makes it’s easy to record, edit, and access all the important patient data you need.


Support for Reports
and Analytics

Medcurial also allows you to export system-generated reports to third-party analytics like Google Data Studio so you can have a better view of your clinical operations.

  • MD Notes

    Review comprehensive patient records that include standard digital Rx prescription and ICD 10 diagnoses all of which can be printed

    Image Upload

    Capture, upload, and annotate images

    Templates Library

    Access various consultation sample notes

    Health Tracker

    Create and view graphical representations of vital signs and other important patient measures.

    Scanned Notes

    Import patient files for a more complete record

    Notes Template

    Create reusable paragraphs of frequently used notes

    Advanced Search

    Search and filter records to display results according to specific attributes


    Create census, billing, and other stats with a few a clicks


    Track available stocks of clinic items and supplies for procedures

    User Management

    Create, add or delete users with different access permissions

    Item Management

    Organize and list items, add specific details and attributes for inventory

    Clinics Management

    Add multiple clinic locations, set different schedules, segment patients, and billing accounts

What can you do with Medcurial?

  • Medcurial is a clinic management system tested and proven to connect medical teams across multiple branches and care settings!

    With easy-to-configure settings, users can access patient medical records and files across the network and connect all points of care to help support better patient care and service!

    Not only is Medcurial EMR the simplest way to setup and use an electronic medical record for private individual medical practices — but it’s also built to handle the requirements of multiple doctors, teams and diverse care professionals in clinic groups like those required by specialty centers like Kato Repro Biotech Center and large hospital facilities like St. Luke’s Medical Center in Global City.

  • Check in on your patients whenever you want to.

    As a web-based application, you can access all your patient notes and clinic records from your preferred device anywhere and at anytime. It’s secure, protected and backed-up automatically so you never ever lose your precious files. It’s like taking your clinic with you all the time.

    Medcurial protects your data the way you want to protect it.

    Your data will reside on a database that operates with securty filters and added premium security measures that prevents unauthorized access and secures a separate database for each account to.

    Since Medcurial is cloud-based, that means you won’t have to buy multiple hard drives to accommodate your storage requirements. By using the cloud, you can stop worrying about the sufficiency of your storage because it can scale up when the need arises.

  • For clinics that offer more specialized services and with operations resembling a small hospital, Medcurial’s enterprise clinic system version offers more flexibility and support for enhanced customizations.

    Monitor patients across your clinic room and departments and reduce administrative burden by as much as 50%

    Connect clinic branches into a care network for ease of operations

    Manage the full spectrum of operating medical and diagnostic clinics from appointments to billing, consultation to laboratory exams, inventory and billing

    Integrate third party applications including laboratory and radiology systems (LIS & RIS) to rescue manual errors and for aggregate results into patient records automatically.

    Use secure telehealth consultations and online patient portal to deliver care services beyond the walls of your clinic safely

    DOH-Compliant EMR and supports Philhealth eClaims with built-in module for faster claims processing.

    Usually preferred for clinics with 20 users or more, Medcurial’s enterprise version is best suited for clinics with multiple departments offering comprehensive medical and diagnostic services like medical and diagnostic clinics to specialized occupational care centers, maritime and seafarers clinics and laboratories!

Begin Your CMS Journey Now!

Start moving your medical practice from paper to digital by signing up for a free 30-day trial and enjoying all the features you will need to run your clinic.




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Integrations Third-party Systems
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Patient Portal & Telemedicine
Philhealth eClaims

Helping Our Clinic Partners Deliver Better Care Experiences

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Clinic Management System and EMR
Multi-branch connected setup
Dynamic Forms Management for Multiple Principals

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Clinic Management System and EMR to replace legacy system
Custom workflows for multi-room and medical service package management
Patient tracking and kiosk for booking and records management

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Clinic Management System and EMR
Custom Process Workflows and support for network branches
Third-Party Systems Integration including POS

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Clinic Management System and EMR
SAAS-based subscription for multiple-corporate/principal client setup

Medcurial CMS is your best choice.

No complex installation, secure and HL7* compliant.

  • Go to Medcurial’s subscription page and fill-up registration details.
  • Check your email for your secure login credentials.
  • On your computer, laptop or tablet, open your Chrome browser and go to Medcurial to sign in and open your new CMS + EMR.
  • Set up your profile, clinic and schedule and you’re done. Add patients, consult notes and other features using your own Medcurial EMR.

*Health Level 7 or HL7 refers to global-accepted standard for exchange of electronic health data.

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