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Electronic Medical Records

The First DOH NCR-Certified EMR Software

Here’s what you can expect from
Medcurial Electronic Medical Records.

  • Medcurial – MERX has passed the required EMR validation for hospital statistics by DOH!

    With compliance to the EMR system requirement, MedcurialMERX provides Philippine hospitals with the best option for transmitting the annual statistical requirements of the Department of Health.

    Combining accuracy and efficiency through automatic pulling of data and computation algorithms, our advanced system provides care facilities with added edge, plus the flexibility and adaptability to successfully complete compliance requirements in the years to come.

    Patients’ healthcare needs can rarely be met by a single professional. For health professionals and providers, there is a need to aggregate and complete medical information across different care facilities to guide care in order to achieve the best patient outcomes.

    Medcurial EMR is designed to connect multidisciplinary teams working together whether in hospital or outpatient clinic settings where the focus is on new models of service delivery and improved patient outcomes across all points of the care continuum!

    In cases where there is need to move patient record data between other systems, Medcurial EMR’s interoperable architecture means moving data is possible via secure and standard means (HL7 & FHIR) to ensure information portability and sharing.

    With consolidated and interoperable EMRs like Medcurial as the epicenter of care, it is possible to achieve coordination even among different providers, facilities and systems.

  • Telemedicine becomes more effective with a reliable EMR system in place.

    Using Medcurial Electronic Medical Records, you get the most out of each virtual consult. There is no need to access a separate system in order to review past consults, records and clinical documentation thus ensuring that patient information is within reach to help guide treatment protocols.

    So how does EMRs help in the application of Telemedicine?

    Single Interface

    To ensure efficiency and minimize duplicate efforts, Medcurial’s integrated telemedicine and EMR system allows doctors to write and complete consultation notes while performing teleconsult within a single user interface.

    Patient Health Record

    With the integrated patient portal, approved patient medical information can also be synced with completed EMRs in the clinic or hospital system, allowing the patients a way to view their medical information like prescriptions and lab results to help them become more responsible for tracking their health.

    Automated data entries

    With one system handling both your EMR system and Telemedicine module, doctor notes during a consult will automatically be part of the patient’s records.

  • Medcurial EMR supports different specializations and care facility types. It has a built-in Forms Library where users can access different types of consult notes and other medical documents according to their preference and assign them individually for their own use.

    We also support customization of templates based on the needs of your practice. Starting with medical templates from our library, we help you design and accommodate changes to reflect your own workflows and formats to help make the shift from paper to digital easier.

Helping Our Partners Deliver Better Care Experiences

Iloilo Doctors Hospital, Inc - MERX Hospital Information System Client Logo

Replaced an old Clipper based system
Streamlined numerous redundant processes
Integrated a local based accounting system with RIS and LIS
Clincal Documentation and EMR

St. Luke's Medical Center - MERX Hospital Information System Client Logo

Healthcare System (HCS)
Ancillary Results Mgmt (ARMS)
Medication Mgmt System (MMS)
MD Portal (MDP)
COHESS Clinic System and EMR

Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center - MERX Hospital Information System Client Logo

First fully cloud-based HIS in the Philippines
Replaced a 17 year old system that had 5 failed implementations
KPI of Discharge time under 10 minutes
Clinical Documentation and EMR

HMI - Medcurial Enterprise Clinic Systems Philippines

Clinic Management System and EMR to replace legacy system
Custom workflows for multi-room and medical service package management
Patient tracking and kiosk for booking and records management

Kato Repro Biotech Center - Medcurial Enterprise Clinic Systems Philippines

Clinic Management System and EMR
Custom Process Workflows and support for network branches
Third-Party Systems Integration including POS

OSM Maritime Group - Medcurial Enterprise Clinic Management System Philippines

Clinic Management System and EMR
Multi-branch connected setup
Dynamic Forms Management for Multiple Principals

OHSSInc - Medcurial Enterprise Clinic Management System Philippines

Clinic Management System and EMR
SAAS-based subscription for multiple-corporate/principal client setu

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