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Next Generation Hospital Information System

Transition to a modern hospital information system that digitally equips your hospital to support healthcare innovation for better patient experiences and quality outcomes.

merx hospital information system logo - exist healthcare it solutions

Next-Generation Technology

Helping our Hospital Partners deliver better care experiences.

Iloilo Doctors Hospital, Inc - MERX Hospital Information System Client Logo

Replaced an old Clipper based system
Streamlined numerous redundant processes
Integrated a local based accounting system with RIS and LIS

St. Luke's Medical Center - MERX Hospital Information System Client Logo

Healthcare System (HCS)
Ancillary Results Mgmt (ARMS)
Medication Mgmt System (MMS)
MD Portal (MDP)
COHESS Clinic System and EMR

Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center - MERX Hospital Information System Client Logo

First fully cloud-based HIS in the Philippines
Replaced a 17 year old system that had 5 failed implementations
KPI of Discharge time under 10 minutes

The Medical City - MERX Hospital Information System Client Logo

Patient Record & Integrated Medical  Exchange (PRIME)
HL7-compliance allowing doctors to build notes using a forms-based tool

With MERX™, you’re equipped with a future-proofed hospital system that’s ready to support your digital healthcare journey.

Here’s what MERX can offer you.

  • Lower your investment risk and protect them from being obsolete. Choose a hospital information system masterfully proven to adapt to the demands of an ever-changing healthcare landscape for years to come.

    MERX fulfills this promise by:

    Merx V2 Improve Patient 2

    Providing a solid healthcare IT system foundation with flexibility and extensibility technically designed into its architecture to keep it running optimally

    Merx V2 Next Gen Merx enables and support

    MERX is built using enterprise Java, a proven web-based framework that can run both on premise, in the cloud, or both.

    Merx V2 Next Gen Always up to date

    Well-architected for scalability and redundancy, MERX is proven to perform well under increasing volumes of load whether as a result of user growth or increased usage sparing the client from unnecessary disruptive system issues.

    Merx V2 A Step Ahead 4

    Leveraging APIs, Merx supports integration that connects third-party software programs and applications to allow for exchange of data that enable process innovations that can form the basis of new business revenues.

    MERX provides you an edge by empowering your HIS with superior technology such as the application of Microservice Architecture.

    By using Microservices, you get:

    Merx V2 A Step Ahead 5
    Easier deployments and scalable system that's ready to adapt to your every need.
    Merx V2 A Step Ahead 6
    A resilient HIS that isolates process failures.
    Merx V2 A Step Ahead 7
    Technology freedom for a more flexible and responsive solution which ultimately increases user efficiency.

    With essential features to support hospitals, MERX Hospital Information System is perfect for hospitals tired of being dependent on software systems that are at end of lifecycle support.


    Here’s some of MERX’s functionalities

    Merx V2 Next Gen 4

    Admitting Module

    Merx V2 Next Gen 7

    Inventory Management

    Merx V2 Next Gen 10

    Dispensing Management

    Merx V2 Next Gen 5

    Diet Management

    Merx V2 Next Gen 8

    Nursing Module

    Merx V2 Next Gen 11

    Billing Module

    Merx V2 Next Gen 6

    Medical Records

    Merx V2 Next Gen 9

    Outpatient Management

    Merx V2 Next Gen 12

    Administrator Module

    For full list of features, kindly click button below.

  • MERX is a state of the art and innovative system that supports extensibility for upgrades and future enhancements that you never have to worry about compliance ever!

    Logo DOH

    We are the first EMR Software certified by the Center for Health Development in Metro Manila.

    MERX carries a DOH-certified EMR that includes automated creation and submission of mandated annual statistics. It also supports internal validation of data which minimizes errors and captures it prior to any official transmission.

    Logo Philhealth 4

     Reduce errors in claims with MERX’s built-in Philhealth-accredited eClaims Module

    Streamline your process with a built-in eClaims module that pulls available data within the system to complete forms quickly and accurately. MERX ensures you are paid on time by reducing claim errors & manual encoding; and improving claim success rate.

  • MERX’s fully-integrated system supports both clinical and operational applications to capture valuable information required to chart entire patient progress and apply evidence-based care.

    Logo WK 6
    Logo WK Gold

    MERX enables and supports management of clinical data required to integrate clinical decision support systems such as UpToDate and Lexicomp that promote use of evidence-based care to deliver superior quality patient outcomes.

  • By choosing MERX Hospital Information System, you get a dedicated and experienced healthcare team so updates, fixes, & enhancements required can be quickly attended to and resolved!

    With Standard and Premium Service Level Agreements (SLA) to choose from, Exist support goes beyond readiness for concerns and issues that may threaten system use and guarantees 99.9% uptime.

  • We’re ready to support you in managing your hospital’s finances.

    Philhealth eClaims

    With MERX’s integrated Philhealth eClaims module, this makes it easier for you to manage your Philhealth claims processes and get higher successful claims reimbursements

    MERX integrates with leading third party ERP and finance systems

    You can continue to use leading current Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) when you use MERX Hospital Information System. No additional time needed to familiarize or study new systems because you can use your preferred ERP and financial management solutions integrated with MERX to achieve operational excellence

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