Gawad Kalasag Management and Information Systems Hand Over

Strengthening Disaster Resilience: Catholic Relief Services hands over Gawad Kalasag Management and Information System to Office of Civil Defense, Powered by Exist Software Labs

Strengthening Disaster Resilience: Catholic Relief Services hands over Gawad Kalasag Management and Information System to Office of Civil Defense, Powered by Exist Software Labs 1300 972 Exist Software Labs

Exist present at the Office of Civil Defense last Nov. 21, 2023

Gawad Kalasag Managemement and Information Systems Hand Over

 In photo (L-R): Exist Director, Tech Services Dennis de Vera, Exist VP-Operations Jonas Lim, OCD Asec. Bernardo Rafaelito, OCD OIC-PDPS Dir. Harry Barber, USAID-BHA Humanitarian Assistance Officer Rachelle Gallagher, CRS Country Head Jonas Tetangco and CRS Marcelle Rubis.

QUEZON CITY – The Catholic Relief Services together with USAID formally handed over the Gawad Kalasag Management and Information System (GKMIS) – Web Application Development to the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) last Tuesday, 21 November 2023. 

The GKMIS aims to help the OCD consolidate data from LGUs into one platform to help implement their disaster risk reduction programs, projects and concerns efficiently. The platform enables the OCD, in particular the National GK Secretariat, the Validation and Selection Committee, and the National GK Committee to encode evaluation scores and generate assessment results in a data visualization dashboard. The National GK Secretariat is expected to use the system for database-related tasks. 

The GKMIS web application will be hosted on a cloud platform, utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the designated service provider and boasts of high availability and scalability. It features a public page and navigation to different modules and has a preview map of the Philippines with data from Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (LDRRMO) Assessment and tables and charts from the LDRRMF and LDRRMP data. This groundbreaking project has been made possible in collaboration with Exist Software Labs and marks a significant stride towards enhancing public services. 

Ceremonial Handover

The handover took place at the Office of Civil Defense in Quezon City, Philippines. 

CRS Country Representative, Mr. Jonas Tetangco together with USAID’s Humanitarian Assistance Officer, Ms. Rachelle Gallagher and OCD’s Asec. Bernardo Rafaelito and Dir. Jose Harry Barber, together with Exist Software Labs Vice President for Technology, Mr. Jonas Lim and Tech Services Director, Mr. Dennis De Vera, came together to symbolize the transfer of responsibilities and expertise. The handover featured speeches from key stakeholders, expressing gratitude for partnership and emphasizing the shared commitment to strengthening the nation’s resilience against natural disasters.

Gawad Kalasag Managemement and Information Systems Hand Over

About Gawad KALASAG (GK) Search for Excellence in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and Humanitarian Assistance

GK is the nation’s highest honor for excellence in disaster risk reduction and management. It has played a pivotal role in highlighting and elevating the standard of disaster resilience programs. This prestigious prize gains a technological edge from the use of a customized management system, which streamlines the collection, processing and distribution of information.

Role of Exist Software Labs

Gawad Kalasag Managemement and Information Systems Hand Over The Office of Civil Defense chose Exist Software Labs Inc for its capability to deliver all features in terms of their reference and cost efficiency.  Exist will implement a comprehensive management information system solution designed to streamline various aspects of governance, from citizen services to internal operations. The project encompasses a range of innovative technologies that are poised to elevate the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the local administration.

Moving Forward

The event closed with a significant handshake from representatives as a new era in disaster resilience technology is being brought in with the GKMIS. This collaboration of technology innovation, political control, and humanitarian commitment paves the way for a time when communities are better equipped to deal with natural calamities.

The GKMIS Web App Database System powered by Exist Software Labs will provide the infrastructure needed to store, manage, organize and utilize data effectively in the context of disaster risk reduction and management. Start your data management journey with us and become a data-driven organization.

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Bringing Innovation to Banking: A Journey Through Tech Fusion 2023

Bringing Innovation to Banking: A Journey Through Tech Fusion 2023

Bringing Innovation to Banking: A Journey Through Tech Fusion 2023 1300 972 Exist Software Labs

Makati City, Philippines – In a dynamic fusion of technology and banking, Tech Fusion 2023 ignited sparks of innovation and ushered in a new era of financial technology last September 21, 2023. Hosted at the Microsoft Philippines Office in Makati, this exclusive event brought together prominent figures from the banking industry, top executives, and decision-makers to explore the transformative power of DevOps, Cloud Migration, and API Management. In collaboration with Crayon and Microsoft, Exist Software Labs, Inc. unveiled a world of possibilities for the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sector.

Charting a New Course

Tech Fusion 2023 was not just an event; it was a voyage into the heart of digitalization in banking. The journey explored three main areas:

  1. DevOps Dynamics: Time-to-Market Accelerations with Confidence

The first leg of the journey examined how DevOps practices can dramatically accelerate time-to-market for banking solutions while instilling confidence in the process. Attendees learned strategies to balance speed and quality, ensuring robust software delivery.

  1. New-Age Competition: Modern Infrastructure and Cloud-Native Architecture

In the second phase, the discussion revolved around modernizing infrastructure and embracing cloud-native architecture. Experts elaborated on the pivotal role of microservices, containerization, and serverless computing in building scalable and resilient banking applications.

  1. API Quest: Navigating the Infinite Possibilities of Banking Innovation

The final stretch explored the infinite possibilities of banking innovation through API Management. Attendees gained insights into how API technology simplifies banking transactions and integrates diverse applications into a unified platform, fostering financial inclusion and transparency.

Exist Awarded as Crayon’s Partner for Banking Solutions in the Tech Fusion 

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Willex Perez, Exist’s Co-founder & VP of Sales & Marketing. He expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating to enhance efficiency and satisfaction in banking through digitalization.

The highlight of the day was the official launch of Exist’s Digital Banking Solutions, known as the Exist Banking and Financial Services (EBFS) Business Unit. Jemelyn Ambrosio, BFS Business Unit Head, unveiled the digital banking roadmap, which depicted the evolution from traditional to digitally mature banks.

Following the presentation, Crayon Philippines recognized Exist Software Labs, Inc. as their primary partner in Banking Solutions in the Philippines. Carlos Sevilla, Crayon Philippines’ Channel Sales Director, presented this recognition to Exist.

Embrace the Future: Begin Your Digital Banking Journey Today

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Panel Discussion

The heart of Tech Fusion 2023 beat within the panel discussions. Seasoned experts from diverse backgrounds shared their experiences and insights:

  • Randy Cabredo – Solutions Area Specialist for Azure, Microsoft
  • Chester Guerrero – Head of Production Security, Maya Philippines
  • Carlos Sevilla – Channel Sales Director, Crayon
  • Jonas Lim – Vice President of Technology, Exist Software Labs
  • Dennis De Vera – Director of Technical Services, Exist Software Labs

These panelists wove together their experiences and domain expertise to create a rich tapestry of knowledge. They delved into innovations and real-world implementations, answering participant questions and unraveling the intricate world of digitalization. The Tech Fusion event illuminated the path to a future-ready digital banking landscape through DevOps, Cloud Migration, and API Management.

While enjoying lunch, attendees seized the opportunity to network with technology experts and engage in enlightening conversations with fellow banking leaders. It was a moment to connect, share ideas, and envision a digitally transformed future for the BFSI sector.

Crayon’s Digital Transformation Insights

After the lunch break, Crayon’s Business Development Manager, Gab Villanueva, took the stage to share valuable insights on digital transformation. This added yet another layer of knowledge to the event, further enriching the participants’ understanding of how technology can drive financial institutions forward.

A Fusion of Knowledge, Innovation, and Fun

Tech Fusion 2023 was not just an event; it was an experience filled with knowledge, insights, fun, and new technologies. Banks across the Philippines can now leverage the wisdom shared during this event to embark on their own journeys of digital transformation, ultimately benefiting their customers and securing a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving BFSI landscape.

As the sun set on Tech Fusion 2023, the banking industry in the Philippines looked forward to a future illuminated by innovation, collaboration, and the limitless potential of technology.

Tech Fusion 2023: Shaping the Future of Banking, One Innovation at a Time

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Giga Summit 2023

GIGA Summit 2023: Preparing the Philippines for the Big Energy Transition

GIGA Summit 2023: Preparing the Philippines for the Big Energy Transition 512 383 Exist Software Labs

The Philippines is at the cusp of a major energy transition. With its abundant renewable energy resources, the country is poised to shift away from fossil fuels and towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

Organized by Meralco Power Academy and held on September 11-13, 2023, GIGA Summit 2023 brought together key stakeholders and energy industry players from the government, private sector, and civil society to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition in the Philippines

Preparing the Philippines for the Energy Transition

Nixon G. Hao, President of Meralco Power Academy, emphasized the importance of investing in education and training to develop the workforce needed to support the country’s shift to renewable energy.

He began his talk by discussing the challenges facing the Philippine energy sector. He noted that the country is heavily reliant on imported fossil fuels, which makes it vulnerable to price fluctuations and supply disruptions.

Deputy Administrator of the Meralco Power Academy Ernesto Silvano Jr. mentioned that the energy transition is a critical challenge and opportunity for our country. “We are one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change, and we need to transition to a clean energy economy to protect our people and our planet…” he added.

The viewpoints presented by these industry experts only emphasize the urgent requirement for cooperative endeavors and financial commitments in education and training to strengthen the country’s ability to withstand challenges and ensure long-term sustainability in the energy sector.

Partner with us for a smooth and successful digital transformation for energy efficiency

Philippines’ Position in the Energy Transition Roadmap

The Philippines is committed to an energy transition roadmap that targets a 35% share of renewable energy in the power generation mix by 2030 and 50% by 2040. This is ambitious, but achievable, given the country’s abundant renewable energy resources.

The Philippines is already making progress towards its energy transition goals. In 2021, renewable energy accounted for 22% of the country’s power generation mix, up from 20% in 2020. This increase was driven by the growth of solar and wind power.

The Philippine government is supporting the energy transition through a number of policies and initiatives, including:

The Philippine government is also working to create a more enabling environment for the development of renewable energy, by streamlining the permitting process and improving the transmission and distribution infrastructure.

GIGA Summit 2023 Event Spotlight

The event hosted by Meralco Power Academy provided a platform for energy stakeholders to engage in conversations regarding the current landscape and prospects for the Philippines’ significant energy transition. Below are key highlights from the event:

Day 1 highlighted the global energy demand that is set to increase, with renewable energy being crucial. The Philippines should harness its renewable potential, prioritize energy efficiency, and bolster the electricity grid for renewable integration.

Day 2 of the GIGA Summit 2023 centered on crafting a sustainable energy future for the Philippines. Key areas included renewable investments, financing efficiency projects, smart grid development, electric vehicle integration, and ensuring an equitable shift to clean energy.

The final GIGA Summit 2023 day delved into energy’s future, focusing on innovation and transformation. Experts explored transformative technologies like energy storage, blockchain, and AI. Digitalization is already reshaping the energy market, enhancing efficiency and competitiveness. Future energy work demands new skills in renewables, efficiency, and digitalization. Innovation is paramount, requiring investments in research and a supportive innovation environment.

Photo Credit: Meralco Power Academy

Unlock the full potential of your energy transition journey

Exist Software Labs, Inc. offers the gateway to realizing the complete potential of your energy transition. Through the deployment of innovative software solutions, you can finetune your operations, elevate resource management, and advance predictive maintenance.

What sets us apart is our commitment to energizing this transition actively. We are dedicated to helping energy companies, by providing expertise in energy system solutions and the Internet of Energy. Furthermore, we enable data-driven decision-making, empowering you to make informed choices that align with sustainability objectives and regulatory compliance. This collaborative effort signifies a transformative partnership that holds the promise of a greener and more sustainable energy future for everyone.

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catalyzing digital Transformation: Exist Software Labs Participates in Sun Life Global Solutions' Spark Innovation Series on Cloud & Data Federation

Catalyzing Digital Transformation: Exist Software Labs participates in Sun Life Global Solutions’ Spark Innovation Series 2023 on Cloud & Data Federation

Catalyzing Digital Transformation: Exist Software Labs participates in Sun Life Global Solutions’ Spark Innovation Series 2023 on Cloud & Data Federation 1300 972 Exist Software Labs

In photo (L-R): Event host Associate Director – Business Development  Yvette Seno, Engineering Manager Joseph Dindo Siasoco, Head of Portfolio Management Ada Mae David (Sun Life Global Solutions), Exist Director of Technical Services Dennis de Vera, Exist Vice President of Technology Jonas Lim, Exist President Michael Lim and Event host and Senior Project Manager Kiko Angeles

At Bonifacio Global Center on August 29, 2023, Sun Life Global Solutions held another edition of Spark Innovation Series, with the session focusing on Cloud and Data Federation. With an objective of updating their employees on the latest innovations in Cloud technology in the Financial Industry, Sun Life invited technology innovator Exist Software Labs (Exist) to discuss cloud data federation and data modernization.

Kiko Angeles and Yvette Seno opened the program as masters of ceremonies from Sun Life Global Solutions. Exist representatives Michael Lim, Jonas Lim, and Dennis De Vera, Jr. graced the event.

Exist’s journey towards Cloud Adoption and Data Federation

Exist President Michael Lim started the discussion at Sun Life event by providing valuable insights into Exist’s journey as a technology company. He presented the significant milestones of Exist Software Labs over the past 22 years, which inevitably touched on the brief history of cloud adoption. Dennis de Vera, Exist Director of Technical Services, supplemented this conversation highlighting the transition from traditional infrastructure to cloud services, and the subsequent innovations in infrastructure and data.


Dennis, in his presentation, provided an overview of Exist’s history of cloud adoption. Figures 1 to 3 above served as visual milestones, illustrating the transformation as regards cloud adoption. In Figure 1, Dennis described the initial stages of cloud adoption, where Exist began its journey by moving applications and databases to the cloud. This marked Exist’s crucial shift from traditional on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, a decision that would prove to be helpful not only to Exist, but to other organizations as well.

The move to cloud services was not merely a change in infrastructure but a strategic pivot that enabled Exist Software Labs to tap into the vast potential of cloud computing. Cloud services provided scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, allowing the company to expand its offerings and deliver value to clients in innovative ways.

As Dennis explained under Figure 2, applications were broken down into specific cloud services, which not only optimized performance but also enhanced security and resource allocation. This granular approach to cloud utilization empowered Exist to offer clients more tailored solutions, aligning with their specific needs and requirements.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Cloud Adoption

Dennis’ insightful discussion on cloud adoption stages and their associated pros and cons highlighted the evolving nature of cloud technology. While each stage offered distinct advantages and challenges, cloud adoption Figure 3, marked by innovation in infrastructure and data management, serves as the solution to address the shortcomings of earlier stages.

As organizations continue to embrace the cloud, they must recognize the need for ongoing innovation to optimize their operations fully. By investing in cutting-edge technologies and data management strategies, they can harness the true potential of cloud adoption while minimizing its drawbacks. In this dynamic technological landscape, innovation is not just a choice but a necessity for organizations seeking to thrive in the cloud-centric future.

Benefits of Embracing Cloud and Data Federation

Exist’s Vice President for Technology Jonas Lim presented the benefits of Cloud Data Federation – including enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and decision-making. Implementing this approach provides a centralized data view, leading to informed decisions and increased competitiveness for businesses.

Data/Database Modernization: The Key to Business Excellence

Dennis and Jonas also highlighted the potential for data management to speed up innovation and growth, as they explained the significance of adapting to evolving data landscapes and leveraging modern technologies.

The Citadel of Security: Safeguarding Data Heritage

With the fast modernization of data, security became a crucial point of discussion, with a focus on protecting sensitive data. Dennis enlightened Sun Life Spark Innovation Series’ attendees about comprehensive security measures and compliance frameworks by simplifying security and making it more effective.

Dennis also explained the importance of “zero trust policy” by protecting assets anywhere with central policy. Implementing this approach provides a centralized data view, leading to informed decisions and increased competitiveness for businesses.

Moving Forward – Sun Life Spark Innovation Series Takeaways

The discussion at Sun Life Spark Innovation Series came to a close with the floor being opened to the audience for questions. Attendees left with a key takeaway: that as the world continues to evolve and as the need for new technologies increase, Exist marches on, providing solutions to help its customers thrive – demonstrating its continued commitment to drive growth and innovation for the years to come.

Exist Retail Solutions, Anahaw, Anahaw mPOS, pos provider philippines, pos system, point of sale system philippines, Java, Java developer philippines, NRCE, PRA, Retail Solutions

Exist takes POS Systems and retail solutions to new heights at NRCE 2023

Exist takes POS Systems and retail solutions to new heights at NRCE 2023 1300 972 Exist Software Labs

Exist Software Labs (Exist) returns to this year’s National Retail Conference and Expo (NRCE) held at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City on August 10-11, 2023.

Exist unveiled its new Anahaw Mobile Point-Of-Sale system (mPOS) at NRCE, which embodies the capabilities of its desktop counterpart, but is portable enough to be used in small spaces; such as kiosks and booth setups.

The global technology innovator also showcased pioneering retail solutions such as Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), Samsung’s self checkout kiosk, integrated data analytics using EXSight and Tableau, and ERP/accounting system integration using Odoo.

Explore Exist Retail Solutions - developed to align with contemporary retail business demands, with a special focus on equipping you with a competitive advantage

Tailored for medium and large retail enterprises, Exist Retail Solutions offers complete integration and is highly scalable and flexible, providing contemporary retailers with all-encompassing functionality. Products and services range from POS hardware and software, inventory and merchandising management, CRM, reporting and analytics, as well as accounting and financials management.

For the past 29 years, the National Retail Conference and Expo (NRCE) – spearheaded by the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) – has stood as the premier platform for the nation’s foremost retailers, shopping center developers, and suppliers.

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Bringing Innovation to Banking: A Journey Through Tech Fusion 2023

Accelerating Banking Digitalization: Insights and Innovations from the Humanized Banking CIO Roundtable 2023

Accelerating Banking Digitalization: Insights and Innovations from the Humanized Banking CIO Roundtable 2023 1300 972 Exist Software Labs

On June 22, 2023, banking leaders, technology experts, and decision-makers converged at the Grand Hyatt, BGC for a momentous event — CIO Roundtable Humanized Banking: Building Brand Loyalty Through Security and Seamless Banking. This exclusive gathering aimed to drive humanized experience of digitalization in the banking industry. Throughout the event, industry experts, including Exist Software Labs, Inc., shared their insights and experiences, emphasizing the role of innovative technologies like AI, YugabyteDB, and embedded finance in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Kick-off and Welcome Remarks:

Jonas Lim, the Vice President for Engineering of Exist, set the stage for the roundtable with his thought-provoking welcome remarks. He delved into the significance of digitalization in the banking sector, highlighting the potential for technological advancements to revolutionize customer experiences and drive operational efficiency.

Jonas Lim speaking about humanized banking roundtable

Explore the Power of Digital Banking

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Engaging Insights and Use Cases from Top Banks:

Representatives from leading banks in the Philippines took the stage, sharing their experiences, challenges, and success stories in adopting digital banking solutions. With a focus on security, infrastructure, AI, automation, and seamless customer experiences, these industry leaders highlighted the vital role that technology experts like Exist  play in enabling transformation.

Sessions and Concluding Insights:

The roundtable comprised four insightful sessions, each shedding light on different aspects of humanized banking. In each session, Exist Technology Directors Jejomar Dimayuga and Dennis De Vera and YugabyteDB Head of Sales, Dennis Sze, together with Jonas Lim, provided comprehensive summaries and key takeaways.

One session that stood out was Session 3, which revolved around enabling borderless digital customer engagements through data compliance. YugabyteDB, an open-source database, took center stage during this session, showcasing its capabilities in ensuring robust and scalable infrastructure to support seamless customer experiences and scalable databases. Dennis Sze’s expert explanations and insights further enriched the discussion.

The CIO Roundtable witnessed a distinguished gathering of banking leaders, with representatives from renowned institutions such as:

  1. Robinsons Bank
  2. PBCOM
  3. CTBC
  4. Philippine National Bank
  5. BPI
  6. Maya Philippines, Inc.
  7. Standard Chartered Bank
  8. UnionBank of the Philippines
  9. CIMB Bank Philippines
  10. FWD Philippines
  11. Eastwest Bank
  12. Metrobank
  13. DICT
Top PH Bank Leaders attended the Exist Software Labs CIO Roundtable

Looking Ahead:

The Humanized Banking CIO Roundtable served as a catalyst for accelerating digital transformation within the banking industry. By embracing cutting-edge technologies like embedded finance, AI, database modernization and many more digital banking solutions from Exist and Yugabyte, banks can become well-positioned to deliver personalized experiences, enhance security measures, and drive rational efficiency.

Exist Software Labs, Inc., as a leading digital banking solutions provider, remains committed to enabling the industry’s evolution towards humanized banking. Through its expertise in Mobile Internet Banking, Accounts Onboarding, Loans Management System, APIM, and Corporate Internet Banking, Exist empowers banks to navigate the ever-changing landscape while fostering long-term customer loyalty and satisfaction.

As the event concluded, the participants left with valuable insights and a renewed commitment to harnessing technology to deliver exceptional banking experiences. The Humanized Banking CIO Roundtable marked a significant milestone in the journey towards secure, seamless, and customer-centric banking, and the collaborative efforts of all involved promise a brighter future for the industry.

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The Future Energy Show Philippines 2023

Exist Software Labs, Inc. showcases top-notch Energy System Solutions at The Future Energy Show Philippines 2023

Exist Software Labs, Inc. showcases top-notch Energy System Solutions at The Future Energy Show Philippines 2023 650 486 Exist Software Labs

In the dynamic landscape of the energy industry, Exist Software Labs, Inc. stood out as they showcased their cutting-edge Energy System Solutions at The Future Energy Show Philippines 2023!

One of the distinguished speakers at the Future Energy Show Philippines 2023 was Jose Jr. Layug, President of Developers of Renewable Energy for AdvanceMent, Inc (DREAM). With his extensive knowledge and experience, Layug took the stage to shed light on the challenges of transmission and distribution (T&D) in the realm of renewable energy.

Similar to numerous nations worldwide, the Philippines confronts a multitude of hurdles and potential advantages while navigating the transition of its transmission and distribution (T&D) systems toward renewable energy sources.

In relation to this shift, there are several forthcoming challenges and factors to be mindful of, including the integration of the grid, the utilization of data analytics and forecasting, effective management of energy storage, the implementation of intelligent grid solutions, and the assurance of robust cybersecurity measures.

Want to learn more about how IoE can help the Energy Industry?

To overcome these obstacles, it is imperative to foster collaboration among policymakers, regulators, industry participants, and an IT Solutions Company that specializes in facilitating the rapid adoption of renewable energy sources, thereby enabling a swift and successful transition toward a sustainable and resilient transmission and distribution (T&D) system.

Embrace the future of renewable energy with Exist Software Labs, Inc.!

The Future Energy Show Philippines 2023 was ablaze with excitement as Exist Software Labs, Inc. showcased its Energy System Solutions, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

As an official exhibitor, Exist presented its cutting-edge Cloud-based Billing and Trading Solutions, Internet of Energy Solutions, and Digital Transformation solutions meticulously crafted for the energy industry. 

With an impressive 20-year track record in system development, Exist has become synonymous with excellence. Their commitment to developing energy system solutions for Traditional Generators, RE Generators, RES, Distributors, WAG, SOLAR, and RES was evident at the event. 

Witnessing Exist’s exceptional solutions firsthand at The Future Energy Show Philippines 2023 was a testament to their unwavering dedication to revolutionizing the energy sector.  Don’t miss the chance to explore the transformative potential of Exist’s comprehensive Energy System Solutions and drive your energy operations to unprecedented heights.

Discover how our services can empower Renewable Energy Companies in enhancing their energy systems. Learn more today!

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Philippine Banks are Slow in Adopting Digital Finance: Mckinsey, Java Developer Philippines

Mckinsey & Co: Philippine Banks are Slow in Adopting Digital Finance

Mckinsey & Co: Philippine Banks are Slow in Adopting Digital Finance 1300 972 Exist Software Labs

Philippine banks are struggling to keep up with the fast-paced digital finance revolution, as traditional banking practices and underinvestment in digital offerings are causing them to miss out on vast untapped customer bases.

A recent report by McKinsey & Co. (a global management consulting firm), highlights that Philippine banks are devoting less than 10 percent of their revenues to information technology, compared to an average of 15 percent in the Asia Pacific region.

Similarly, the digital channels of Philippine banks account for just 5 to 15 percent of their revenues, well below the 25 percent average for their peers in emerging Asian markets.

McKinsey’s Report Emphasizes the Digital Importance to Philippine Banks

McKinsey’s report emphasizes the need for incumbent banks to adapt to the changing landscape quickly or risk losing their market share to digital financial service providers. While the competition in digital financial services is intensifying, McKinsey also noted that dominant players have yet to emerge outside the mobile payments subsector.

However, McKinsey also points out that fintech firms in the Philippines performed especially well during the COVID-19 pandemic, creating more shareholder value than the entire banking sector. As McKinsey’s report suggests, the Philippines presents highly attractive opportunities for expansion in the fintech sector. However, the way foreign firms and existing Filipino conglomerates choose to enter the market will have a significant impact on their growth and competitiveness.

Amid mounting demand for financial services, the banking revenue is expected to triple by 2030, and the country’s banking penetration rate is just 56 percent, significantly lower than emerging markets standards.

Explore the Power of Digital Banking

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Exist Software Labs, Inc. is at the forefront of this transformation and believes that the country’s shift to digital banking is inevitable, and banks that fail to adapt to the changing landscape will lose their market share to digital financial service providers.

Banks need to capitalize on the vast greenfield opportunities presented in the Philippines’ digital finance market and offer their customers secure, efficient, and innovative banking services. By partnering with Exist Software Labs, Inc., banks can enhance their digital offerings and transform their traditional processes to provide efficient, secure, and innovative banking services.

Having over 2 decades of experience in Java software development, Exist offers scalable and robust digital banking solutions to help banks transition to digital finance.  

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Exist Partners with Jumio to Secure Onboarding and Avoid Financial Fraud in the Philippines, Philippines

Exist Partners with Jumio to Secure Onboarding and Avoid Financial Fraud in the Philippines

Exist Partners with Jumio to Secure Onboarding and Avoid Financial Fraud in the Philippines 1300 972 Exist Software Labs

In today’s digital age, financial institutions are increasingly moving their services online. However, with this comes the risk of fraud and identity theft, which can have severe consequences for both the financial institution and the consumer. This is where eKYC, fraud prevention, and identity verification come into play.

The Partnership Between Exist Software Labs, Inc. and Jumio

Exist Software Labs, Inc., a leading Java developer in the Philippines, and Jumio, a leading provider of end-to-end identity proofing, risk assessment and compliance solutions, have partnered to create a secure and automated online onboarding process for bank consumers in the Philippines. This partnership will allow financial institutions in the Philippines to offer a streamlined and secure onboarding experience for their customers.

“We are thrilled to partner with Exist Software to provide a complete biometric identity verification solution that helps financial institutions in the Philippines create a seamless, secure and innovative onboarding experience.” said Frederic Ho, Jumio VP of APAC.

Jumio’s solutions use artificial intelligence, machine learning and biometrics to verify the identity of individuals quickly and accurately. This will help financial institutions in the Philippines to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations and prevent fraud. Exist Software Labs will provide consultancy and cutting-edge products and services to support the integration of Jumio’s solutions into existing banking systems.

Explore the Power of Digital Banking

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How This Partnership Will Benefit Filipinos?

This partnership will benefit Filipinos by providing them with a more convenient and secure way to open and manage their bank accounts online. Since the pandemic, more and more people are turning to online banking services. This partnership will provide a way for Filipinos to access these services without compromising their personal information.

The automated onboarding process will also reduce the time it takes for customers to open a new account, making it more convenient for them. This will help increase financial inclusion in the Philippines, where many people still do not have access to traditional banking services.

“In Exist, we often use the tagline “There’s always a better way”. It’s specially exemplified by our partnership with Jumio.  Jumio’s technology solutions in the identity verification space together with Exist’s technology solution allow us to provide our BFS clients with a better and seamless onboarding experience that is both secure and innovative. We are excited and look forward to expanding this partnership further seeing how their technology can truly benefit the onboarding experience of the Philippine’s financial institutions.” said Jonas Lim, Exist VP of Engineering

Finally, this partnership will help prevent financial fraud, which is a significant problem in the Philippines. By implementing robust identity verification and fraud prevention measures, financial institutions can protect their customers from identity theft and other forms of fraud.

In conclusion, the partnership between Exist Software Labs and Jumio is an exciting development for the Philippines’ banking industry. By providing secure and automated onboarding processes, financial institutions can offer their customers a more convenient and secure way to access banking services online. This will help increase financial inclusion and prevent financial fraud, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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The Crayon ISV Day: Exist Software Labs, Inc. Attends Tuklas 2023, Java, Java Philippines

The Crayon ISV Day: Exist Software Labs, Inc. Attends Tuklas 2023

The Crayon ISV Day: Exist Software Labs, Inc. Attends Tuklas 2023 1080 1080 Exist Software Labs

On April 20th, 2023, an event was held at the One Ayala West Tower that brought together the best Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the Philippines to showcase their digital solutions to help companies improve their IT estate. Crayon, in partnership with Microsoft Philippines, aimed to bring a unique experience that inspires customers to explore world-class solutions from homegrown ISVs. The event was a massive success and granted its participants an incredible opportunity to connect with like-minded customers, thought leaders, and industry experts to exchange insights on the latest trends in the digital landscape.


They are headquartered in Oslo, Norway with more than three thousand (3,000+) employees in over fifty (50) offices scattered in nearly forty (40) countries. Crayon operates a global, customer-first, vendor-agnostic IT consultancy.

If you are not familiar with what Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) do, please allow me to break the flow for a minute so that I may shed some light on the subject.


They are individuals or organizations that develop, market, and sell software solutions that run on one or more computer hardware providers like Intel, operating systems like Windows, or cloud computing platforms like Azure.


Independent Software Vendors will only qualify for this certification if they can offer the best and most relevant software solutions. In order to measure this, computer hardware providers, operating systems, and cloud computing platforms will test all ISVs who want to offer their software solutions on their respective marketplace.

If we take Microsoft for example, an organization that develops computer hardware (Xbox), an operating system (Windows), and a cloud computing platform (Azure). They used to offer Silver and Gold ISV Certifications to Independent Software Vendors whose product can pass their rigorous quality tests whilst proving that they can offer the top software solution to Microsoft’s customers on each of their marketplaces. However, Microsoft is now transitioning from the Silver and Gold designations and is now classifying qualified partners with their new Solutions Partner designations, more about that in the future.

FUN FACT: An ISV Partner is fundamentally similar to an ISV Certified Independent Software Provider – they can resell their software solutions on computer hardware providers’, operating systems, or cloud computing platforms’ marketplaces. The main difference is that most ISV Partnership Programs are not as exclusive as ISV Certified Programs.


The event started with a rousing opening remark from Crayon’s Jowie Alcala – Channel Sales Director who kindly welcomed the participants into the event whilst sharing their motivations on why the event was held in the first place.

The first keynote of the day, “Transforming Organizations into Industry Leaders with ISV Partners” by Gabriel Eric Villanueva – Business Development Manager at Crayon Philippines, is where he spoke about how they would like to encourage and help their partners scale not only locally but into the Asia Pacific (APAC) region as well. Gabriel also bared his excitement about showcasing the enormous talent present in the Philippine market on a larger international stage.

ISVs and Crayon can leverage their partnerships to support a larger portion of the Asia Pacific region which currently, according to Crayon’s study, only a little over seven (7%) percent is being covered. Crayon has allocated enough of its resources to support its partners with their business and the technical aspect of their solutions.

In addition, they are continually increasing their investment in these activities. The support of Microsoft is critical, as Gabriel guarantees that participants will be provided with the latest announcement from Microsoft to ensure that they are aware of the numerous programs, like the Azure Migration and Modernization Program, in place and maximize its effects on their businesses.

Chas Mann – ISV Director for Asia Pacific at Crayon discussed the co-sell initiatives they plan on implementing and how ISVs are a massive focus for them at Crayon. There is confidence in the idea that in order to encourage growth, co-selling is the next stage. He shares what the new co-sell program that they are piloting across the Asia Pacific and across other regions will look like and how it could benefit the ISVs.

The program begins with a focus on current market expansion, Crayon finds that understanding the opportunities present in the country or region an ISV is working in is key in order for them to aid in growth and sell their partners’ solutions more effectively to their internal base of customers locally.

The next step is expanding internationally, possibly across the Asia Pacific or even across Europe and North America. Crayon has over seventy-thousand (70,000+) customers that they can tap and offer their partners’ solutions and services globally.

There were also keynotes from other ISVs, including Exist Software Labs, Inc.’s very own and the only female speaker at the event, Senior Business Development Manager, Ms. Jemelyn Ambrosio. She proudly championed Exist and delivered an inspiring keynote citing how Exist has “become the tech partner of companies who are distinguished leaders in their industries such as healthcare, retail, banking, and finance to power and energy.

Exist has helped create exceptional value for more than one hundred (100) institutions like SLMC, CGH, Carrefour IND, Puregold, BDO, Globe, RBank, PEMC, IEMOP, and First Gen. to name a few. We implement state-of-the-art software innovations mostly by introducing the use of cloud-native technologies.”

In addition to promoting Exist as an IT company with more than two decades of experience providing cutting-edge technology solutions and services to some of the top Fortune 500 Companies globally. She also highlighted some customer success stories who Exist has continually enhanced businesses and supported for numerous years to this day.

In and amongst her group were five (5) other ISVs:
Mr. Bo Lundqvist – President & CEO of Retail Associates, a retail solutions advisory firm.

Mr. Allen Kristian Vasquez – President of Rakso CT, a digital solutions provider focusing on education.

Mr. Eumir Santiago – Chief Executive Officer of SD Solutions, creators of PAYDAY.PH, a payroll computation software solution.

Mr. Paul Soliman – Chief Technology Officer of Likha NFT, a non-fungible token platform and marketplace.

Mr. Julius Domingo – Chief Information Office of Highly Succeed, an IT servicing and product company, specializing in web-based services.

They all provided extremely insightful keynotes on the companies they represent, highlighting what they bring and can offer to various industries locally.

The keynotes were special, however, they weren’t the only highlights of that day. We were also able to introduce some of Exist’s solutions and services to other participants at the event when the ISV Exhibits opened in the afternoon. There were also vouchers generously given away courtesy of Crayon and Microsoft by way of exciting raffle draws. The two breakout sessions, each about an hour long, were held so that partners could learn more about the initiatives they could run as ISVs to attract new customers.

Pagyamanin (Enrich) for Sales and Business Development Representatives

In this track, the subjects covered were Crayon’s Incentive Programs for H1 2023 by Jowie Alcala – Channel Sales Director at Crayon Philippines, Microsoft FY23 Incentives for ISV Partners by Ronna Kristel de Leon – Territory Channels Manager (SMB Commercial) at Microsoft Philippines and Marketing Initiatives to Get More Wins by Myles Velazco – Vendor Program Director at Crayon Philippines.

Palawakin (Scale) for Pre-Sales and Technical Representatives

In this track, the subject covered were Security Best Practices to Secure the Baseline by James Cortes – Cloud Security Architect at Crayon Philippines, Closing CSP Partner Deals thru Microsoft Programs by James Gabriel de Castro – Territory Channels Manager (SMB for Azure), and Co-Selling and P2P Motion with Crayon and Microsoft by Gabriel Eric Villanueva – Business Development Manager at Crayon Philippines.

The event was an incredible success from the get-go, it was an incredible opportunity for all the participants on-site and online to get familiar with the industry and each other at a chance of collaborating and supporting each other’s business to grow and flourish. We’d like to extend our thanks to Crayon Philippines and Microsoft Philippines for inviting us to this event and giving us a platform to showcase our company’s capabilities and competencies. It was an invaluable experience to be a part of, especially for myself who is new to the industry. I personally look forward to more events like this in the future, learning and exploring while IT endlessly develops and improves.