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BIR Accredited Anahaw Ver. 3 sets sail in 2021

BIR Accredited Anahaw Ver. 3 sets sail in 2021 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Exist Software Labs takes off 2021 with now Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) accredited Anahaw Point-of-Sale (POS) System Version 3. The said recognition was awarded last January 11, 2021, and is now available for Anahaw users.

Such accreditation indicates that Exist is now a trustworthy partner of BIR as a POS solutions provider. This means that the company is compliant with the BIR guidelines and the system operates in accordance with their specifications.

According to Mr. Julius Cutaran, Anahaw’s Project Manager, this accreditation is important because it proves that our system gets updated.

“Typically, an issued accreditation would last for five (5) years from its issuance or effectivity. Unless a memo from BIR would allow it to be extended, it is a checkpoint that we are compliant with BIR regulations.” Mr. Cutaran also affirmed.

Compliance with BIR regulations also allows accurate reporting of the retailers’ sales and lets them issue sales invoices and official receipts. With Anahaw POS, clients can easily create the report for BIR’s ESales. Clients can now easily attain customizations or integrations as well with Exist as their go-to provider.

Anahaw makes headway despite trials.

Acquiring this recognition did not come easy for Exist’s Anahaw team. The team underwent some challenges like lapses in the accreditation guide and miscommunication matters for concerned parties. Additionally, the pandemic magnified the struggles during the process.

Mr. Cutaran mentioned that “The 2nd presentation was conducted online. Submission of documents was also tight where every document needs to be sanitized. Luckily, we were able to capture their instructions and comply very well. We were able to pass within two (2) presentations.”

The new Anahaw, along with this recognition, can better support new hardware requirements, customization requirements following BIR guidelines, and integration requirements.

Exist President and CEO Michael Lim expressed his delight as the company continues to achieve milestones and move forward as technology innovators.

“Having Anahaw Version 3 BIR Accredited is a HUGE milestone for us. It’s what the whole Anahaw team has been working on for close to two (2) years. It is a big technology jump from version 1 and there’s a lot of functionalities, process, and performance improvements. I am sure that our existing Anahaw version 1 clients will see and feel the difference once they transitioned to Anahaw version 3 and I am sure that our upcoming clients will feel the same moving from their old POS to Anahaw.

Kudos to the whole Anahaw team. They’ve done a great job! It was not easy but they pulled it off! Congratulations!”


Michael Lim

President & CEO

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New and Enhanced ANAHAW Retail Solution Grabs Fresh Interests in Stores Asia Expo 2019

New and Enhanced ANAHAW Retail Solution Grabs Fresh Interests in Stores Asia Expo 2019 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Bannering Anahaw’s latest version, Exist Software Labs once again captures new eyes in this year’s Stores Asia Expo held at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City last August 15-16, 2019.

Featuring better and faster performance, enhanced reporting, simplified navigation and more, the new Anahaw retail solution was successfully unveiled during the exhibition. 

Exist’s participation in the said event garnered significant inquiries from various industries including retail and hospitality to name a few. Several hardware providers also expressed their interest to establish a partnership with Exist.

The annual event is one of the country’s biggest retail suppliers’ exhibitions. It has been an avenue for retail suppliers all around the country to showcase its flagship products to engage the interest of their primary market. 

With the continuous advancement for the retailing industry that the company promotes, Exist eyes on participating in more retail events to acquire new connections and market, and further solidify its brand.

SPIELING: NO SPILLS. Exist’s Sales and Marketing Team boasts ANAHAW Retail Solution’s newest upgrades to targeted markets

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Get to know ANAHAW, our retail solution specially built to adapt to modern retail business requirements, and to specifically work on providing you an edge over the rest.