Anahaw POS Version 3 - Enhanced for a Future-Ready Retail Management, Java, Java Philippines

Anahaw POS Version 3 – Enhanced for a Future-Ready Retail Management in 2021

Anahaw POS Version 3 – Enhanced for a Future-Ready Retail Management in 2021 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Exist Anahaw POS Version 3

Six years have passed since we developed Exist Anahaw Retail Platform and pushed it into the market. The goal was to build a system that will enable retail businesses in understanding their customers, have an efficient operation, and be steadfast in a fast-changing retail environment. Today, we are proud that Exist Anahaw achieved this and is continuously improving.

This 2021, we released Exist Anahaw POS Version 3. This newly updated system will continually push the platform’s boundaries by adapting modern technologies to further enhance technical capabilities by making it more customizable, providing more hardware support, and improving overall performance. By using Anahaw Version 3, both clients and those who are looking for a new platform will be able to use and check the right technology to improve their overall business operations.

Designed for medium to large retail enterprises, Anahaw is a fully integrated retail solution that provides today’s retailers with end-to-end functionality. But the journey is not done in innovating and giving a better experience to our clients.

Exist developed Anahaw Version 3 that serves as the upgraded and future-ready POS system.

Introducing Anahaw POS Version 3:

The old version was a browser-based software which is limiting and dependent. Our team decided to build Anahaw Version 3 using Java and upgraded it as a robust software that performs better memory handling and processing, can easily connect even with new POS peripherals, and can flexibly integrate APIs. 

We have also upgraded its local document database enhancing its performance. Now we also have local reports that you can use to check transactions made daily, from your sales, items sold and tenders accepted. This also includes BIR-required reports. 

POS software is now easier for everyone to audit and inspect. It has been updated with the latest BIR Requirements, and we can easily comply with the latest memorandums. By the way, we’ll have an “Athlete’s Discount” available soon.

Anahaw POS Version 3 is now more intuitive as its interface has a cleaner and lighter feel so the person who operates it can easily navigate the POS application. POS functions are easily accessed with button selections. Users can perform transactions like scanning items, applying discounts, and tendering payments making it faster for the cashier to do the transaction. Buttons can easily be activated with the use of mnemonics or alt-key combinations. No more labeling of keys, no more memorizing of shortcuts. 

We have added a customer service feature to facilitate returns and replacements properly. This feature clearly defines the separation of POS transactions from your Customer Service transactions. As for your IT or DevOps, they can use Anahaw POS Version 3’s Command Center, to have updates or patches installed right from your headquarters, view the terminal’s current build number, and check the logs on transfers made between stores to headquarters and vice versa.

With the introduction of Exist Anahaw POS Version 3, our team is delighted to introduce this newly upgraded platform to all of our clients as we start our transition to fully deploying the new version this year. Exist will continue to support Anahaw Version 1 until this year and will then be tagged as a Legacy System by 2022 thus ending its lifecycle.

We are excited to see Exist Anahaw POS Version 3 rolled out to our clients and experience the difference! 

Update to ANAHAW POS VERSION 3 Today!

The Power of One for Decision Support 2022, Java, Java Philippines

The Power of One for Decision Support 2022

The Power of One for Decision Support 2022 768 487 Exist Software Labs

A FREE Learning Session on why Every Decision Matters


This event will be held on June 24, 2021. Click here to register!

More than ever, outcomes are determined by the quality of care team decisions and alignment of decision-making across teams! Care suffers when members of care teams — physicians, nurses, and pharmacists — look up clinical information on disparate and unconnected resources. “The Power of One for Decision Support” is vital in saving lives

To truly improve the quality of care, reduce unwanted variability and reduce costs, you need to empower all healthcare providers and patients with trusted and consistent information. This means having actionable evidence-based content from one trusted source that works across the continuum of care and aligns with best practices.

The Power of One for Decision Support

Join us as Wolters Kluwer and Exist, host, a learning session on “The Power of One for Decision Support” and take a deeper look into the industry’s most comprehensive medication and disease solution to support hospital clinicians’ decision-making and help enhance patient safety. 

See how Exist’s Merx hospital information system provides quick access to UpToDate and Lexicomp to align care teams with the same evidence-based guidance — that translates into better, more “harmonized” care for patients!


Here are the speakers that will help us make each decision count!


Michelle Topacio, Partner Business Lead, ASEAN Region, Wolters Kluwer Clinical Effectiveness

Michelle has more than 15 years experience in the healthcare industry covering pharmaceutical, medical devices and healthcare IT. She joined Wolters Kluwer Clinical Effectiveness Division in February 2021 and is responsible in offering Clinical Decision Support resources for the Philippine market. Michelle is a strong advocate for evidence-based medicine to support healthcare institutions and medical schools to reduce variability in care and improve patient outcomes.

Willex Perez, VP of Sales and Marketing,
Exist Software Labs, Inc.

Willex Perez is one of the founders of Exist and the key person responsible for Exist’s Sales and Marketing group. He also heads Exist Healthcare and is in charge of leading the push for healthcare IT innovations with their Merx Hospital Information System and Medcurial — its enterprise leading clinic management system and EMR.

PBCOM-Exist enriches remarkable years-long partnership; Bringing more banking tech upgrades in 2022, Java, Java Philippines

PBCOM-Exist enriches remarkable years-long partnership; Bringing more banking tech upgrades in 2022

PBCOM-Exist enriches remarkable years-long partnership; Bringing more banking tech upgrades in 2022 768 487 Exist Software Labs

PBCOM’s Chief Operating Officer, John Howard Medina, had this to say:

“The team at EXIST has brought us several technology innovations over the last few years and we look forward to continuing to push the digital envelope with them.”

Philippine Bank of Communications has strengthened its partnership with Exist Software Labs, Inc. which has been a key technology consultant and implementation ally.  By this, the alliance allows both parties to continue to co-develop the innovations needed for the bank’s digital channels.

This partnership began in 2016 with the creation of the omnichannel PBCOM Online Platform (POP) and in 2019 the PBCOMobile self-service banking app.

Exist’s VP for Engineering shared his excitement about flourishing the said partnership.

“The partnership between PBCOM and Exist is doing great. It is built on mutual trust and a common commitment to ensuring success to PBCOM’s digital roadmap. As a technology partner, we continuously aim to work closely with PBCOM to ensure that the most appropriate and practical technology options will always be available for PBCOM’s digital strategy.”

PBCOM and Exist

Here is the timeline that marks the milestones that Exist and PBCOM achieved throughout the years:

PBCOM tapped Exist to develop POP

In 2016, PBCOM decided to relaunch its electronic channels after years of remaining dormant despite introducing online banking as early as 2003. PBCom Online platform (POP) is a retail omnichannel digital banking service.

POP was launched to the public

POP is an omnichannel banking application that allows its users to perform secure banking transactions like the following:

• Viewing account balances
• Monitoring transaction history
• Downloading bank statements
• Transferring money
• Paying bills
• Sending money to third-party bank accounts

Internet and mobile versions of the app have the same look and feel, making it easier to understand and use.

It is within this year also that they subscribed to Exist Maintenance Service for POP. This agreement between the two is annually renewed.

Exist developed the OTP platform for POP

This was added to let POP have multi-factor authentication to improve its security and avoid unauthorized access. Exist also had several Change Orders with PBCOM in 2018 for the constant improvement of POP.

PBCOM and Exist are under a contract valid until 2025

Again, PBCOM subscribed to the Maintenance Service for PBCOMobile. Exist ceaselessly ensures that PBCOM’s applications are performing efficiently and error-free. Currently, the two’s contract has a 5-year lock-up, which actively demonstrates that they will work hand-in-hand for PBCOM’s applications and online technologies until 2025.

Download our FREE datasheet!

Exist fosters a future-ready digital banking technology that equips its banking and fintech partners with the agility to adapt to ever-changing market demands.

Exist Digital Banking and Fintech have already streamlined the solutions-building process by creating a foundational banking app that can easily integrate with core banking systems using a standard set of integration connectors to equip banks with capabilities to shift and compete in the digital economy rapidly.

BIR Accredited Anahaw Ver. 3 sets sail in 2021, Java, Java Philippines

BIR Accredited Anahaw Ver. 3 successfully sets sail in 2021

BIR Accredited Anahaw Ver. 3 successfully sets sail in 2021 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Exist Software Labs takes off 2021 with now Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) accredited Anahaw Point-of-Sale (POS) System Version 3 (Anahaw Ver. 3). The said recognition was awarded last January 11, 2021, and is now available for Anahaw users.

Such accreditation indicates that Exist is now a trustworthy partner of BIR as a POS solutions provider. This means that the company is compliant with the BIR guidelines and the system operates in accordance with their specifications.

According to Mr. Julius Cutaran, Anahaw’s Project Manager, this accreditation is important because it proves that our system gets updated.

“Typically, an issued accreditation would last for five (5) years from its issuance or effectivity. Unless a memo from BIR would allow it to be extended, it is a checkpoint that we are compliant with BIR regulations.” Mr. Cutaran also affirmed.

Compliance with BIR regulations also allows accurate reporting of the retailers’ sales and lets them issue sales invoices and official receipts. With Anahaw POS, clients can easily create the report for BIR’s ESales. Clients can now easily attain customizations or integrations as well with Exist as their go-to provider.

Anahaw makes headway despite trials.

Acquiring this recognition did not come easy for Exist’s Anahaw team. The team underwent some challenges like lapses in the accreditation guide and miscommunication matters for concerned parties. Additionally, the pandemic magnified the struggles during the process.

Mr. Cutaran mentioned that “The 2nd presentation was conducted online. Submission of documents was also tight where every document needs to be sanitized. Luckily, we were able to capture their instructions and comply very well. We were able to pass within two (2) presentations.”

Exist’s Anahaw Ver. 3

The new Anahaw, along with this recognition, can better support new hardware requirements, customization requirements following BIR guidelines, and integration requirements.

Exist President and CEO Michael Lim expressed his delight as the company continues to achieve milestones and move forward as technology innovators.

“Having Anahaw Ver. 3 BIR Accredited is a HUGE milestone for us. It’s what the whole Anahaw team has been working on for close to two (2) years. It is a big technology jump from version 1 and there’s a lot of functionalities, process, and performance improvements. I am sure that our existing Anahaw version 1 clients will see and feel the difference once they transitioned to Anahaw version 3 and I am sure that our upcoming clients will feel the same moving from their old POS to Anahaw.

Kudos to the whole Anahaw team. They’ve done a great job! It was not easy but they pulled it off! Congratulations!”

Michael Lim

President & CEO

Exist. Java. Java Philippines.

Exist Software Labs’ Medcurial Becomes First DOH NCR-Certified EMR Software

Exist Software Labs’ Medcurial Becomes First DOH NCR-Certified EMR Software 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Metro Manila, March 2020 — Exist Software Labs, Inc, a global IT consulting and solutions leader  achieves another feather in its innovation cap as Medcurial successfully completes the required EHR/EMR certification thus becoming the first EMR Software certified by the Center for Health Development in Metro Manila under the guidelines contained in the Joint Administrative Order No: 2017-001 also known as the implementation of the National eHealth Electronic Medical Record System Validation (NeHEMRSV).

Guided by the Philippine eHealth Strategic Plan (PeHSP) for Universal Health Care (UHC), one of the jointly-identified major strategies by the Department of Health (DOH), Philippine Health Insurance  (PhilHealth) and Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is through the implementation of the NeHEMRSV. 

The NeHEMRSV is envisioned to serve as the policy arm to implement national systems conformity assessment protocol for national health data reporting requirements of DOH and/or PhilHealth. Specifically, the NeHEMRSV shall confirm if an EMRS or HIS measures up and conforms to defined reporting requirements and 2 submission protocols. Further, its implementation will improve data capture, processing, aggregation, exchange and reporting on national health data requirements and standardize submission protocols among implementing health facilities.

“As an experienced enterprise IT solutions provider across a variety of industries, Exist has always planned and prepared for the dynamics of change that govern technology to be able to respond to the needs of the times”, reveals Mike Lim, CEO of Exist.  “Once again, our team has proven that the systems we create and in this case, Medcurial, can readily support hospitals and care institutions in compliance with government eHealth initiatives.”

Starting with the PhilHealth eClaims submission in 2018 as compliance to the electronic medical record (EMR) implementation, the renewal of hospitals’ license to operate (LTO) for 2020 now requires that EMR system and providers be duly validated by the Centers for Health Development (CHD) within their respective regions for which Medcurial has this distinction.

“As the Philippines’ preeminent region, Metro Manila is where the majority of the country’s leading and advanced hospital institutions are located which is why being their first validated EMR is such a great honor for us, adds Willex Perez, Exist’s Director for Healthcare Solutions.  “We take great pride in the systems we build that not only automate manual processes and produce reports because we go beyond and unlock other system advantages which in this case, means supporting internal validation of data that minimize and capture errors before any official transmission.” 

“Being awarded this certificate doesn’t mean that it’s time to sit back and rest easy.  On the contrary, it only lends more credence to our company slogan which pushes for continuous improvement be it in healthcare or any other systems in our portfolio”, adds Willex.

“As we say, with us, there’s always a better way!

Check out our healthcare product, MEDCURIAL, and see how it helped some of the biggest hospitals in the country provide better patient outcomes.

Exist Introduces the New and Enhanced Anahaw Retail Solution at Stores Asia Expo 2019. Java, Java Philippines

Exist Introduces New and Enhanced Anahaw Retail Solution at Stores Asia Expo 2019

Exist Introduces New and Enhanced Anahaw Retail Solution at Stores Asia Expo 2019 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Improved Anahaw Retail Solution

Exist, a software development and technology consulting company with retail solutions currently serving some of the largest retailers in the Asia Pacific is excited to announce the introduction of the new and enhanced Anahaw retail solution. The new Anahaw boasts better and faster performance, enhanced reporting, improved UI/UX, and more, equipping retailers with even more efficiency and insights.

“After months of software coding and testing, we are excited to present the enhanced Anahaw retail solution to our clients and other retailers,” says Michael Lim, president, and CEO at Exist. “We listened and incorporated valuable feedback we received working with enterprise retailers.  We then used this data to create meaningful product changes by optimizing the core functionalities of our system and adding a couple of new features that our clients will find significant,” adds Michael.

With the new Anahaw retail solution, retailers have now the capability to access and check real-time data in the terminal — allowing retailers to achieve data consistency and completeness. Retailers can now also enjoy more simplified navigation by reducing the steps needed to complete certain functions. In addition, the new Anahaw retail solution offers a more robust database improving data storage stability that translates to achieving consistent computing performance even with increased transactions over time.

“As an enterprise software development company practicing an agile approach, our strength lies mainly in our capability to develop new features quickly, respond to changes and feedback and continuously improve and iterate”, explains Michael. “So in every project and product that we have, we’re constantly striving to improve the system and innovate to ensure we deliver high-value applications and serve our clients better”, concludes Michael.


A Seamless New Anahaw POS Experience 

Join Exist on August 15-16, 2019 at Stores Asia Expo, the country’s longest-running and biggest retail conference and exhibition as we showcase the new and enhanced Anahaw retail solution.

Stop by Booth #38 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, and see for yourself how Anahaw can help you scale faster and fuel innovation within your retail operations.

Get to know ANAHAW, our retail solution specially built to adapt to modern retail business requirements, and to specifically work on providing you an edge over the rest.

Exist’s US Offshore Software Development Push Gets A Major Boost with Accelerance. Java, Java Philippines

Exist’s US Offshore Software Development Push Gets Major Boost with Accelerance in 2019

Exist’s US Offshore Software Development Push Gets Major Boost with Accelerance in 2019 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Exist Software Labs, Inc., a global consulting and IT solutions leader, has partnered with Accelerance, the leading consulting firm for software outsourcing strategies and best practices to expand further its commercial footprint in the US and drive growth.

Following the recent partner agreement to bring Exist’s IT solution and services to the Japanese market, this collaboration now delivers the same technology expertise and suite of services encompassing technology consulting, enterprise software development, QA and testing, mobile application development, big data and analytics, and DevOps to the US market and enables Exist to become part of Accelerance’s Certified Provider Network.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Accelerance and honored to become part of their select group of trusted software providers. We believe our deep technology expertise, combined with Accelerance’s extensive market reach and network is a powerful combination that will drive future growth for both brands”, shared Michael Lim, president and CEO of Exist.

All partners undergo a rigorous certification process, have been carefully evaluated and have their references checked before being accepted into the Accelerance Global Partner Network. Through this program, Accelerance helps companies reduce software outsourcing risk and successfully matched hundreds of client teams with outsourcing partners.

“We are pleased to welcome Exist to our certified partner network. With their track record in providing offshore software services and experience in building innovative solutions for global companies, Exist is definitely a great addition to our network”, said Andy Hilliard, president of Accelerance, Inc.

One of the pioneers of Open Source in Asia Pacific, Exist has helped companies from a diverse range of industries boost revenue and tap new markets through access to best-of-breed software development capabilities, best practices and global talent.

“We have historically had great success servicing the US market since 2001, and now that we have Accelerance by our side, we are confident that we can further advance our market reach in the US and offer our offshore software development services to help enterprises reduce cost, gain competitive edge and grow their business”, revealed Lim.

“We positively rate the Philippines with a “high readiness” score. Among Asian countries, it has a unique understanding of Western sensibilities which makes it a great outsourcing destination for US companies. With our market expertise and track record of excellent client service, we are confident we can help amplify Exist’s brand awareness, increase their customer reach and establish a solid revenue base for their outsourcing services here in the US”, concludes Hilliard.

CGHMC, Java, Java Philippines

CGHMC and Exist Software Labs Team Up to Successfully Run New MERX™ Hospital Information System in the Cloud

CGHMC and Exist Software Labs Team Up to Successfully Run New MERX™ Hospital Information System in the Cloud 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Manila, November 13, 2018 — Top Philippine tertiary healthcare institution Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center (CGHMC), owned and operated by the Philippine Chinese Charitable Association Inc. (PCCAI) achieves another milestone as it successfully completes implementation of their new hospital information system that helps bring them closer towards a more technologically-equipped and operationally-efficient facility.

Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center (CGHMC) achieves new milestone in Medicine

Using Exist Software Labs’ next-generation hospital information system MERX™, Chinese General Hospital has set its sights on navigating the highly-dynamic healthcare landscape equipped with innovative technology to help its clinicians deliver superior patient care.

“Advancements in the healthcare industry are intertwined with improvements in technology”, reveals Mr. Jamie Dy, Director for Information Communications & Technology and Data Privacy Officer of CGHMC.  “We patiently searched for the type of hospital system that will best address our current requirements to better fulfill our vow of providing quality care while keeping track of the kind of hospital modernization including data privacy and security compliance that we wanted to achieve.”

One of Manila’s oldest running hospital can now also lay claim to be among the most innovative as it becomes the first to comprehensively adopt web-based technology and cloud infrastructure to run a large hospital.

“Implementing robust and advanced IT systems is a major investment, not only about license costs but investing in tech people as well. We knew our strength lies in our healthcare core but working with Exist Software Labs, we are proud converts to the power of tech innovation to help carry our hospital services further”, adds Mr. Dy.

According to Michael Lim, CEO of Exist, “We’ve always believed that the web and the internet have the ability to transform not just personal and social lives but even enterprises which include hospitals as well. The best technology, done right, can really empower the users to do better work.”

Mike further adds, “With MERX™, we help steer hospitals away from the complexities of maintaining traditional legacy systems so they can instead focus on their core delivery which for CGHMC is about healthcare.”

Designed to address both operational and clinical requirements of hospitals, MERX™ supports hospitals preparing for a near-paperless setup using integrated electronic medical records (EMR) while utilizing an entirely web-framework that has become the defacto standard for enterprise systems worldwide.

“Being a web-based system, MERX™ gave us the option of using the cloud which helps us save and reduce our capital expenses and at the same time mitigate the risk of running our own IT infrastructure that has often plagued non-IT core organizations ”, declares Mr. Dy.  “Even more fascinating is the fact that cloud platforms now rival traditional on-premise hardware performance and at the same time comply with global privacy and security protocols”.

While a number of healthcare apps especially electronic medical records (EMR) run on the cloud, there are very few precedents for operating a large tertiary hospital almost entirely on it. By proving that a cloud setup works, smaller to mid-size hospitals on a budget have better chances to benefit from modern hospital systems at manageable costs by cutting the expenses associated with forming an IT team and purchasing hardware.

“Part of the job of running a hospital is doing continuous research beyond the field of medicine – by observing other industries as well,” says Mr. Dy.  “From manufacturing to banks, you can see how widespread the use of technology has become integral to business success.”

Further, the youthful CIO concludes, “With our current technology partner Exist, we are confident that our doctors, nurses and, other employees are now among best-equipped to achieve the best possible outcomes to the Filipinos who entrust CGHMC for their health and care.”

Check out our healthcare product, MEDCURIAL, and see how it helped some of the biggest hospitals in the country provide better patient outcomes.