Identifying the maturity of the automation strategy

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Exist Partners with Microsoft in Its 1st DevOps Webinar

Exist Partners with Microsoft in Its 1st DevOps Webinar 768 487 Exist Software Labs

With the increasing demand to drive enterprise-wide technological innovation, technology leaders Microsoft and Exist Software Labs, Inc. joined forces to hold its first-ever DevOps Webinar entitled “Creating a Flexible and Affordable DevOps Kickstarter” last May 27, 2020.

Mr. Jonas Lim, Exist’s Vice President for Tech Services facilitated the webinar, while, Exist Tech Architect Dennis De Vera and Microsoft APAC Open Source Lead Sindhu Chengad were the speakers.

Mr. De Vera expanded on DevOps essentials such as what it is and how it changes the culture of an enterprise and identifying the maturity of the automation strategy.

“Going into the webinar, I have this perception that most people have some level of automation. But I was surprised that most organizations are already taking the first step in building their CI/CD pipeline, which is a good thing. These organizations can now take the next step on optimizing and further automating items on their pipeline that can be done by machines instead of people,” Mr. De Vera said.

Meanwhile, Ms. Chengad shed some light on effective DevOps solutions. She also elaborated on Microsoft’s decision to support open source solutions, which aligns with their mission of empowering every person and every organization to achieve more.

The said webinar is first among the series of online events that Microsoft and Exist are devising. This initiative aims to introduce and assist businesses that are at the early stage of their DevOps journey using open source tools and assist corporations in implementing it to accelerate their software development process.

“Hopefully, with this webinar, we were able to enhance the organizations’ knowledge on how DevOps can help them ship their products/system faster and with more confidence than before, which could bring more potential growth to their organization by edging out competitors in terms of quality and speed of rolling out features and products to complement their existing products/process.” Mr. De Vera ended.

Stay tuned for more informative webinars that we are brewing.