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Unveiling Challenges and Solutions for Renewable Energy Sources A Comprehensive Look at the Road Ahead 3

Unveiling Challenges and Solutions for Renewable Energy Sources

Unveiling Challenges and Solutions for Renewable Energy Sources 650 486 Exist Software Labs

Renewable energy is the future of our planet, but the transition to a fully sustainable energy system is not without its challenges. From technological limitations to policy barriers, there are numerous hurdles that must be overcome.

Yes, renewable energy sources have been around for centuries, and for the past few decades, they have been gaining increased attention and promotion due to the need for more sustainable, environment-friendly, and cost-effective energy sources. However, with the increasing interest, there are a few challenges that have been identified with the use of renewable energy sources.

Challenges for Renewable Energy Sources

  1. Availability of reliable sources – Depending on the type of renewable energy, such as solar, wind, or hydro, these sources are dependent on certain weather or geographical conditions. Solar energy, for instance, can only be tapped during the day, and only if the skies are clear. Similarly, wind energy is highly dependent on wind speed, and hydro energy requires a large reservoir. Having such limited availability of renewable energy sources can be a challenge to its utilization and also leads to power outages due to the lack of a reliable source.
  2. The cost associated with the use of renewable energy sources Compared to traditional energy sources like coal and gas, setting up renewable energy sources requires higher capital investments. For example, the cost of setting up a solar panel is significantly higher than the cost of purchasing coal or gas. This higher price tag is a challenge for countries and organizations that are looking to adopt renewable energy sources.
  3. Storage of renewable energy – Since renewable energy sources are available intermittently, storing this energy for future use can be a challenge. While newer technologies are being developed to address this problem, the existing technology does not suffice to store this energy in bulk for future use.
  4. lack of infrastructure – The infrastructure needed to support renewable energy sources is often much more expensive than traditional sources of energy. This means that countries and communities that want to switch to renewable energy sources must invest in new infrastructure or upgrade existing infrastructure. This can be a difficult and costly challenge to face.
  5. Information technology – can also present a challenge for renewable energy sources. While information technology has provided a wealth of opportunities for renewable energy sources, it can also present a challenge in the form of cyber-security. For example, if a renewable energy source has been hacked, it could lead to catastrophic consequences. This is why it is essential that information technology is used responsibly and in accordance with strict security protocols.

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Despite the challenges, renewable energy sources are gaining traction due to the numerous advantages it offers. To address the availability challenge, many countries and organizations are investing in building smart grids. This allows the energy from renewable sources to be integrated with that from traditional sources, thus reducing the risk of power outages. To address the cost challenge, organizations are also offering subsidies and incentives to encourage the adoption of renewable energy sources. To tackle the storage challenge, advanced technologies like energy storage systems, such as batteries and flywheels, are being developed to ensure that the energy can be stored for future use.

Ultimately, renewable energy sources are a key component of our future energy needs. However, if we are to ensure that these sources are viable and reliable options for the future, it is important that we understand and address the challenges that they face. By investing in renewable energy sources, upgrading infrastructure, and utilizing information technology in a responsible manner, we can ensure that renewable energy sources are here to stay. With the right solutions and investments, these challenges can be addressed, paving the way for a greener future.

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DoE DREAMS Project Takes Flight!

DoE DREAMS Project Takes Flight! 768 487 Exist Software Labs

The push for clean and renewable energy just took a big step forward with the launch of the Philippine Renewable Energy Market Systems (PREMS) at the Shangri-la at the Fort last December 17, 2019.

Attended by the top officers of the Department of Energy (DoE) led by Secretary Alfonso Cusi along with Undersecretary William Fuentebella, chairperson of the Development for Renewable Energy Applications Market Mainstreaming and Sustainability (DREAMS) Project, the event formally pushes forward support, development, utilization and commercialization of renewable energy in the Philippines.

As the backbone of all these, PREMS will be the online platform to manage registrations, contracts, and trading of RE energy certificates. PREMS will also play a significant role in monitoring electric power industry participants including generation companies, distribution utilities, electric cooperatives, and suppliers of electricity in their compliance with the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). This standardization mandates energy institutions to source a fraction of their energy requirements from RE. PREMS will also oversee the industry participants’ adherence to policy mechanisms under the Renewable Energy Law.

According to Secretary Cusi, the presence of PREMS in the process will create stronger partnerships among industry players and consumers with varying interests, especially in this age of innovation and digitization.

Apart from the DoE, the development of the renewable energy market system is a partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) DREAMS Project.

DREAMS is co-implemented with the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC) with software and hardware solutions provided by Exist Software Labs, whose team is led by CEO Mike Lim and COO Chriss Silerio who were also present to provide active support for the system’s go-live activity.

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Taking To The Road To Move PHL RE Forward

Taking To The Road To Move PHL RE Forward 768 487 Exist Software Labs

As part of the Philippine delegation comprising of representatives from the Department of Energy (DOE), the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC), Exist, a global consulting and enterprise IT solutions leader, advanced to the Technical Consultation on the Implementation on the Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) and the Philippine Renewable Energy Market held at California, USA last September 2019.

Led by Undersecretary Felix Fuentebella of the Department of Energy, along with representatives from various agencies in the energy sector, the Technical Consultation (TechCon) was particularly laid-out to be a capacity-building event for DOE, PEMC, and related agencies to implement the Renewable Energy Market (REM) and the RPS policy to strategize on the introduction of enhancements to the REM. Also, the event intended to introduce related markets and mechanisms for RE development in the future.

The said event included various stops in California. At each stop, the group was treated to lectures, discussions, and interactions with experts on various topics related to RE market management. 

The itinerary took the group on a quick California tour to the offices of six (6) public and private agencies that included the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), the counterpart government agencies such as the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), and industry participants including Sacramento Municipality Utilities District (SMUD), MCE, Clearway, and 3 Degrees.

Chriss Silerio, Exist’s Vice President for Operations and tour participant asserted that, “It was an honor and privilege to be part of this group charged with bringing home valuable insights in moving the Philippine RE market development forward from ideal concepts to a strategic standpoint. As a developing market, we are at a point where we can balance our very own RE project between innovation and benchmark with existing markets,”.

In the post-event report released internally, the group paid particular attention to how the introduction of new market enhancements paves the way to enabling the typical Filipino consumer to be active participants and transforming them into “pro-sumers” opting for RE over traditional energy.

“As the technology partner for the DOE and Philippine Renewable Energy Market, we consider ourselves not only as committed proponents but direct beneficiaries of this project as well,” Mr. Silerio added.

“We’re committed to put all our resources to ensure its success and only by continuing to take advantage of learning opportunities will we be able to put our software engineers in a better position to design and create the platforms that satisfy not only current requirements but one that is prepared for the future as well,” he concluded.

Photos with event speakers:

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