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Exist’s US Offshore Software Development Push Gets A Major Boost with Accelerance. Java, Java Philippines

Exist’s US Offshore Software Development Push Gets Major Boost with Accelerance in 2019

Exist’s US Offshore Software Development Push Gets Major Boost with Accelerance in 2019 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Exist Software Labs, Inc., a global consulting and IT solutions leader, has partnered with Accelerance, the leading consulting firm for software outsourcing strategies and best practices to expand further its commercial footprint in the US and drive growth.

Following the recent partner agreement to bring Exist’s IT solution and services to the Japanese market, this collaboration now delivers the same technology expertise and suite of services encompassing technology consulting, enterprise software development, QA and testing, mobile application development, big data and analytics, and DevOps to the US market and enables Exist to become part of Accelerance’s Certified Provider Network.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Accelerance and honored to become part of their select group of trusted software providers. We believe our deep technology expertise, combined with Accelerance’s extensive market reach and network is a powerful combination that will drive future growth for both brands”, shared Michael Lim, president and CEO of Exist.

All partners undergo a rigorous certification process, have been carefully evaluated and have their references checked before being accepted into the Accelerance Global Partner Network. Through this program, Accelerance helps companies reduce software outsourcing risk and successfully matched hundreds of client teams with outsourcing partners.

“We are pleased to welcome Exist to our certified partner network. With their track record in providing offshore software services and experience in building innovative solutions for global companies, Exist is definitely a great addition to our network”, said Andy Hilliard, president of Accelerance, Inc.

One of the pioneers of Open Source in Asia Pacific, Exist has helped companies from a diverse range of industries boost revenue and tap new markets through access to best-of-breed software development capabilities, best practices and global talent.

“We have historically had great success servicing the US market since 2001, and now that we have Accelerance by our side, we are confident that we can further advance our market reach in the US and offer our offshore software development services to help enterprises reduce cost, gain competitive edge and grow their business”, revealed Lim.

“We positively rate the Philippines with a “high readiness” score. Among Asian countries, it has a unique understanding of Western sensibilities which makes it a great outsourcing destination for US companies. With our market expertise and track record of excellent client service, we are confident we can help amplify Exist’s brand awareness, increase their customer reach and establish a solid revenue base for their outsourcing services here in the US”, concludes Hilliard.