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Medcurial Makes It Easy To Turn EMR Patient Data Into Visualization Art

Medcurial Makes It Easy To Turn EMR Patient Data Into Visualization Art 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Medcurial let’s you quickly build interactive reports and dashboards by making it easy to extract clinic system data, such as your EMR Patient Data, into Google accounts for Google Data Studio’s web based reporting tool.

As EMR and clinic systems gain widespread acceptance and use, the healthcare industry can expect innovation to follow.  While many started with the objective of using EMR to shift from paper to digital for convenience and accessibility, the ideal “mid game” was to create a repository of data that can be further used for analysis to provide more healthcare insights – a need that is magnified (and under utilized for lack of widely available tool) in the fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Even with the increasing use of EMR, healthcare organizations find manual extraction of data difficult and tedious.  The lack of technology and software support contributes to the problem as much as the inflexibility of the clinic system itself. Oftentimes, doctors and researchers would have to learn to navigate different applications separately to reach that ‘data-driven’ practice. 

With a few clicks of a button, Medcurial lets users extract data from their account to allow them to use third party analytics and visualization tools like Google Data Studio.  By making data readily available in CSV form and directly integrated into a Google account (using Google Cloud), clinicians will be able to perform further data analysis to check for patterns that provide additional insights

Check out the videos below and see how Medcurial EMR data goes into a Google account in preparation for data analysis using Google’s Data Studio.

When using Google Cloud, we strongly advise to turn on two-factor authentication for added security

How to export data in Medcurial CMS


How to analyze data via Google Data Studio

Are you ready to organize and analyze your EMR Patient Data better?

For more information on how Medcurial can help your clinical practice, you may contact us here. You may also try it out for yourself! Get your free 30-Day Subscription here.

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