Mobile Internet Banking

Exist Mobile Internet Banking (MIB) brings the banking experience at their hands with just a click of a button! It allows the banks to create their own customizeable, scalable, secure and cloud ready mobile banking.

Mobile Internet Banking

Seamless Banking at Any Given Place

Traditional Banking is fast becoming a thing of the past. By virtue of the interconnectedness, digital banking is now the way to more conveniently, and securely, fulfill your banking needs. Exist Mobile Internet Banking (MIB) is a secure, cloud-ready, scalable, and flexible mobile-first application that is ready to meet not only your need for banking agility but the market’s ever-changing demands.

Mobile Internet Banking

Be the Bank that Your Customers Love

Intuitive Mobile Banking


Innovate and establish a mobile banking app that understands your customers. Deliver an excellent customer experience to them by being the bank of their choice.

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Don’t just create, build the bank that you want to achieve. Exist Digital Banking Solutions provides customization and freedom that matches your direction.

Integrated Banking


We are building more than just a bank. Exist Digital Banking solution connects you with almost everything; Bills Payment, Shopping, Personal Dashboard, and other channels!

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Account Onboarding

Create Your Bank Account in Just a Few Clicks!

Online Account Opening/Onboarding allow the users to do full banking transactions without the need to visit a physical branch.

Convenient & Seamless Banking


Customers can enroll in a bank account – anytime, anywhere.

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Exist Digital Banking gives freedom to the customers to create the account that they need.

Maturity Level V1

Free Banking Maturity Stage Assessment!

Be a premier provider of a banking innovation that the future needs.

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