Robinsons Bank – Digital


Robinsons Bank, the financial services arm of the JG Summit Group of companies, is a full-service Philippine commercial bank that delivers hallmark value and convenience to its customers, business partners, and the general public through a wide array of innovative products and services. True to JG Summit’s aim to “Make Life Better,” the bank continues to execute its strategies towards the vision of becoming the “Bank of Choice driven to fulfill its customers’ changing needs.”

As part of their digital transformation initiatives, Robinsons Bank embarked on a journey to provide a better experience for their existing customers and promote financial inclusion, making banking possible for everyone through building the most advanced banking applications.

Project Category

Application Development BFSI

Project Brief

Exist helped Robinsons Bank revamp its existing mobile banking application – RBank Digital to stay in front of the development as digital trends keep rising even in the banking industry.


The rise of financial applications that disturb the banking industry has pushed RBank to apply digital technology to most of their operations to remain ahead of their competitors while providing a faster and more convenient banking experience to their customers.

Robinsons Bank wanted to improve its existing banking application (POB) to offer a top-notch experience for its clients. However, their previous technology vendor cannot support the upgrades that they wanted.


Robinsons Bank worked with Exist in developing RBank Digital using top-of-the-game open source technologies like:

  • Exist used Kubernetes Service to deploy, scale, and manage Docker containers of the application across a cluster of container hosts.
  • The application was developed in the cloud wherein the application code is delivered in small, manageable pieces independent of each other. It brings in easier maintenance, improved productivity, greater fault tolerance, and better business alignment.
  • It employs a messaging broker that supports multiple messaging protocols. It gives your applications a common platform to send and receive messages, and your messages a safe place to live until received.
  • Through an in-memory data structure store, very complex programming problems can be resolved with simple commands executed within the data store, reducing coding effort, increasing throughput, and reducing latency.


For the Business:

The engagement resulted in an overall increase in performance indicated by increased sales and faster turnaround time.

For the Customers:

The application offered faster, easier, and smarter banking. It also created a more interactive platform for the bank and its clients.

Robinsons Bank was also able to launch Simple Savings for new-to-bank clients, which only need a 100-peso opening fee to get on board and take their first step towards financial security.

As of now, Robinsons Bank continues working with its technology partner Exist in planning the next projects that they want to accomplish. Exist helps in roadmapping the business, and is proactively suggesting enhancements that will further improve their operations.