National Payment Network, USA


Development of CustomPay, a loan acceleration software application for simplifying finances

Project Category

Application Development


  • NPN, a leading provider of loan acceleration programs for the auto industry in the US, needed an integrated solution to facilitate process innovation for customer and partner relations.

  • Confronted with aggravating manual tasks in the daily operations, the company felt the need to enhance its existing back and front office loan system by integrating its application tooling that included a CRM application, in-house lender and drafting engine facilities, and different client software applications from its affiliate banks.
  • Financial security is its primary focus and as such, NPN needed to continuously implement state-of-the-art technologies and process designs to ensure the integrity of all fund transfers.

  • NPN needed the solution to be implemented iteratively to clinch quick wins on high-priority requirements.


  • NPN made the strategic decision to outsource development to Exist after consulting with a previous customer (of Exist).

  • Exist contributed a total of 5 software engineers and an architect; together with a project manager from the customer’s side, they formed a joint project team that worked through the development phase.
  • Exist developed for NPN a secure, fully managed and customizable portal for loan payments, implemented with Java and Ajax, business layer on Spring framework, data access layer developed using Hibernate, and database using Oracle.

  • The project was executed using an agile development model.


  • Phase 1 of the project that included components for customer service, partner account management, and integration with bank affiliates was delivered in 6 months — accomplishing the project on time.

  • Succeeding development phases were meritorious; Exist has successfully implemented the application and delivered it to the customer.
  • With the help of Exist, NPN is now able to offer the most advanced, secure automatic debit technology to its customers.
  • Using CustomPay has transformed formerly manual processes into streamlined, efficient operations.

  • NPN has shifted its focus from admin to higher-value activities that directly benefit the company.
  • CustomPay has helped thousands of NPN customers take real control of their core loans, retire their debts faster, and manage their finances more effectively.