Exist Software Labs’ Medcurial Becomes First DOH NCR-Certified EMR Software

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Exist Software Labs’ Medcurial Becomes First DOH NCR-Certified EMR Software

Exist Software Labs’ Medcurial Becomes First DOH NCR-Certified EMR Software 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Metro Manila, March 2020 — Exist Software Labs, Inc, a global IT consulting and solutions leader  achieves another feather in its innovation cap as Medcurial successfully completes the required EHR/EMR certification thus becoming the first EMR Software certified by the Center for Health Development in Metro Manila under the guidelines contained in the Joint Administrative Order No: 2017-001 also known as the implementation of the National eHealth Electronic Medical Record System Validation (NeHEMRSV).

Guided by the Philippine eHealth Strategic Plan (PeHSP) for Universal Health Care (UHC), one of the jointly-identified major strategies by the Department of Health (DOH), Philippine Health Insurance  (PhilHealth) and Department of Science and Technology (DOST) is through the implementation of the NeHEMRSV. 

The NeHEMRSV is envisioned to serve as the policy arm to implement national systems conformity assessment protocol for national health data reporting requirements of DOH and/or PhilHealth. Specifically, the NeHEMRSV shall confirm if an EMRS or HIS measures up and conforms to defined reporting requirements and 2 submission protocols. Further, its implementation will improve data capture, processing, aggregation, exchange and reporting on national health data requirements and standardize submission protocols among implementing health facilities.

“As an experienced enterprise IT solutions provider across a variety of industries, Exist has always planned and prepared for the dynamics of change that govern technology to be able to respond to the needs of the times”, reveals Mike Lim, CEO of Exist.  “Once again, our team has proven that the systems we create and in this case, Medcurial, can readily support hospitals and care institutions in compliance with government eHealth initiatives.”

Starting with the PhilHealth eClaims submission in 2018 as compliance to the electronic medical record (EMR) implementation, the renewal of hospitals’ license to operate (LTO) for 2020 now requires that EMR system and providers be duly validated by the Centers for Health Development (CHD) within their respective regions for which Medcurial has this distinction.

“As the Philippines’ preeminent region, Metro Manila is where the majority of the country’s leading and advanced hospital institutions are located which is why being their first validated EMR is such a great honor for us, adds Willex Perez, Exist’s Director for Healthcare Solutions.  “We take great pride in the systems we build that not only automate manual processes and produce reports because we go beyond and unlock other system advantages which in this case, means supporting internal validation of data that minimize and capture errors before any official transmission.” 

“Being awarded this certificate doesn’t mean that it’s time to sit back and rest easy.  On the contrary, it only lends more credence to our company slogan which pushes for continuous improvement be it in healthcare or any other systems in our portfolio”, adds Willex.

“As we say, with us, there’s always a better way!

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