Swiftstar Logistics, Philippines


Development of a Java-based web-enabled logistics management system

Project Category

Application Development


  • As a transport and logistics company that provides cargo forwarding, warehousing, and supply chain management services in more than 20 major cities in the Philippines, Swiftstar wanted to manage more efficiently and effectively its logistics operations in order to provide better customer service.

  • Swiftstar sought to have an online system for placing and tracking orders for transportation of cargoes to replace error-prone, unsecured, rudimentary spreadsheet documents.
  • Swiftstar needed a solution that addressed its unique business processes.

  • Rapid business growth necessitated usability and scalability in the logistics management software solution.


  • Given Exist’s capability in delivering high-quality enterprise software solutions, the customer selected Exist to develop its logistics management software.

  • An Exist innovation pod composed of Java software engineers and an architect was built; the team worked collaboratively with the customer in transforming business requirements into usable software functionalities.
  • Exist developed for Swiftstar an easy-to-use, fully manageable system implementing technologies such as Java, Spring, Jetty, Hibernate, and Postgres.

  • The project was executed using the agile software model.

Project Results

  • Phase 1 of the project was delivered over a period of six months; the project’s agile and iterative qualities enabled frequent release of small changes that made transitioning to the new system hassle-free.

  • After the successful deployment of the project, Exist started a long-term development engagement with the customer building out additional functions as needed.
  • From a crude to a fully integrated and automated booking and monitoring system, Swiftstar now has achieved greater management insight and efficiency over its operations.

  • Swiftstar has effectively streamlined the training of new employees, subsequently creating more sales opportunities.