POS Solution 2022: How can it help prevent opportunity loss?

POS Solution 2022: How can it help prevent opportunity loss? Java, Java Philippines

POS Solution 2022: How can it help prevent opportunity loss?

POS Solution 2022: How can it help prevent opportunity loss? 650 486 Exist Software Labs

Retailers without the right technology like POS Solution could waste some records that can be used for inventory, marketing, etc. As the restrictions due to Covid-19 change regularly, many individuals including kids, teens, and adults are sometimes going outside their homes – playing in the park, going to the malls, and shopping. Brick-and-mortar businesses now offer promos and discounts to entice their buyers to purchase more.

While there are many customers purchasing, businesses should be aware of the efficiency and quality of their products and services. The inconvenience on their end might affect your business. To increase customer loyalty, they must bring a convenient and personalized experience to the customers. There are a lot of opportunities that can be lost by not using a POS solution, including your sales. 

To prevent losing these opportunities, here are some areas we can look at:


One of the most underrated fundamentals in building your business foundation is Customer Centricity. Some entrepreneurs focus on reaching their target quotas without thinking about the steps in dealing with their customers. When they visit your store, it is essential that they feel valued, and comfortable at a glance. Given the technology and tools available in the market, A POS system can help retailers avoid long queues, slow payment, and inconvenience in the experience of the customers. Customers that are happy with the products, services, and experience will surely be loyal to your store.


Commonly, store processes are shopping, adding to cart, checking out, paying, and going. On the other hand, how you operate these processes varies the efficiency of your business. If the store processes are likely without standards, they will probably stress your customers and frustrate your employees. Store optimization and evaluating the store’s current situation might also help owners to identify what to implement and improve in their operation.

Here are some examples of store processes:

  • Check out process
  • Payment options
  • Product add-ons/Product bundles
  • Advance order
  • Customer loyalty card

These will go hand in hand with customer-centricity also. Recognizing their value and making them feel special will stand you out from your competitors.


Designed to make retail businesses seamless, data-driven, and operate faster, Anahaw POS system is a fully integrated retail solution that provides end-to-end functionality. Beyond providing the right tool for your retail business, Anahaw POS system is also flexible to make your processes faster and personalize the experience in your stores with cross-selling, customer points, and product recommendations.

Why Invest in a POS Solution?

  • Payment options – A POS solution helps the payment process go faster. By scanning the codes at the back of the product’s package, the system automatically calculates the total price of the customer’s purchase. Moreover, there are payment gateway integrations that allow them to have an option if they want to pay cashless.
  • Inventory Management – Businesses can easily track their product stocks in real-time. It would save a lot of time in tracking your inventory instead of manually tracking it.
  • Loyalty cards – By having loyalty cards, which can be used in multiple ways, not just incentivizing their loyalty in your store. They could also document their contact information, purchase history, and buying behavior so that you can thoroughly understand your customers and create better business decisions.
  • Avoid Errors – Using a POS system can help businesses to avoid errors during operation. For example, if a cashier mistakenly scans an item, you can easily control and correct it on the system by just inputting a PIN or swiping the manager’s control card.
  • Personalized shopping – With the use of a POS solution, it can provide a personalized experience to the customers. According to the Mastercard-sponsored Harvard Business Review survey, 8 in 10 respondents said that personalization is a critical driver of revenue and profits. In line with this, a personalized shopping experience could lead to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and increase sales because it matches their taste and preferences.

Lucky for you, Exist offers Anahaw POS system that is a fully integrated POS solution that provides today’s retailer with end-to-end functionality. You can book a free consultation and free demo with us to understand how Anahaw POS system is set up and how we can tailor-fit the product to your business.