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We are excited to announce the strategic partnership between Exist Software Labs Inc. and Hasura. This collaboration merges Exist Software Labs’ expertise in custom software development with Hasura’s cutting-edge GraphQL technology, delivering robust, scalable, and high-performance solutions to our clients.

About the Partnership

The partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both companies to provide clients with the best of both worlds: innovative software solutions powered by advanced data access and management capabilities. By integrating Hasura’s GraphQL engine into our development processes, Exist Software Labs will enhance its service offerings, ensuring faster development times, real-time capabilities, and seamless integration with various data sources.

Benefits of the Partnership

Accelerated Development:
1. Rapid API Generation: Hasura’s ability to instantly generate GraphQL APIs from existing databases allows our developers to focus more on business logic rather than API management.
Reduced Time-to-Market: Faster development cycles enable our clients to launch their products sooner, gaining a competitive edge.

2. Enhanced Data Management:
Unified Data Access: Simplify data access across multiple sources with Hasura’s data federation capabilities.
Real-time Data Updates: Leverage real-time queries and subscriptions to provide up-to-the-minute data to end-users.

3. Scalable and Secure Solutions:
Scalability: Hasura’s architecture is designed to handle large-scale applications, ensuring our solutions grow with our clients’ needs.
Security: Implement fine-grained access control to safeguard sensitive data, complying with industry standards and best practices.

4. Customizable and Flexible:
Integration: Seamlessly integrate with various databases, cloud services, and third-party APIs to build comprehensive solutions.
Customization: Tailor the API to meet specific business requirements, enhancing overall functionality and user experience.

Use Cases

1. Modern Web and Mobile Applications:
Develop responsive, high-performance web and mobile applications with real-time data capabilities, enhancing user experiences.

2. Enterprise Data Solutions:
Create robust, data-driven applications for enterprises, integrating multiple data sources into a unified system.

3. API Gateway:
Utilize Hasura as an API gateway to manage and streamline access to microservices and legacy systems, simplifying backend infrastructure.

4. Microservices Architecture:
Implement a microservices architecture with a unified data access layer, improving communication and data management across services.