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Exist Software Labs Inc. is proud to announce its strategic partnership with FacePhi, a global leader in digital identity verification. This collaboration aims to integrate advanced verification solutions into Exist’s suite of services, enhancing security and user experience for clients worldwide.

About the Partnership
The partnership between Exist Software Labs, Inc. and FacePhi combines Exist’s expertise in software development and systems integration with FacePhi’s innovative digital security technologies. Together, we are committed to delivering state-of-the-art digital identity verification that meets the highest standards of security and convenience.

Key Milestones

1. Partnership Agreement: Established in 2024, marking the beginning of a collaboration focused on innovation and security.
2. Integration of Digital Identity Verification Solutions: Successfully integrated FacePhi’s facial recognition technology into Exist’s platforms, enhancing user authentication processes.
3. Customer Implementations: Deployed Digital On-boarding solutions across multiple industries, including banking, healthcare, and government services, providing seamless and secure user experiences.

Areas of Collaboration

Facial Recognition Technology
FacePhi’s award-winning facial recognition technology offers unparalleled accuracy and security. Exist integrates this technology into various applications, enabling secure and convenient user authentication for clients.

Identity Verification
The partnership provides robust verification solutions, ensuring that clients can securely verify the identities of their customers in real-time, reducing fraud and enhancing trust.

Facial Recognition
Exist and FacePhi deliver Facial recognition solutions that allow users to authenticate themselves using their mobile device’s built-in cameras. This mobile-first approach ensures flexibility and accessibility for end-users. Selfies are automatically examined with passive liveness and matched to previously registered biometric patterns.

Joint Initiatives
1. Research and Development: Continuously investing in R&D to develop new biometric technologies and improve existing solutions.
2. Client Workshops: Conducting workshops to educate clients on the benefits and applications of digital identity verification.
3. Pilot Programs: Launching pilot programs with select clients to demonstrate the effectiveness of digital identity verification solutions in real-world scenarios.

Benefits for Clients
1. Enhanced Security: Digital identity verification provides an additional layer of security, making it difficult for unauthorized users to access sensitive information.
2. Improved User Experience: Digital identity verification is quick and easy, enhancing the user experience by eliminating the need for passwords or PINs.
3. Reduced Fraud: Advanced verification technologies help significantly reduce the risk of identity fraud and unauthorized access.
Compliance: Solutions comply with global security standards and regulations, ensuring that clients meet all necessary legal requirements.