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Exist Software Labs, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, has achieved multiple accreditations as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner. These accreditations highlight Exist Software Labs’ commitment to delivering top-tier cloud solutions and services. The company has been recognized as an AWS Sales Partner, AWS Technical Partner, and AWS Cloud Economics Partner, reflecting its extensive expertise and capability in leveraging AWS technologies to drive business success.

AWS Sales Partner Accreditation
The AWS Sales Partner accreditation signifies Exist Software Labs’ proficiency in identifying and addressing customer needs with AWS solutions. This accreditation is awarded to partners who demonstrate excellence in the following areas:

  • Customer Engagement: Successfully identifying customer requirements and matching them with the appropriate AWS services.
  • Solution Selling: Effectively communicating the value of AWS solutions to customers, leading to successful sales and adoption.
  • Sales Expertise: Possessing deep knowledge of AWS services and their applications across various industries.

With this accreditation, Exist Software Labs has demonstrated its ability to help clients maximize their cloud investments and achieve their business objectives through AWS.

AWS Technical Partner Accreditation
The AWS Technical Partner accreditation underscores Exist Software Labs’ technical prowess in designing, deploying, and managing AWS-based solutions. This accreditation is granted to partners who meet stringent technical criteria and demonstrate:

  • Advanced Technical Skills: Expertise in architecting and implementing AWS solutions that meet complex customer requirements.
  • Certified Professionals: A team of AWS-certified professionals with in-depth knowledge of AWS services and best practices.
  • Innovation and Excellence: A proven track record of developing innovative solutions that leverage the full spectrum of AWS services.

By achieving this accreditation, Exist Software Labs showcases its ability to deliver robust, scalable, and secure AWS solutions that drive digital transformation.

AWS Cloud Economics Partner Accreditation
The AWS Cloud Economics Partner accreditation recognizes Exist Software Labs’ capability in delivering cost-effective cloud solutions and optimizing customers’ cloud spending. This accreditation is awarded to partners who excel in:

  • Cost Optimization: Implementing strategies to reduce cloud costs while maintaining performance and reliability.
  • Value Realization: Demonstrating the economic benefits of AWS solutions through detailed cost analyses and financial models.
  • Financial Expertise: Providing insights into cloud financial management and helping customers make informed decisions about their cloud investments.

Exist Software Labs’ achievement of this accreditation highlights its dedication to helping customers realize significant economic value from their AWS investments, ensuring that they achieve maximum ROI.