PT Trans Retail (Carrefour) Indonesia – Loyalty, Rewards and CRM System


Exist developed a web-based loyalty and rewards system and customer relationship management (CRM) system for PT Trans Retail (Carrefour) Indonesia.

Project Category

Application Development

Client Profile

Carrefour Indonesia was fully acquired by PT Trans Retail Indonesia from French Carrefour SA in 2012. The company operates hypermarkets and superstores that combine a supermarket and department store. Its retail operations were setup in 1996 and it is now one of the leading retailers in Indonesia with over a hundred stores nationwide.


  • PT Trans Retail (Carrefour) Indonesia needed an integrated system to manage their growing customer base and launch a loyalty program supported by Business/Marketing initiatives.

  • The solution should support their employee rewards program, prepaid and gift card products and other promotional programs at their Point of Sale system.


  • Exist developed an integrated web-based CRM and loyalty solution that enables PT Trans Retail (Carrefour) Indonesia to run and manage their membership program, loyalty and rewards program and other promotional programs.

  • Key features of the CRM and loyalty solution include: 

    Marketing Management – serves as a marketing tool where the client can launch and run different marketing campaigns

    Membership Management – allows PT Trans Retail’s customers to register themselves as a member of PT Trans Retail’s loyalty program and subsequently monitor their account in real-time.

    Employee Management – establish loyalty programs that reward employees

    Loyalty and Gift Card Management – a central hub for the client’s customer loyalty, gift and/or loyalty card programs


  • Phase 1 of the project that included components such as membership management and employee rewards system was completed for 6 months; succeeding phase involves the development of the remaining modules which was accomplished for another 6 months.

  • With the employee rewards and membership program in place, customers and employees of PT Trans Retail (Carrefour) Indonesia are now able to track and manage their purchases and points online.
  • The system was able to improve support for new initiatives of Business/ Marketing for their campaigns and promotions in an integrated manner.