Systems Integration

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Manage Complexity and Increase Flexibility

Exist offers a range of systems integration services and capabilities to enable clients to consolidate disparate systems and applications seamlessly, including legacy platforms and ensure interoperability of systems across your organization. From design to implementation, our systems integration services can help you manage IT complexity, secure IT investments, and simplify and optimize your business and application performance.

Capabilities and Solutions

Consolidate various technological products and applications, including legacy systems, to drastically reduce IT complexity while increasing business ROI.

We provide complete corporate services solutions with core experience in Java and Open Source technologies for a wide range of corporate verticals and domains. As an IT partner, we expertly co-create one-of-a-kind software solutions and collaborate with you on several levels to help you empower your organization.

Enterprise Application Integration

We deliver full-cycle Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) services to ensure that your entire multi-enterprise applications are seamlessly integrated and that your organization remains agile and responsive to business and technology changes.

API Integration

We integrate with existing APIs or create custom connectors to supplement solutions with third-party functionality. We can do seamless integration with any payment gateway, geolocation service, streaming platform, any social and advertising APIs and Marketplaces.

Why Choose Us?

We guarantee you our IT enterprise expertise.
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Industry-Specific Experience

Obtain global competitiveness! – We have strong domain experience and diverse industrial know-how to provide superior IT solutions.

Tailor-made Solution

Attain your organization’s objectives with custom IT solutions!

Drives Innovation and Efficiency

Achieve the essential efficiencies – simplify and streamline procedures to reach your maximum potential.

Drives Revenue

Unlock many more valuable benefits, such as new products and services, new revenue streams, and so on.

Ensure your faster go-to-market

Access the minimum valuable product in less than three months.

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