Q&A with Startup Founder Luis Buenaventura (On Infinite.ly & Beyond)

Q&A with Startup Founder Luis Buenaventura (On Infinite.ly & Beyond)

Q&A with Startup Founder Luis Buenaventura (On Infinite.ly & Beyond) 150 150 Exist Software Labs Inc.

I was fortunate enough to interview Luis Buenaventura, social architect and founding partner of an internet startup called Infinite.ly. Infinite.ly is a social media manager for small businesses and individuals looking to maintain and improve their online social presence. Luis also co-founded a small software startup called syndeolabs. He created several shiny social apps that were featured in many popular technology websites.

In this video interview we discuss about their company, technologies they are using, innovation and much more. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Interview w Infinite.ly Co-Founder — Luis Buenaventura (part1)from Exist on Vimeo.


Interview w Infinite.ly Co-Founder — Luis Buenaventura (part2)from Exist on Vimeo.

Interview w Infinite.ly Co-Founder — Luis Buenaventura (part3)from Exist on Vimeo.


Key quotes from the interview:

On building Infinite.ly

Luis: Infinite.ly was a solution for small businesses. We were looking for a way to help small business owners who knows something about the Internet but don’t really have a lot of time to properly manager their website or to probably manage their own social network accounts.

On starting the company

Luis: We’re an incubated company of Global Gateway. I was one of the founders and the other was Hunter Nield and Yoram Heller. The team right now is myself & Evan Sagge, Kindred Pasana and Mae Paulino. We’re also working with Exist for some of their Junior developers.

On features of the product

Luis: We want to be able to help small business owners manage their social network accounts. So we integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. We kind of bring all that content into a single interface.

Also you’re able to track certain keywords. So for example, if you are like a small restaurant owner and you’re interested in what other restaurant owners are doing, you have a keyword set-up; let’s say “Makati restaurants”, you can see what others are saying about those subjects.

50% of businesses don’t even have a website and what we wanted to do with Infinite.ly is allow them to build a website that was at the most 5 minutes to set-up. And then we build the website based on the content that we’re able to gather from your social network accounts. Your website is kind of like a Facebook Fanpage, in terms of the content that it has, but it’s also very customizable.

Possibly as a third priority, we wanted to be able to give deeper Analytics. We wanted to be able to track things like how many more followers you have now vs six months ago and you can see how your follower rates are growing, we’re graphing these things.

On Technologies they are using

Luis: We were all from the Rails practice of Exist. So a large part of Infinite.ly is built with Ruby on Rails and we like to be on the bleeding edge of that so we’re still at the newest version of Rails, that’s 3.1 right now. Apart from that, there’s a lot of other things going on there, in terms of like for example, the database is not exactly the most common database you’ll ever hear of, it’s called the MongoDB. We’re also using this elasticsearch for building our search queries. And then on the front end, we’re using a lot of JavaScript. A lot of sections in Infinite.ly are purely client-side in the sense that the entire interface is built with JavaScript. And we’re kind of betting pretty heavily on JavaScript as becoming like the preeminent web technology over the next couple of years, so that’s why we chose to build it that way.

On competition

Luis: We’re trying to provide people with more of an all-in-one kind of package. They learn how to use Infinite.ly, they’ve essentially covered most of the stuff they need online-so that’s what we’re hoping to achieve.

On innovation

Luis: The team is pretty open with our discussions. I don’t really consider myself like above any of the people on the team. So we communicate very openly. We come up with ideas based on things that we see users are asking for. Or occasionally it’s things like after using our own product for several months, you realize where you can improve things.

What’s next for Infinite.ly

Luis: Just keep building, I guess; thats the first thing. I’m trying to learn how to properly market the product a little bit better-a personal goal for myself. But we’re also kind of looking at possible distribution partners to really push our products. Also, possibly entering a new vertical depending on the market feeback.


Check out their awesome new demo video! Infinite.ly is open Beta so you can just sign up for FREE trial.

Infinite.ly Demo from Luis Buenaventura on Vimeo.

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