Anahaw POS Version 3 – Enhanced for a Future-Ready Retail Management

Anahaw POS Version 3 - Enhanced for a Future-Ready Retail Management Six years have passed since we developed Exist Anahaw Retail Platform and pushed it into the market. The goal was to build a system that will enable the retail businesses in understanding their customers, have an efficient operation, and be steadfast in a fast-changing [...]

Digital Banking: Expectation VS Reality

With the rise of technology, a huge number of businesses are also transitioning from traditional to digital- including banks and other financial institutions. In this modern era of technology, what are the expectations and reality of Digital Banking? According to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, consumers now adapt to use digital payments and prefer to use [...]

Using UpToDate, Lexicomp, and MERX Helps Save Patients Lives

The Power of One for Decision Support webinar was held last June 24, 2021! In the clip below, Michelle Topacio from Wolters Kluwer Clinical Effectiveness discussed how using Wolters Kluwers’ UpToDate and Lexicomp helps healthcare providers deliver the best quality of care and actually save lives! Providing the best evidence to make harmonized decisions. UpToDate […]

How integrating UpToDate to Hospital Information Systems Helps

Introducing innovation into the health system is directed at enhancing clinical effectiveness “ The healthcare industry is becoming more and more volatile as made more apparent by the ongoing global pandemic. Globally, research are being conducted in hopes to find better ways and solutions in dealing with the virus. Prescriptions, medications, and treatment protocols are […]

The Power of One for Decision Support

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The Power of One for Decision Support

A FREE Learning Session on why Every Decision Matters This event will be held on June 24, 2021. Click here to register! More than ever, outcomes are determined by the quality of care team decisions and alignment of decision-making across teams! Care suffers when members of care teams — physicians, nurses, and pharmacists — look […]

PBCOM-Exist enriches years-long partnership; Bringing more banking tech upgrades

PBCOM’s Chief Operating Officer, John Howard Medina, had this to say: “The team at EXIST has brought us several technology innovations over the last few years and we look forward to continuing to push the digital envelope with them.” Philippine Bank of Communications has strengthened its partnership with Exist Software Labs, Inc. who has been [...]

A Fully Dockerized MySQL to YugabyteDB Migration Strategy Using pgloader

While there have been many who began their journey to relational databases with the simple and popular MySQL, the evolution of business use cases involving more than read optimization and the need for more performant, full-fledged, read/write-optimized OLTP systems have given rise to a widespread migration from MySQL to Postgres. Along with this, the transition [...]

The Future of the Database: YugabyteDB

The journey to application modernization brought about by the cloud-native renaissance continues, and the benefits to be had are truly being enjoyed by the enterprises that embrace the path. Speed, scalability, resiliency, and agility may seem to just be industry buzzwords, but in reality, they translate to better application deployment, performance, and availability, which further [...]

Pandemic Highlights Need for EMR, Information Systems Beyond the Hospital and Clinic’s Walls

Despite the uptake of practices using EMRs, the country’s struggle to capture COVID-related data and the presence of health information systems that are not interoperable exposed the need for EMR, hospital and clinic systems’ that contribute and empower the greater health sector.  It is nearly impossible to create or build healthcare capacity during a pandemic.  […]

The 7 Wonders of Big Data and Analytics in the Power and Energy Sector

Big data and analytics help the power and energy companies address and overcome new industry challenges through insights-based informed decision-making. Nothing is forever. Like oil and gas, our natural energy sources are on the brink of scarcity, but global energy consumption is growing each fleeting day. The only way to earn extra time is to [...]

Asia-Pacific: Fastest Growing Market in Big Data Analytics

At a time when the pandemic forced enterprises to cut-down ICT investments, there remains optimism in anchoring big data analytics to improve business performance and derive highly informed business decisions. About 3 in 4 enterprises in Asia-Pacific choose to keep investments in big data analytics (BDA) solutions or even expand this year, according to the [...]

Digital Banking Models to Lead Transformation in 2021 and Beyond 1 of 3

In a world that keeps closing in to even more modernized digital banking models, global initiatives that are being put into place to slash the reliance on physical touchpoints only make perfect sense. Not only that private sectors are immensely investing in going online, but there has also been some legal support for the modern [...]

Digital Banking Transformation: Why go Digital?

Going full-on digital in the banking sector has been the talk for years. And if there’s one thing that the recent pandemic called the attention to, it’s that pushing for digital banking transformation is the way to go. So, why is it the right choice for banks to go digital? Harnessing today’s technologies to advance [...]

Investing in Healthcare IT, Supporting Care Workers

2021 is for the health & care workers who are among the rare few not threatened with job displacement despite the increased use of tech.

4 Proven Ways Data Analytics Increases Revenue

With great data analytics comes great returns. In this day and age, the influx of data has overwhelmed businesses. Which prevents them from maximizing the potential of big data analytics to drive even more revenue and profit. Forbes shares that there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day but only 0.5% is analyzed. [...]

Technology in 2020 Recap

Technology made a breakthrough during this pandemic. When everything was paused because of the lockdown, everything became online.

BIR Accredited Anahaw Ver. 3 sets sail in 2021

Exist Software Labs takes off 2021 with now Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) accredited Anahaw Point-of-Sale (POS) System Version 3. The said recognition was awarded last January 11, 2021, and is now available for Anahaw users. Such accreditation indicates that Exist is now a trustworthy partner of BIR as a POS solutions provider. This means [...]

Befriending Your Data in 2021

In befriending your enterprise data, there are several qualities that shall be considered, all of which are present in a data management platform that also has a proven track record in Fortune 500 companies. Find out which in this blog.

Technology Trends to Keep Filipino Businesses Alive in 2021

With the wave of technologies rising in the past years and the recent challenge facing the world, which technology trends delivered and promise to provide real value for your business? Even as the Philippine economy slowly resumed with the easing down of public health regulations and distancing protocols, most Filipino businesses still feel the pain [...]

Buy & Build Hospital Systems Dilemma Revisited

What do hospitals have to deal with in choosing to buy or build systems?? Delivering care now generally considers hospital information systems, applications, and software. Despite misgivings about cost as the previous article has pointed out, what first was a tool to ensure operational and financial efficiency, has grown far more valuable and one that [...]

Digital Banking: Is Philippines Ready?

Digital banking is not news to the banking and finance industry in the Philippines. However, the industry has been in wait-and-see mode when it comes to adopting the concept. Innovators, nonetheless, sees the market’s promise. Ere the outrage of COVID19, actors intend to push this innovation and establish a position in the Philippine market.

Philippine Hospitals HIS Adoption: Which Level Are You in?

This blog will give us a concrete way to frame where most Philippine hospitals are in their hospital information systems journey.

Virtual Launch of the PhilHealth Registry of Newborns

On World Prematurity Day 2020, PhilHealth hosts a webinar highlighting the virtual launch of the PhilHealth Registry of Newborns.

Unlocking the Power of IoT and Data Integration to Boost Transformation in the Energy Industry Webinar Highlights

Here are the important notes from the Data Solutions Webinar arranged by Exist in partnership with Microsoft Azure, held last October 22, 2020.

With Telemed Acceptance, Let’s Get Back To Promoting Use of EMR

Health records remain as the fundamental element for medical treatment and service. The more comprehensive the record, the more data can help guide the doctors towards evidence-based decisions. However, unlocking the promise of information will remain a pipe dream if records are still kept in paper.

Introducing PostgrEX: How to Fulfill Your Database SLAs Without Having to Sell a Kidney

Is your organization ready to face the challenges of an uncertain future? Having enough money in the bank is certainly a top priority and doing away with unnecessary and exorbitantly-priced database license costs is one way of doing this

The Future of Philippine Banking

As the impact of COVID19 on health and the economy continues to persist, key actors create ways in an attempt to sustain the country’s survivability. The central bank sees the exponential growth in digital transactions as an opportunity for the banking and finance sector to seize the hype and cater to the growing desire for digital payment solutions.

Data Integration in Power

Letting this data silos persist in your organization will only make converting data into valuable insights more complex, with much likeliness of being ineffective. That is why data integration is critical in data analytics.

Digital Health Is Inevitable

Like most businesses, the strategies adopted by hospitals and clinics seem self-serving.  Yet oftentimes, the one that successfully brings a good business return in investment, are those that put the customer both front and center. Despite reluctance, digital health is one of those strategies that will greatly empower patients and drive innovations as well.

Data Integration: the Follow through of IoT

The tie between IoT and data does not end when the data is collected. It then becomes the responsibility of the companies to create value out of this massive amount of data to improve business outcomes and remain relevant in the long run.

The Next-Level Gameplay in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is experiencing an immense paradigm shift as the world battles against the global health crisis. In Asia alone, governments are implementing measures differing from one another, which results in contrasting ramifications, both successful and unsuccessful.

What You Need to Know: Telemedicine Benefits and Disadvantages

While telemedicine has been around for quite some time, only now has it become less of an option but more of mandatory service. Read below to learn more about the benefits and disadvantages of telemedicine for patients as well as providers.

Telemedicine is House Call 2.0

Factoring infection risks and patient comfort, telemedicine provides a necessary alternative — one which may soon become the norm.

Improving Healthcare Quality

Quality management in health care works to reduce errors and improve patient care. The safety and effectiveness of treatment are two of the most critical measures of quality.

Importance of Online Payment in Retail

The pandemic has drastically changed the tone of retailing. As a result, retailing businesses have suffered principal losses. The health crisis became a roadblock that leaves retailers, mainly medium and large, with only two options: to take a detour or injure themselves.

Adapting Tomorrow’s Technology In Today’s Retail Business Webinar Highlights

Technology innovation is a key parameter for innovating your business right now. KPMG, a multinational audit firm, recently illustrated a graph of three (3) options to drive retail businesses: becoming a platform, leveraging platforms, and business as usual. Remaining in BAU model despite all the shifts that are happening in the industry will lead to becoming irrelevant over time. You need to look for opportunities to innovate to respond to the modern retailing demands.

Wolters Kluwer, Exist Highlight Evidence-Based, Decision Support in Healthcare IT Webinar

As an important step towards its ultimate goal of improving the quality of care and support the frontline healthcare providers make better evidence-based decisions, Wolters Kluwer, a global provider of professional information, software solutions, and services, teamed up with Exist in the healthcare IT webinar entitled “How Reducing Variations is Key to Improving Patient Outcomes (and defeating COVID-19)”, held last August 13, 2020.

How Reducing Variations is Key to Improving Patient Outcomes (and Defeating COVID 19) Webinar Highlights

How we can help and support your institution in delivering the best clinical decisions support resources to enable you to improve patient outcomes as well as improve patients’ safety?

Healthcare IT and Digital Tools Help Clinicians Provide Quality Care

If improving treatment and patient care is the goal, then we need to help clinicians and support their pursuit of quality improvement initiatives.

Greenplum and the Power of One

With just ONE data analytics platform, your organization can begin to harness the benefits promised by Hadoop—and more—minus the heartache.

What Sparked the Emergence of Digital Banking

As we live in the computer age, the existence of online banking appears ordinary to us. Every major bank tailors a system that is capable of online access. The absence of such is almost unimaginable, especially these days. The evolution of digital technology presented an invaluable advantage to banks as it attempts to address the [...]

COVID Puts Spotlight on Healthcare IT

Immune to IT’s charms, digital healthcare gets an unwelcome boost. Every crisis is a challenge as well as an opportunity.  It has always been the case for healthcare. Right now, the case for hospitals and care centers to go digital has never been stronger.  In the IT industry, it only takes weeks to months to [...]

Philhealth: Promoting Quality Care For Filipino Patients

As the country’s largest health insurance provider and primary source of hospital funds, Philhealth can single-handedly affect healthcare policy changes unlike any other.  Even as the Dept of Health struggles with handling the COVID 19 pandemic - the accuracy of reporting, recruiting, and empowering medical personnel not to mention managing its public persona, Philhealth has [...]

Why a Future-proof POS System is What You Need Right Now

The sudden outbreak of the pandemic placed the global economy on a tough path. This crisis is unlike any other economic challenges that the world had to deal with in the past decade. Its effects befell from small to large businesses. The retail industry is among the most affected strands by this pressure. Retailing, especially [...]

Does Your Organization Have the Pivotal X-Factor?

"No, you can't always get what you want. You can't always get what you want. You can't always get what you want." Thus echoed the famous Rolling Stones tune of 1969. The principle may be true in many cases, but when it comes to the Data Integration needed for turning up actionable business insights, getting [...]

A Playbook To Improve Clinical Effectiveness and Reduce Variability in Care

Rules and payment models keep changing, revenues falling while demand for care quality is at an unprecedented scrutiny. To thrive, hospitals need to address clinical variability. For years, our team at Exist has made it a priority to build technology capabilities that tear down the barriers of siloed systems particularly in healthcare. From our clinic [...]

How to Begin Transforming into a Data-Driven Organization Webinar Highlights

Speaker: Mr. Warren Cruz | Exist Data Solutions Architect It has been said that data is the new oil and data is the new gold and this speaks to how data is now the differentiator between mediocrity and success in the business landscape. We are now in the 4th Industrial Revolution wherein data-driven digital technology [...]

Creating a Flexible and Affordable DevOps Kickstarter Webinar Highlights

Speaker: Mr. Dennis De Vera | Exist Tech Architect The primary purpose of DevOps implementation is to accelerate software delivery and increase business agility. The enterprise-wide impact that it can bring has been more evident, and much desired by businesses who want to remain at the top of their games. Although transitioning to DevOps can [...]

Exist Accents Value of Data Strategy in Transformation Age

As part of the objective to provide valuable knowledge on the responsible, effective, and ethical use of tons of enterprise data, Exist, in a joint effort with Microsoft Azure, held the How to Begin Transforming into A Data-Driven Organization webinar last June 10, 2020. This 2nd online event in this webinar series aspires to impart insights to […]

Join Microsoft and Exist in an Eye-Opening Data Webinar

The days that “everything digital” is just the utopic, far-fetched future that corporations who aim to be at there prime are dreaming is all in the past now. It is already swinging right before our eyes. This ignites the flames to the long-sparking embers of the modern-day businesses’ hottest commodity: data. Every click, every tap, […]

Exist Partners with Microsoft in Its 1st DevOps Webinar

With the increasing demand to drive enterprise-wide technological innovation, technology leaders Microsoft and Exist Software Labs, Inc. joined forces to hold its first-ever DevOps Webinar entitled “Creating a Flexible and Affordable DevOps Kickstarter” last May 27, 2020. Mr. Jonas Lim, Exist’s Vice President for Tech Services facilitated the webinar, while, Exist Tech Architect Dennis De […]

Remodelling Your Business to the ‘New Normal’

Digital contactless payment technologies, remote working, teleconferencing, and online business platforms – this is the newly embraced system for most businesses right now. Most industries reconstructed their formerly accepted company blueprints to continue operations amid COVID19. A sudden blow struck people, and it exempted no one. We populated the streets, filled tens of stories of […]

The Metallica of Master Data Management: TIBCO EBX

In the world of heavy metal, Metallica is considered, arguably, as the G.O.A.T. Some may contest this claim and cite the forefathers, like Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin, but the prevailing sentiment is that the ‘Tallica boys are at the top of the heap. One of the key achievements of this band is that they […]

Why is Greenplum the Best Choice for a Cloud Data Warehouse?

The Best MADP Data is the drivetrain of digital transformation and the enterprise with the ability to tap into all possible data sources in order to gain actionable insights is at a key advantage. In order to gain this advantage, a Modern Analytics Data Platform (MADP) is required. What are the attributes of an MADP […]

Our Share in This COVID Warfare

The year shocked us with a change we have all not foreseen. For the first time in years, perhaps, decades, we had to turn our backs from the living condition that has grown on us. The world has taken a hiatus from almost all of its activities. The population succumbed to the walls of their [...]

Healthcare Crisis Demands Use Of The Cloud

The pandemic has placed institutions around the world under a heavy burden.  Except for national governments, no other institution or workforce has taken the full force of the effect of the COVID virus than hospitals. The immensity of the response needed, saving lives in addition to those that are infected while protecting their own care [...]

Digital Banking: Bridging the Social Distance

The social distancing measures imposed to contain the spread of the global pandemic COVID19 pushed people to limit themselves from physical exchanges. The current scenario also puts restrictions on accessing necessities in which finances remain the lifeblood. Even so, the gradual shift into digital banking allows many banks and their clients to keep financial matters [...]

Business Unusual – Making Your Business Emergency Ready

With the threat of COVID-19, a number of countries including Italy, the Philippines, and parts of the United States have started quarantine measures, including prohibiting the movement of their citizens. For everyone’s safety and in the interest of public health, most businesses have been ordered to provide their employees with flexible working conditions.  During these […]

Exist Software Labs’ Medcurial Becomes First DOH NCR-Certified EMR Software

Metro Manila, March 2020 — Exist Software Labs, Inc, a global IT consulting and solutions leader  achieves another feather in its innovation cap as it successfully completes the required EHR/EMR certification thus becoming the first EMR software certified by the Center for Health Development in Metro Manila under the guidelines contained in the Joint Administrative [...]

Push for Philippine Healthcare Transformation Continues

The Hospital Modernization Summit series has just concluded its latest stop in Manila last February 20, 2020, at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.  Aptly titled Digital Hospital Transformation Conference, Philippines, the event united local healthcare leaders, executives, care providers, and stakeholders to address the pressure of improving healthcare amidst the increasing challenge brought about by [...]

Why the Data Warehouse Is Here to Stay

The buzzword has been “digital transformation” and the phrase continues to announce the importance of leveraging new technology as the catalyst of improvement in the enterprise. New ways of doing things have been introduced and this is no less apparent in how data is now collected and used for business intelligence and analytics. The advent […]

8 Most Impactful Tech Breakthroughs throughout 2010s – Part 1

The 2010s somehow fueled the fastest technological evolution by far. It is a leeway to the rise, and fall of some of the most ground-breaking technologies. We have witnessed the digital world cementing a whole new ground atop the one we had walked on in prior decades. Despite its backlashes, we cannot deny that it […]

DoE DREAMS Project Takes Flight!

The push for clean and renewable energy just took a big step forward with the launch of the Philippine Renewable Energy Market Systems (PREMS) at the Shangri-la at the Fort last December 17, 2019. Attended by the top officers of the Department of Energy (DoE) led by Secretary Alfonso Cusi along with Undersecretary William Fuentebella, […]

Exist To Help Spread Cloud-Native Revolution Across APAC at the Pivotal Summit 2019

Manila, Philippines, Nov 08, 2019 — Exist Software Labs, Inc., a global consulting and IT solutions Philippine market leader is set to join Pivotal Software, leading cloud-native platform provider, in its annual roadshow summit in two key cities in Singapore and Japan this November. Taking place at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on November [...]

Becoming the ‘Big Fish’: Pivotal Steps Up the Game with Its 4x-Bigger New Office

Pivotal, the go-to provider of cloud-native platform, developer tools, and unique methodology to help the world’s largest enterprises transform the way they build and run their most important applications, opened its new office in Funan at the Wework Offices last Sept 19, 2019. Moving into the new space four times bigger than the previous office, […]

Taking To The Road To Move PHL RE Forward

As part of the Philippine delegation comprising of representatives from the Department of Energy (DOE), the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC), Exist, a global consulting and enterprise IT solutions leader, advanced to the Technical Consultation on the Implementation on the Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) and the Philippine Renewable Energy […]

D2iQ, Exist Team Up for First Day 2 Cloud-Native Event Manila

D2iQ (formerly Mesosphere), a leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud platforms that enable smarter Day 2 operations, alongside Exist, a global consulting and enterprise IT solutions leader, is set to host the first-ever "Day 2 Cloud-Native Event in Manila" on the 10th of October, Thursday, at Ascott Hotel, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Upholding the theme “Driving [...]

Software Innovation CEO to Stage Data Warehousing, Big Data on IT for Renewable Energy Tech Forum

Having paved the way for digital transformation in the local power and energy sector, EXIST Software Labs, Inc. continues its message of business profitability through information technology by being one of the key participants in the “Information Technology for Renewable Energy (IT for RE) Technical Forum”. The event is organized by the Department of Energy […]

New and Enhanced ANAHAW Retail Solution Grabs Fresh Interests in Stores Asia Expo 2019

Bannering Anahaw’s latest version, Exist Software Labs once again captures new eyes in this year’s Stores Asia Expo held at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City last August 15-16, 2019. Featuring better and faster performance, enhanced reporting, simplified navigation and more, the new Anahaw retail solution was successfully unveiled during the exhibition.  Exist’s participation in [...]

Exist Provides Tech Spark For Major Renewable Energy Project

MANILA, Philippines  — Exist, a global consulting and enterprise IT solutions leader, is currently working on the development of the country’s landmark nationwide system to establish the country’s renewable energy market (REM). Faced with a tight bid schedule which threatened the 2019 project timeline, the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC), the governance arm of wholesale [...]

Exist Introduces the New and Enhanced Anahaw Retail Solution at Stores Asia Expo 2019

Exist, a software development and technology consulting company with retail solutions currently serving some of the largest retailers in the Asia Pacific is excited to announce the introduction of the new and enhanced Anahaw retail solution. The new Anahaw boasts better and faster performance, enhanced reporting, improved UI/UX, and more, equipping retailers with even more [...]

Exist, Ashnik and EnterpriseDB Power Digital Transformation for the Philippine Electricity and Power Sector

At the recently concluded The Future Energy Show Philippines 2019, Exist, Ashnik and EnterpriseDB teamed up to highlight the advantages of using Postgres for a number of IT projects specifically within the electricity sector. During the 2-day event, booth visitors and fellow sponsors personally listened to the stories about how Exist, Ashnik and EnterpriseDB were [...]

Exist Joins Philippine Trade Delegation to Japan, Expand Business Opportunities

Exist Software Labs, Inc., a global consulting and IT solutions leader will be participating in a Philippine Business Delegation to Japan from May 30th to May 31st organized by the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Trade and Investment Centre, Philippine Embassy alongside the visit of President Rodrigo R. Duterte to Tokyo. During [...]

Exist, Ashnik and EnterpriseDB Jointly Sponsor The Future Energy Show Philippines 2019

Exist Software Labs, Inc, a global consulting and IT solutions leader, is participating at The Future Energy Show Philippines 2019, as a Bronze sponsor, in collaboration with its partners Ashnik Pte Ltd, a leading enterprise open source solution consulting firm and EnterpriseDB, the world leader in open-source based Postgres software and services. Happening on May [...]

Exist Heads to SODEC Japan 2019, Highlights the Value of DevOps

Exist, a global consulting and IT solutions leader continues its quest to promote its comprehensive portfolio of innovative IT solutions and services in Japan with its participation to SODEC Japan on May 8-10, 2019.   One of the largest conferences during Japan IT Week Spring, the Software & Apps Development Expo (SODEC) is known as [...]

Feeling Cold from MySQL Backups that Take Forever? Hot Backups to the Rescue!

Many business entities have entrusted their data to MySQL, and for certain use cases, this is a sound choice. If you need an RDBMS for basic transaction processing that does not involve complex tasks and does not require full SQL standard compliance, then MySQL may be right for you (for enterprise-scale workloads, Postgres is the [...]

Starting the 2019 Right With First MuleSoft PH Meetup

Technically, this is the fourth meetup already but for 2019 it’s the first one. To find out what’s the big deal about MuleSoft, we tagged along with our resident certified MuleSoft developers, ‘Muleys’ to attend the Manila MuleSoft first meetup (Journey to Success with Mule) for 2019.  Here’s what we learned and discovered. 1. Pursuing [...]

Exist’s US Offshore Software Development Push Gets A Major Boost with Accelerance

Exist Software Labs, Inc., a global consulting and IT solutions leader, has partnered with Accelerance, the leading consulting firm for software outsourcing strategies and best practices to expand further its commercial footprint in the US and drive growth. Following the recent partner agreement to bring Exist’s IT solution and services to the Japanese market, this [...]

Enterprise Technology Solutions Leader, Exist Reveals Top 5 IT Trends for 2019

The demand for business companies to go digital continues as they face the new year with new expectations, competitors, channels, threats, and opportunities. Digitalization has created a new breed of market that companies of all sizes- small, medium-sized or even large corporations cannot ignore. Traditional businesses have now accepted using digital transformation as a business [...]

Chinese General Hospital and Exist Software Labs Team Up to Successfully Run New MERX™ Hospital Information System in the Cloud

Manila, November 13, 2018 — Top Philippine tertiary healthcare institution Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center (CGHMC), owned and operated by the Philippine Chinese Charitable Association Inc. (PCCAI) achieves another milestone as it successfully completes implementation of their new hospital information system that helps bring them closer towards a more technologically-equipped and operationally-efficient facility. Using [...]

Exist Launches Japanese Web Page To Support Market Growth

Exist Software Labs, Inc., a global consulting and IT solutions leader, is excited to announce the launch of its newly developed Japanese web page (http://exist.com/jp). “We are delighted to launch our new Japanese web page to further broaden our market and to further improve our relationship with Japanese clients and partners,” shares Michael Lim, president [...]

The EDB Postgres Platform Means “Enterprise” Need Not Cost an Arm and a Leg

Introduction A piece of software is enterprise-grade when it caters to the needs of not a single individual, nor a select group of individuals, but the whole organization. When applied to database management systems, an enterprise database is an implementation of database software that serves the organization by managing their humongous collection of data. It [...]

Happy EXISTversary :: 17 Years of Pursuing Innovation Excellence

This month marks Exist's 17th anniversary and we couldn’t be more proud to have delivered value to our clients, shareholders and team members with our innovative solutions throughout the years. To celebrate this milestone, a series of activities were held from August 20-September 10, 2018. With the theme, “17 Years of Pursuing Excellence -- One Team. One [...]

The Decision to Support Clinical

There exists a  healthcare blueprint for achieving better patient outcomes and as it has been, it involves putting the right type of processed data in the hands of the helper. Personal, Communal and Personalised Like a broken record, I keep telling everyone that next to actively maintaining a healthy lifestyle, having a doctor as a [...]

Don’t Get Wiped Out Riding the Big Data Wave: Hang Ten with Informatica Big Data Management

Data has always been the key factor in business computing. However, the role that it plays has evolved throughout the years. These evolutionary epochs have generally been termed as the 3 waves of data management. Wave 1: The Rise of Relational In the first wave, we see the emergence of the relational model and relational [...]

Understanding Blockchain and Its Business Benefits

Last week, our very own president and CEO Michael Lim presented the value of blockchain in various industries during the Philippine ITO/BPO Trade and Investment Seminar and Networking at Osaki Bright Core Tokyo, Japan. In his talk entitled, “Understanding Blockchain and Its Business Benefits”, he presented an overview of blockchain technology, and potential applications and use cases of [...]

The Future is Open: EDB Postgres and Your Enterprise Data

Introduction The trend of adopting open source technologies by enterprise-grade organizations remains on the rise. This is markedly true in the area of database technologies. Consider the following forecasts by Gartner with regard to the continuous adoption of open-source technologies and Open-source DBMS (OSDBMS): "By 2019, OSDBMS technology will account for more than 10% of [...]

Exist to Present Value of Blockchain at the Philippine ITO/BPO Seminar & Networking in Tokyo

Gartner, State of the Open-Source DBMS Market, 2018, 02-28-2018Which Postgres Is Right For Me?ibidibidThe Economic and Business Advantages of EDB Postgres Database Solutionsibidibid

How to Select the Right Automation Testing Tool

Last month, our very own Automation Lead Julius Glifonea, presented a talk entitled “HHWWW in Automation Testing” during the March Meetup of the Software Testing Philippines group. In his talk, he shared some key factors to consider when choosing the right automation testing tool. He also shared some guide and key considerations in Automation Testing […]

Cloud-Native Applications, Part 1: An Introduction

This is the first post in a four-part blog series on cloud-native applications that aims to provide a better understanding of what cloud-native applications are and how to fully exploit the benefits of this new architecture. In this introductory post, we’ll cover some of the advantages of cloud-native apps, drivers behind it and discuss some […]

Exist Successfully Delivered a Training on Agile and DevOps

Exist, in partnership with Amihan Global Strategies has successfully delivered a training on Agile and DevOps for the IT/Operations/Dev team of one of the biggest banks in the Philippines last February 5-9, 2018. The 5-day training program on Agile and DevOps is aimed at understanding the core beliefs of Agile and Scrum and to provide […]

Exist, Informatica and Cloudera Host a Roundtable on Empowering Data Monetization with Big Data

Manila, Philippines – Exist, a global technology innovator and the leading big data solutions provider in the Philippines, Informatica, the enterprise cloud data management leader, and Cloudera Inc. (NYSE: CLDR) the modern platform for machine learning and analytics, optimized for the cloud, jointly hosted a big data roundtable event on November 22 in Discovery Primea, […]

Exist Showcases Next-Generation Hospital Solutions at Indonesian Healthcare Summit with Medcurial

Manila, Philippines, September 07, 2017 — Global enterprise technology solutions leader Exist Software Labs, Inc. is set to formally introduce Medcurial, its integrated healthcare solutions portfolio at the Indonesian Digital Healthcare Summit on September 13-14 at Solo, Indonesia. Considered as a technology frontier in Asia for healthcare due to its sizeable population and rising economy, [...]

Exist and Anahaw Help Retail Businesses Stay Ahead of the Curve at the 2017 Stores Asia Expo

For the second consecutive year, global consulting and IT solutions leader Exist will showcase its innovative retail platform called Anahaw at this year’s Stores Asia Expo happening on August 10-11 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. Receiving consistent high interest from across all retail business segments for its innovative retail solution which debuted [...]

PEMC, With Technology Partner Exist, Implements New System to Enhance Market Processes

With a new enterprise system that facilitates timely and updated participants’ registration and trading information, PEMC moves one step closer to achieving full automation of all WESM processes geared toward a more competitive and transparent market. Wholesale electricity spot market (WESM) operator, Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC) reaches another milestone as it introduces the Central […]

Advancing Global Competitiveness Through Digital Transformation (DX) and Big Data

Last month, our very own president and CEO Michael Lim presented the value of digital transformation (DX) and digital technologies such as big data to accelerating global competitiveness during the Philippine ITO/BPO Trade and Investment Seminar and Networking at Osaki Bright Core Tokyo, Japan. In his talk entitled, “Advancing Global Competitiveness Through Digital Transformation and Big Data”, he […]

Exist Debuts Retail and Healthcare Innovations — Anahaw and Medcurial — at CommunicAsia 2017

MANILA, Philippines - May 15, 2017 -- Global technology consulting and IT solutions leader, Exist Software Labs brings to Singapore two (2) exciting products, Anahaw and Medcurial, to showcase at CommunicAsia 2017 from May 23 to May 25 at the Marina Bay Sands. Considered as the region's’ premiere IT event with the theme “Connecting the [...]

Exist Heads to SODEC, Eyes Further Expansion in Japan

MANILA, Philippines – April 24, 2017 —  As Japan opens its door to global approach, global technology consulting and IT solutions leader, Exist Software Labs, Inc. is set to take on the Japanese market once again with its participation at the Software & Apps Development Expo (SODEC) from May 10th to May 12th at Tokyo […]

Exist Brings Value of Digital Transformation to 2017 ASEAN-Japan Innovation Meetup

MANILA, Philippines – April 6, 2017 — Exist Software Labs, Inc., a global consulting and IT solutions leader will reveal the value of implementing digital transformation to achieving business success in its participation at the ASEAN-Japan Innovation Meetup slated on April 7 at Sumitomo Fudosan Shibuya Garden Tower, in Tokyo, Japan. Organized by the Ministry […]

Exist Holds Japanese Language Training Program for Employees

Japan and the Philippines have always maintained close economic and diplomatic ties. Today, Japan is the biggest trading partner of the Philippines and the country’s biggest source of foreign direct investments. As the Philippine–Japanese relations continue to blossom, Japan is a strategic partner not only in terms of maritime security but also in IT outsourcing. […]

Exist Marks its 15th Year, Hosts Client and Partner Appreciation Dinner

In a fitting tribute to its clients and partners, Exist Software Labs Inc. hosted an appreciation dinner at the Discovery Suites Hotel last November 17, 2016, in recognition of their clients’ and partners’ continuous business support and commitment to the Exist brand. “It is our 15th year this year and what better way to end […]

Exist Strengthens its Healthcare Solutions Portfolio, Adds Integrated Healthcare Solutions Medcurial

Manila, Philippines, October 28, 2016 — Exist Software Labs, Inc., a global consulting and IT solutions leader, announced today the expansion of its healthcare solutions portfolio with the addition of Medcurial, an integrated healthcare technology and clinical systems that connect hospitals, clinics, doctors and other care providers, to consolidate its offerings and address the growing [...]

Exist Presents the Value of Big Data in Retail at Primer Group of Companies Business Forum

Exist, a global technology innovator and one of the leading big data analytics solution providers in the Philippines, participated in the annual Primer Group of Companies Business Forum last September 24 in Makati City. Primer Group of Companies is a retail, distribution and licensing company operating in the Philippines and in the ASEAN region which includes Singapore, […]

Ex15t’s Crystal Year: Celebrating 15 Years of A Better Way

Today marks our 15th anniversary! To celebrate, we took a trip down memory lane and created a slideshow presentation to showcase some of the major milestones, achievements and great memories we’ve made along the way. Our incredible journey through the years revealed a transformation from start-up building Open Source technologies to award-winning global consulting and IT solutions leader. […]

Exist Joins the 23rd National Retail Conference (NRCE) and Stores Asia Expo 2016

Exist Software Labs, Inc., a global consulting and IT solutions leader and makers of Anahaw (a fully integrated retail enterprise solution), will be participating at the 23rd edition of the National Retail Conference (NRCE) and Stores Asia Expo 2016, slated on August 10 and 11 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. Organized by [...]

Exist Sponsors 2nd Annual Southeast Asia Retail Innovation and Technology Summit

Exist Global, a global consulting and IT solutions leader and makers of Anahaw (a fully integrated retail enterprise solution), announced today that it will sponsor the 2nd Annual Southeast Asia Retail Technology and Innovation Summit to be held at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Jakarta Diponegoro, Indonesia on 14th-15th of June 2016. Now in its second [...]

Exist Named Finalist for Most Innovative Company of the Year

Exist Software Labs, Inc., a global technology innovator, was recently announced as a finalist under the Most Innovative Company of the Year category at the 10th International ICT Awards Philippines. Exist, among other finalists, were recognized at the ICT Awards’ Gala Night held on March 22, 2016 at the Marriott Hotel in Pasay City for […]

3 Key Findings from Nielsen’s Asia Pacific Business Sentiment Survey

Global measurement company The Nielsen Company has released its “ASIA 2020 – Progressing, Prepared or Pessimistic” report on its first annual Asia Pacific Business Sentiment Survey. The survey sought the opinions, thoughts and concerns from business leaders within the Asia Pacific business community to gain greater visibility and understanding of the changes they anticipate they will face over […]

Exist Global Named as One of APAC CIOoutlook’s 25 Most Promising IT Services Providers

Manila, January 06, 2016 — Exist, a fast-growing software development and technology consulting company, has been selected by APAC CIOoutlook as one of the 25 most promising IT services providers in 2015. The list, which is compiled by a distinguished panel of industry experts and CIOoutlook’s editorial board, highlights some of the most prominent organizations […]

Exist Supports DevCon Summit 2015

As a strong supporter of Developers Connect (DevCon) Philippines, a volunteer organization that promotes growth and competence of Filipino developers, Exist is proud to participate as an exhibitor sponsor at the 5th DevCon Summit on Nov 13-14, 2015 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. With the theme “#GoOpenSourcePH”, this event aims to gather […]

Exist Takes Retail Innovation To The Next Level With Anahaw

Manila, October 23, 2015 — Exist Software Labs, a leading global consulting and technology solutions company formally launches Anahaw, a fully-integrated, browser-based retail software system designed to help today’s Filipino retailers boost operational efficiency, increase profitability, and deliver superior customer experience. Exist showcases this innovative solution with the goal of empowering retailers to streamline their operations, [...]

Retail industry leaders discuss trends in the Philippines

The Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) won the bid to host this year the prestigious Asia Pacific Retailers Convention & Exhibition (APRCE). Organized by the Federation of Asia Pacific Retailers Associations (Fapra), composed of 17 national retail associations in Asia-Pacific, the 17th APRCE will be held at the SMX Convention Center in Manila on Oct. 28-30, [...]

Big Data is Not about Size – It’s About Competitive Advantage

Whenever we enter the hype cycle of a new technology or technical approach, we are often faced with unfortunate labels. I can’t count how many times I answered the question, “what is cloud?” over the past few years. And the same is true now with “Big Data”. I imagine at the time of conception, it made […]

Exist Global Selected as One of CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising Banking Technology Solution Providers

Manila, February 23, 2015 — Exist, a software development and technology consulting company based in the Philippines, has been named by CIO Review as one of the 20 most promising banking technology solution providers in 2015. Exist was the only Philippine company to make it to the list. The annual ranking of companies is participated […]

The 7 Most Data-Rich Companies

Some companies really get big data. Not only do they realise size matters – they understand you also have to know what to do with it. Here’s a list of seven companies I think are at the top of the game, when it comes to cutting-edge use of data to strategically achieve business goals. If you […]

PH IT Spending Grew by 11.4% in 2014, Momentum to Carry Through in 2015

In line with IDC’s earlier forecast, the IT industry in Philippines is set to close the year of 2014 with a growth of 11.4% as compared to 2013. The full-year growth is driven by strong consumer spending, healthy economic fundamentals, and the most recent credit grade improvement. The total IT market will reach a full-year […]

IDC: 2015 will be year of innovation on 3rd platform in Asia Pacific

Analyst research firm IDC has revealed its top 10 key ICT predictions in Asia Pacific for 2015. IDC envisions 2015 to be a year of accelerating innovation on the 3rd platform. “While the smartphone component of IT spending continues to grow in Asia Pacific, its relative size is plateauing as enterprises shift gears to focus on […]

What is a “Data Lake”?

One of the most significant trends in big data and analytics is the concept of the big data lake. In fact, according to EMC, data lakes are gaining momentum as scalable repositories for critical data to be used for predictive Big Data analytics. In this video from the recently concluded 2014 Strata + Hadoop World […]

Global Market Hadoop Adoption and Trends

The global Hadoop market along with related hardware, software, and services is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 58.2% reaching $58.2B in 2020, according to Allied Market Research (AMR). Apache Hadoop is an open-source software framework for storage and large-scale processing of data-sets on clusters of commodity hardware. Increasing demand for big-data analytics, the growing volume of diverse […]

Japan Dominates Asia Pacific’s Top Ten Retailers

Global market research company Euromonitor International and Retail Asia Publishing have released its annual ‘Retail Asia Top 500 Retailers Ranking’ report, listing the largest retailers in the region. Now in its 11th edition, the study is conducted each year by Euromonitor and is an accumulation of the company’s retailing data and analysis ranking the top […]

[Infographic]: 4 Ways Retailers Can Leverage Big Data

Big data presents tremendous opportunities for the retail industry. Retailers can leverage big data to stay competitive, boost operational efficiency, improve customer experiences and adapt to the changing demands of the market. So powerful is the ability of big data to influence enterprises that according to McKinsey Global Institute, the wider adoption of big data analytics could increase […]

Top Healthcare IT Events in Asia Pacific

Last May 2014, we, together with Goldcrest Communications and the event's chairman, Dr. Mike Muin, organized the inaugural Healthcare IT Philippines Conference. It was well attended with more than 100 participants including health IT leaders, clinician stakeholders and project implementers. With the interest in healthcare IT growing not only in the Philippines but all over Asia Pacific, I [...]

Lean Principles in the Digital Economy

Lean principles the name given to a group of production techniques developed by Japanese manufacturing companies around the 1970s-1980s to maximize customer value while reducing wasteful resources. Lean production methods have also been described as aiming “to combine the flexibility and quality of craftsmanship with the low costs of mass production.”  Such methods include quality control of the processes involved in production; just-in-time production to […]

IT Outsourcing growth in Medical and Healthcare

Healthcare IT and business process outsourcing market is anticipated to accelerate amidst regulatory reforms, market consolidation and emergence of next-generation digital avenues, according to Everest Group. Everest Group estimates the net opportunity for Healthcare ITO will be U.S. $10.7 billion from 2013 to 2020. As reported, roughly $3 billion within this opportunity will come from infrastructure […]

Report: Health information exchange systems critical to healthcare integration

Health information exchange (HIE) systems are a key technological driver of new healthcare models and will help healthcare be more affordable, accountable and integrated, according to a new report from market research firm Frost & Sullivan. HIE refers to the digitization of health records to create a central data repository that will ensure continuity of care, data legacy [...]

Can Big Data Stop Traffic Jams?

You’re probably thinking that I’ve just arrived at the office — well, that may be true for some. I’ve only read and heard pieces of information about the truck at C5 that had malfunctioned brakes which hit 8 other vehicles, flipped, and spilled its cargo — eventually blocked several lanes and caused the horrendous traffic […]

SMEs urged to embrace ICT to gear up for ASEAN 2015

As the integration of economies of ASEAN’s 10 member nations approaches in 2015, local companies are urged to enhance competitiveness by employing information and communications technology (ICT) solutions. During a forum of PLDT SME Nation’s Future Talks entitled, “Ready for 2015: Future-Proofing SMEs for the ASEAN Economic Community”, Eric Alberto, PLDT executive vice president said that by embracing […]

Retail growth to shape logistics in Philippines

The Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) projected retail sales to reach P1.61 trillion by 2016 and P1.78 trillion by 2017. A report by Oxford Business Group said, “Retail in the Philippines set to soar and spread.” In a recent Asia Pacific research of CBRE, one of the trends that shape logistics in the region is the increasing [...]

E-commerce in the Philippines

Filipinos love going to the mall, which for decades has been a big part of the everyday lifestyle, where the youth congregate, families bond, and everyone hangs out to escape the sweltering heat. It’s no wonder, then, that the country is home to three of the world’s biggest malls, including the biggest one in Southeast […]

Global IT spending expected to grow at a slower pace in 2014

Worldwide IT spending is expected to grow at a slower pace of 2.1 per cent at $3.7 trillion in 2014, on account of reduction in growth expectations for devices, data center systems and IT services, according to the latest forecast by research firm Gartner. This growth rate is lower than the earlier projections of 3.2 per […]

Top Tools and Technologies in Java Development Landscape

According to a survey by Dice.com, an IT career website, Java development was the most sought-after software-building skill by employers in the first quarter of 2014. Mashable also ranked Java as the top one programming language you should learn in 2014. And just recently, tools vendor ZeroTurnaround revisited the tools & technologies landscape in Java […]

Why Do Chronic Patients Not Access Their EMR?

Top two reasons why consumers with chronic conditions are not accessing their EMRs What a fascinating picture and result. For those who can’t see the Twitter image, it says that 55% said “I don’t know how to access my medical records” and 17% said “I trust that my medical records are accurate, so I don’t [...]

Healthcare IT :: Buy or Build?

What are the drivers affecting buy and build strategies? What elements must be considered if a hospital is to grow and maintain its own applications, purchase an off-the-shelf product, or work with a team (outsource engineering) to build a product? Making the right choice is a challenge. Let's look at scenarios in the healthcare market [...]

Asia Pacific enterprise application software market grows 6.5% in 2013

The enterprise application software market in Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) grew by 6.5 percent in 2013 to reach $12.6 billion, slightly lower growth than in 2012, according to the latest worldwide software market share results from research firm Gartner. Application software markets include enterprise resource planning (ERP), office suites, customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence […]

Gartner: Most Enterprises on the Road to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is taking place across several industries as they face accelerating pressure for fundamental business process transformation — including embracing digital business technology, in order to survive and stay competitive — according to a report by IT research firm Gartner. “Transformation remains a critically important phenomenon across all industries. Many industries will face intense […]

DTI supports top Philippine ICT players’ participation in CommunicAsia 2014

MANILA, June 17 — The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through the Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC) in Singapore supports the Philippine delegation to CommunicAsia 2014 to further enhance the country’s position as Asia’s e-services hub and global leader in information technology and business process management (IT-BPM). “In participating in Asia’s largest integrated […]

Philippines eHealth Strategic Framework and Plan (Updates as of May 23, 2014)

As temperature rises in the Philippines, so does the interest in Healthcare IT with more than 100 Healthcare IT leaders and enthusiasts converged together in Crowne Plaza Manila last week for the inaugural Healthcare IT Philippines Conference. Over the course of two days, senior level executives and leading experts addressed issues and challenges in hospital IT [...]

World Economic Forum New Champions to Converge in Cebu

OCEAN 14: A Gathering of the World’s Thought Leaders and Filipino Innovators Leading experts from the communities of the World Economic Forum will meet with the Philippines’ government and business leaders to pursue opportunities for ASEAN success MACTAN ISLAND, CEBU, PHILIPPINES – The New Champions community in the Philippines and their foreign counterparts will gather […]

Why the Philippines needs a creative economy

Technology drives any economy – but in the coming years, what will drive technology? We are well aware of the Philippines’ strengths in business process outsourcing (BPO), an industry that in the past decade has grown from zero to a million employees, most of whom flex their “neutral English accents” at the crack of dawn […]

World Economic Forum Names Four Filipinos as Young Global Leaders (YGL) 2014

News YGLs express excitement over Philippines’ hosting of global leaders in “Open Collaboration with East Asia New Champions (OCEAN 14)” in Cebu on May 23-25 Earlier this year, four extraordinary Filipinos were given the distinct honor of being recognized as Young Global Leaders (YGLs) by the non-profit World Economic Forum (WEF) – Earl Valencia, Doris […]

Philippine IT-BPM industry strengthens presence in Australia

The information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) industry of the Philippines is set to expand its footprint in Australia, as it brings a delegation of top industry players to CeBIT, Australia’s leading business conference and exhibition for the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, which happens on May 5-7, 2014 at the Sydney Olympic […]

Global Leaders and Innovators Gather in Cebu for OCEAN

May 23-25 — Open Collaboration of East Asia New Champions summit to gather Filipino leaders to drive partnerships with the world’s most powerful innovators   March 31, 2014, Cebu, Philippines — The New Champions of the World Economic Forum, a community that includes the Young Global Leaders, Global Shapers, Schwab Social Entrepreneurs, and Global Growth Companies in the Philippines, with […]

Ovum: Financial Markets IT Spending to Hit $100 Billion by 2018

Global IT spending in financial markets is on the rise and will grow to more than $100 billion by 2018, according to new research by analyst firm Ovum. After a tumultuous few years following the financial crisis, technology spending in asset management, capital markets and corporate banking will increase, mainly as a way for firms to make […]

Which Enterprises are Driving Digital Transformation?

Some experts say that to embark on digital transformation, a company must first look at and understand where their industry is right now and then try to identify their challenges and opportunities. I guess as with any journey, we have to start with recognizing where we are and then plan towards reaching our destination with […]

Jerry Rapes Joins Panel at the 3rd Filipino Technopreneurship Summit

[dt_social_icons animation=”none”][dt_social_icon target_blank=”true” icon=”facebook” link=”” /][dt_social_icon target_blank=”true” icon=”twitter” link=”” /][dt_social_icon target_blank=”true” icon=”google” link=”” /][/dt_social_icons][dt_gap height=”10″ /] Manila, Philippines, Feb 18, 2014 — Jerry Rapes, President and CEO of Exist, a global consulting and IT solutions leader, will be speaking at the 3rd Filipino Technopreneurship Summit in a panel discussion on technopreneurship business models.[dt_gap height=”10″ /] The summit, […]

Global Market for Healthcare IT is Expected to Reach USD 103.0 Billion by 2020

Growing demand for home and remote healthcare services coupled especially in the Asia Pacific and Latin American markets expected to drive demand. The global market for healthcare IT is expected to reach USD 103.0 billion by 2020, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. Growing demand for point of care diagnostics, home [...]

Healthcare IT Trends in the Philippines

The eHealth Innovations for Universal Health Care summit has just recently concluded. An eye-opener for the uninitiated, the eHealth summit offered valuable insights into the Philippines' eHealth masterplan 2014 and beyond. We caught up with folks in the health IT community to get their thoughts on information and communication technologies that will play critical 'roles' in transforming [...]

Australia | Big Data Predictions for 2014

Australia might be at the end of the mining boom, but it’s just kicking off the data mining boom. Big data is going to be a truly hot topic in 2014, with IDC predicting that spend on big data technologies worldwide will grow by 30 per cent over the next year. Interest in big data, and […]

The Silent Medical Tsunami

What will you do if one in a hundred plane flights crashes, resulting in injuries? Will you still fly? Or what if one in a hundred bank transactions results in an error in your balance? Will you still trust your bank? In these two instances, the error rate is much less than 1 percent and [...]

YEARENDER: Exist Big Business Stories in 2013

From groundbreaking projects to long term partnership, year 2013 was full of surprises, transformations, good news, challenges, and more. To celebrate the year that was, here’s a look back at some of our company’s highlights and accomplishments. INDUSTRY GROWTH For the past years, we have been focused on growing our enterprise projects. When you look […]

Philippines Software Industry Conference SOFTCON Breaks Ground

“For the first time in human history, a technology is shaping our personal lives just as much as it is transforming our businesses- that technology is software. There has never been a better time to be in the software industry than today,” said Joey Gurango, president of the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) as he […]

HongKong Hospital Authority Pushes for Modernization

Dr. NT Cheung, Chief Medical Informatics Officer at the Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HKHA) has taken on the reins of HKHA's Clinical Management System (CMS) re-development over the last years. I spoke with Dr. Cheung to learn about what's next for the CMS. Accessible by 29,000 clinical users in 43 hospitals and 120 clinics across Hong Kong, [...]

Java hasn’t lost its mojo (The Eschatology of Java)

“What is the future of Java?” is a question that comes up quite often, and every time it does, the blogosphere gets riled up with everyone putting in their two-cents worth. Amateurs and the experts alike engage in never-ending polemics that often go off on tangents and get nowhere. The answer, if there actually is […]

Innovation in Banking on the Rise

Bank Innovation, a blog site produced by Royal Media Group, a media company that has served the financial services industry since 1995 released the results of its Q3 “State of Banking Innovation” survey. The survey polled industry watchers on which area of innovation their company is spending the most, what innovation looked like in banking today, and what it […]

Australia Retail Sales Up

Just in: Australian retail sales rose 0.4% in August 2013, against the 0.3% prediction. The largest contributor to the rise was surprisingly the department stores at 6.4%. The department stores are followed by cafes, restaurants and takeaway food services (0.4 per cent), clothing, footwear and personal accessory retailing (0.3 per cent) and food retailing (0.1 […]

Exist Sponsors Healthcare Innovation Solutions Day Series

Exist Global, IT-enabled business solutions leader with healthcare solutions currently serving some of the largest private hospitals in Manila, announced today that it will sponsor the Healthcare Innovation Solutions Day Series set for October 15 at Intercontinental Hotel in Makati, Philippines. The Healthcare Innovation Solutions Day Series is a regional conference that examines the role [...]

A doctor creates his own EMR

The question has been raised: Why re-invent the EMR wheel? What is so different about what I am doing that makes it necessary to go through such a painful venture? I ask myself this same question, actually. Here’s my answer to that question. What medical records offer: High focus on capturing billing codes so physicians can be [...]

Scope Creep is about End-Use Expectation

Anyone who has been involved in IT projects like developing an online store will also have been involved in project issues and problems so this article “On the 15 ways to screw up an IT project” in CIO would be a timely reminder for you but also great as a learning opportunity. The most common issue that […]

Winston Damarillo to Speak at SOFTCON.PH

The Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA), the unifying organization of some 160 software companies operating in the Philippines, is set to launch the first annual international software industry conference in the country dubbed as SOFTCON.PH: The Philippine Software Industry Conference on October 10 at the Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City. Five decades since the rise of […]

What Businesses Really Need in CRM Software Today

According to Gartner, the market for Customer Relationship Management software grew from $16B to $18B attaining a 12.5 percent growth rate from 2011 to 2012. It was also reported that when it comes to business applications, CRM is clearly outpacing the rest of the industry. Gartner revealed that the market growth in 2012 was three times […]

Building the Digital Infrastructure for Asia

“The Philippines is poised to be the leader in (the) ASEAN,” said Winston Damarillo, self-proclaimed geek and founder of cloud computing company Morphlabs and software development company Exist. Referencing one of the foremost headlines in the recent World Economic Forum in Myanmar, Winston proudly announced: “The Philippines just beat China in terms of economic growth.” “What’s […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Big Data Opportunities for Different Industries

“By 2020, a third of the data in the digital universe (more than 13,000 exabytes) will have Big Data value, but only if it is tagged and analyzed” – IDC Big data presents huge opportunities for organizations across industries, from retail and healthcare to finance and politics, with new technologies available that help organizations unfold […]

IT Challenges at Hospitals Panel at the Health Tech Forum

I was going through some recorded audio clips and I know I have yet to craft the second part of my discussion about IT challenges in the hospital setting with Dr. Justin Graham. I wished I had recorded it on video instead, but listening to audio clips while on the road can be pretty productive, too. I [...]

The Next Step in your Big Data Journey

Here’s a short transcript of Craig Stire’s keynote presentation yesterday at the Big Data CIO Forum. The sound clip is available below. Overview Big Data is a very interesting topic because it’s something that many people are hearing for the first time and it’s getting a lot of attention. Big Data as a concept is not […]

Exist Global Joins Cloudera Connect Partner Program

Teams with Cloudera to Accelerate Adoption of Apache Hadoop-based Business Solutions Manila, Philippines August 27, 2013 — Exist Global, a leading IT consulting and software engineering solutions provider to Banking and Finance, Telecoms, Healthcare, and Retail enterprises in Asia Pacific, announced today that it has joined the Cloudera Connect partner program to market and offer […]

Big Data Forum Philippines Program

We hope that everyone is safe and warm. It’s been a very challenging journey — setting up this forum. We’ve moved dates, venue, and pushed a big mountain just to get things going. While we never know when the weather would go sour, I truly hope all elements of the earth will cooperate for this […]

Enterprises Plan to Outsource Application Development and Maintenance

A survey, “State of the Outsourcing Industry 2013”, conducted by Big Four accounting firm KPMG, and HfS Research, a leading analyst authority on global business operations strategies, revealed that roughly half of major enterprises intend to increase the volume of application development outsourcing and outsourced application maintenance during 2013, while about forty percent of companies plan to increase finance and […]

Setting Up Offshore Business in the Philippines, Vestas’ Story

In November 2009, Vestas looked to offshore staffing solutions to be able to lower its operating costs. Vestas needed to hire more than 200 FTEs at that time. The company looked around the contending offshore outsourcing destinations — in India, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, and the Philippines (their matrix showed a couple more alternatives) — and […]

Big Data Forum Philippines Set for Aug 27

ComputerWorld Philippines’ CIO Forum themed, “Big Data, Transforming the Modern Business” is scheduled on the 27th of August in Mandarin Hotel, Makati City. Organized with Exist Global, consulting and IT-enabled business solutions leader, and Acaleph, unified storage solutions provider, this forum draws C-level attendees from the services, finance, retail, telecoms, and healthcare industries. Data is […]

More than Automation

It’s been an exciting couple of days meeting with a number of Philippine companies. I am reminded now why I had decided to work in what I would describe (or like to think) as the more modern sector, which is the software development services market. I go to these meetings and I feel like I’m in another […]

Three Business Benefits from Big Data

The data revolution is transforming the business landscape. As computing technology continues to become ever more powerful, advancing to handle data size and complexity better, companies stand to gain many benefits from big data and analytics. “The technology for storing and managing data has evolved from traditional file to data warehouse,” shared Mike Lim, COO of Exist. […]

Exist Inducted into AmCham Philippines, Eyes Bigger Market in the US

Exist Global, a leader in innovation consulting and IT-enabled business solutions, was recently inducted to the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (AmCham Philippines), as it looks to accelerate growth and further broaden its current market in the US. A demonstrated partner in delivering IT-enabled business solutions and services, Exist continues to achieve double […]

Explaining Big Data (Video)

Big data has emerged as a key tool to the issue of dealing with vast amounts of data within the enterprise. In fact, according to a new report, the use of big data and analytics has enabled large firms to create new business capabilities, conduct processes efficiently and cost-effectively and transform data into value to achieve larger […]

Big Data Gains Momentum in Asia Pacific

Interest in big data continues to grow across all Asia Pacific industries and markets, however adoption will remain variable until next year, according to a study from Forrester. In this report, Forrester details the current adoption trends surrounding big data in APAC and provides recommendations to create a successful roadmap to big data adoption. The report is […]

Building a Bridge between Nordic Countries and the Philippines

European businesses aren’t exactly enamored with the widespread corruption in the Philippines, according to Joona Selin, Executive Director of the recently formed Nordic Business Council of the Philippines (NBCP). Over a lunch meeting today, Joona explained that corruption and the ease of doing business with the Philippines are barriers to entry, but, the “business climate today is […]

Are we having a development lapse?

All too often, I hear the question, “how much will it cost to build this type of application?” With the proliferation of SaaS applications, you’d think companies were just about ready to move away from custom software development. They’re not, however, things have changed: 1) Cloud Apps and Cloud Services – Companies are building stuff on the cloud (that runs […]

Tactics for Better Software Testing

1) Start the software development cycle together. Or in other words, ‘start planning with software testing involved on day one.’ “In reality, any ramp up period is never sufficient,” according to one of our software testers. The risks associated with pushing software testing as far back in the software development life cycle SDLC (in order to save […]

Enterprise Java, Core Java at JavaZone Conference

Have you seen the new video for JavaZone yet? Just recently, the full trailer of the upcoming JavaZone 2013 conference has been released. JavaZone is Scandinavia’s biggest annual gathering of software developers, and one of Europe’s most important developer conferences. The Java conference, which will be held in Oslo, Norway from September 11 to 12 has […]

Global IT Spending Forecast now at $3.7 trillion

Global IT spending is projected to be worth $3.7 trillion in 2013, which is a 2% increase from last year’s spending of $3.6 trillion, according to research firm Gartner. Earlier, Gartner predicted 4.1% growth. The reduction “mainly reflects the impact of recent fluctuations in U.S. dollar exchange rates,” Gartner said. Gartner also dropped its forecast […]

Philippines Software Outsourcing Market, growing by the numbers

The Philippines’ software outsourcing industry is considered one of the higher-value sectors and is credited for contributing some US$1.16 billion into the Philippine economy, employing nearly 60,000 software engineers and IT professionals. Estimated revenue per full-time employee (FTE) per annum is at US$20,500. “We have great raw software engineering talent from different regions in the […]

Kaiser Permanente’s Dr. Chow on Innovation, IT, and Healthcare

I had an opportunity to chat (again) with Dr. Yan Chow, who is currently leading the Innovation and Advanced Technology (IAT) group of Kaiser Permanente IT. IAT identifies, assesses, and makes internal recommendations on new and emerging clinical information technologies that will impact health care in the next two to five years. The group is […]

5 FAQs about Big Data

“By 2020, IDC expects the annual data-creation total to reach 40 ZB, which would amount to a 50-fold increase from where things stood at the start of 2010.” We have entered the era of “big data” where an unprecedented amount of digital information is being generated every day. If this information can be captured, managed, processed and […]

Lessons from the Road

My conversations with clients and travels around San Francisco and Silicon Valley have taught me a lot about the value of relationships between service providers and clients. Do not fail to Grow. As a service provider, do you ask about your client’s plans to grow its business? Are you curious about their short-term and long-term […]

IT-BPM industry registers 19% growth in revenue

Income reached $13.2B while jobs grew by 21% in ’12   The Philippine information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) industry posted a 19-percent growth in export revenues last year to $13.2 billion. Jomari Mercado, president and CEO of the Information Technology and Business Processing Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) said that last year’s revenue […]

Australia Outsourcing set to Expand

A recent research reported that “Australian organisations are set to continue outsourcing more of their technology infrastructure and software applications“. The annual study by ITNewcom interviewed 60 executives at top IT spenders in Australia about their software outsourcing intentions and it found that 75% of organisations already outsource some of their applications, while 85% outsource some of […]

Exist Heads to CommunicAsia and Joins SiTF

Manila, Philippines, June 11 — Exist, a global and multi-awarded consulting and technology engineering solutions leader returns to Asia’s largest integrated ICT event, CommunicAsia, happening on the 18th to 21st of June 2013. After the fruitful participation in CeBIT Australia, Australia’s number one business technology event, Exist heads to Singapore for CommunicAsia, signaling the company’s […]

Philippines software industry earns US$1.16B

The Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) records that the country’s bustling software sector has generated US$1.16 billion in export revenue in 2012, a strong 17% leap from the previous year. More Filipinos have directly benefitted from the growth of company revenues in the form of available jobs in the market. The number of full-time employees […]

Philippine ICT Forum showcases leading businesses in CeBIT 2013

Sydney, Australia, May 27, 2013 — Philippine businesses from information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) sectors will present their capabilities at the Philippine ICT Forum at CeBIT 2013, Australia’s largest annual business exhibition. They will showcase case studies and partnership opportunities between companies in Australia and the Philippines in areas such as IT and […]

Five Reasons to Use Liferay for Enterprise Portal Application Development

The enterprise portal landscape has evolved a lot in the past few years. It has matured as an essential component of enterprise systems and as per David Sacks, it has moved from a focus on browsing, to searching (e.g., Google), and now to sharing (e.g., Facebook). According to a recent study of IDC, “The enterprise portals market is […]

Innovation Delivered from the Philippines

“Innovation is taking place in all parts of the world,” said Jerry Rapes, Exist Global CEO. “We hear about new inventions in Japan to amazing apps in Silicon Valley. We see Tel Aviv rising as a startup hub in the Middle East, and watch tech communities in Germany, Australia, and Singapore build up.” Posting $1.5 […]

Platform as a Service is growing but needs visibility

Platform as a Service, better known by the acronym PaaS, represents an opportunity for IT organizations to become more agile and responsive to business dynamics. However, issues about the visibility of PaaS offerings continue to persist — according to a panel session at the recent Deploycon Cloud Connect conference held in Santa Clara, California. With PaaS […]

Telehealth and Mobile Health, Improving Healthcare by Addressing Access, Cost and Outcomes

The spectrum of opportunities for telehealth and mobile health, or mHealth is growing. Both are going to have a big impact on improving healthcare quality, cost, and access. The state of telehealth and mHealth was discussed at great length at today’s Healthcare Technology Innovation Forum at UCSF. “The biggest impact of telehealth and mHealth is [...]

Cloud Connect | Getting Started with the Cloud

I was at Cloud Connect Santa Clara last week and had an opportunity to listen to HP’s keynote, which I really enjoyed. I missed the chance to speak personally with Margaret, but one of these days, I hope to catch up with her. Her keynote was straight to the point, and made a lot of […]

Exist Hosts San Francisco Forum for Technology and Business Development

San Francisco, California – Startups to established enterprises around the world are now increasingly looking into the Philippines as strategic go-to software delivery center. “As the overall performance of the Philippines inches up higher, more businesses are considering the Philippines as first-option for their software development outsourcing initiatives,” said Jerry Rapes, CEO of Exist, a company that […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Big Data Solutions Accelerate Healthcare Transformation

"Big Data" is being touted as the steam engine of our time. Big Data refers to a large collection of data sets too complex to be handled by traditional database management tool. Gartner has revealed in its recent study that organizations have increased their understanding of what big data is and how it could transform the business [...]

BPAP changes its name to IBPAP, elects new trustees

The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) announced on Wednesday, March 6, the formal change of its name to Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) to “accurately reflect the range of information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) services provided from the Philippines. “This move represents the association’s strong commitment to the […]

How Sustainable is the Outsourcing Industry in the Philippines?

The Philippine outsourcing market achieved new milestones in 2012. However, its continued fast-paced growth has also given rise to much speculation about its sustainability. Generating more than $13 billion in revenues in 2012, the Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry in the country is touted as “one of the biggest of the Big Winners” in the […]

Exist Global Names New Chief Executive for Operations

February 26, 2013 Manila, Philippines — Chief Technology Officer Mike Lim now leads day-to-day operations as Chief Operating Officer at Exist Global, a global consultancy and technology engineering solutions firm operating in the Philippines. A veteran with over 15 years’ service in the Software & Information Technology (IT) industry, Mike has been responsible for engineering, […]

PSIA elects new board members, eyes US$3B by 2016

The Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA), a partner association of the Business Processing Association of the Philippines that promotes the growth and global competitiveness of the country’s software development and IT outsourcing industry, recently named its 2013 board of directors. They are Nora Terrado, president and country manager of Headstrong Philippines, as president; Joey Gurango, […]

Three Agile Practices

#Simplify the decision making process. One of the ways to do this is through [proper] delegation. By delegating tasks, you empower individuals to think and what we Filipinos call “pagdiskarte”. When you empower individuals, they become more accountable. I think if individuals are more accountable, they deliver better results … make less mistakes, given the […]

Three Trends to Drive Enterprise IT in 2013

In 2012, we saw intriguing technology shifts around Mobile, Cloud, Social and Big Data. There was a shift towards the cloud, enormous growth in usage of social media, explosion of big data, increased reliability on mobile technology and consumerization of IT. Now that 2013 has finally arrived, these trends will continue to bring value and […]

IdeaSpace gathers the Philippines’ top technopreneurs

IdeaSpace Foundation recently gathered a stellar roster of successful disruptors and game-changers dubbed, the “Faces of Change” with an aim to inspire the future generation of technopreneurs. “Today we see how simple ideas can potentially come true; and how they actually, eventually did,” said Earl Valencia, President of IdeaSpace Foundation. Chikka founders Dennis Mendiola and […]

Exist Manila X’mas Party 2012

Existers and guests got together at CenterStage last 19 December 2012 for a year-ender. Here are some photos from the party. More will be uploaded onExist’s Facebook page. 🙂 QA Team won top prize for group presentation with their K-Pop theme. QA girls with a sexy dance number QA boys as Ma Boy boxers The hip-hop […]

Tech Star Struck at the GigaOM Roadmap

Former Pixar folks were first to get onstage and entertained the audience with a brilliantly-crafted presentation about how companies must be able to engage their customers with their stories. Story here. Kickstarter co-Founder Perry Chen talked at length about how everything started at Kickstarter. He also made this statement about never selling the company. More about […]

Why We Use MongoDB

The NoSQL database movement is rapidly gaining ground in the enterprise application development. NoSQL (Not Only SQL) is loosely defined as a set of database management system that follows a more non-relational approach to data representation and does not require fixed table schema. They are designed to be horizontally scalable and fault tolerant. According to 10gen, creators […]

PTIC Launches US-Philippines Business Support and Information Technology Delivery Council

November 4, 2012, San Francisco — Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC) in Silicon Valley, in partnership with the Philippines’ Department of Trade and Industry, today announced the inception of the US-Philippines Business Support and Information Technology Delivery Council, a consortium with Terranex LLC, Rendition Digital, Exist Global, Ionics, Orange & Bronze, Ayannah, and Innerworks. […]

With Medcurial, Exist Lets Doctors Bring Important Patient Information With Them

Manila - October 27, 2012: Exist Software Labs, a leading software development company and healthcare solutions provider formally launches Medcurial,  a web-based clinic practice management and electronic medical records (EMR) system designed to help Filipino doctors and clinics shift from paper-based practice to digital with ease. "While working on healthcare systems in leading hospitals within [...]

Exist Global Demonstrates Open Source Value Creation at the Aboitiz Tech Forum

October 19, 2010 Manila, Philippines — Exist Global, the country’s pioneer open source innovator and leading software engineering services company, will participate at the Aboitiz Tech Forum to be held from October 21-22 in Davao. Mike Lim, VP of Engineering at Exist, is set to present on the market impact, success stories, and latest trends on […]

Winston Damarillo – Modern Filipino Technopreneur

MANILA, Philippines – In this edition of Talk Thursday, Rappler sits down with the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Morphlabs, Winston Damarillo. He is also Chairman and co-founder of Exist, a software development company. Damarillo answers questions about making it big as a technology entrepreneur and how we can develop and sustain the rich IT […]

Lessons from the Mobile Financial Services Summit

I was able to attend the Mobile Financial Services Summit last week, thanks to the C-SAM team. C-SAM provides a “globally deployed enterprise-grade mobile transaction software platform” to enable a number of services such as mobile banking, money transfer, bill payments, to name a few. Priscilla Le, one of their Business Development Managers, demonstrated C-SAM’s current NFC-enabled offering that […]

“Hack2Hatch: from Hacker to Founder” Entrepreneurship Camp Hatches in Cebu

Philippine Development Foundation (PhilDev) and Developers Connect Philippines (DevCon) to Host Entrepreneurship Camp at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cebu City on October 5-7, 2012. CEBU CITY, Philippines (September 5, 2012) – Philippine Development Foundation (PhilDev) and Developers Connect (DevCon) Philippines cordially invite local technopreneur groups in Cebu to submit applications for Hack2Hatch: from Hacker to […]

What’s so Great about Scala

In the software development world, Scala is a one of the more modern programming languages touted to be the “better Java“. I ambush-interviewed one of our Java developers and he eagerly offered a run-down about what makes Scala great. Multi-paradigm. Scala is both object-oriented and functional. Object orientation is the main approach when using languages like Java. […]

IT Outsourcing Opportunities in Germany, New Zealand, and Australia

I attended two workshops recently (well the latter one was more of a social forum) and learned a great deal of stuff. At the “Cracking the German Market” seminar, I found out that: As Europe’s largest market, Germany exports high tech goods to the value of EUR 110 billion — making it the top high […]

Earth Day, Everyday, at Exist!

I’ve always liked the shades of green not only because in software automation testing it’s a color for a “Passing” test script; it’s also a restful color (for me), the color that symbolizes growth and new life, and the color that radiates the energy of Mother Nature (so calming). Recently, our company launched the Exist Green IT initiative titled “Do You Have a […]

Green IT: An Exister’s Guide to an Eco-Friendly Workplace

“It is estimated the IT industry generates about 2% of the world’s CO2 emissions, equivalent to the entire airline industry. If we all change our habits slightly, the impact will be significant.” – Cyrus Patten, Mashable Exist could use more green in its everyday life. Yes, Exist founders all graduated from the De La Salle University, home of […]

Exist: Invest in Product Development to Sustain ITO

CEBU CITY, June 27, 2012 — Cebu software development firms should put more money and attention to creating intellectual property to outpace competition and grow revenues in the face of hiring and retention challenges. Jerry Rapes, CEO of Exist Software Labs, a software development outsourcing company with office in Cebu, explained that this strategy is […]

Exist Manila Outing in Laiya

“Chillax” is the word that best summarizes our most recent company outing in Sabangan Beach Resort, Laiya, Batangas. The great weather, cream-colored sand and calm sea welcoming us surely made the three-hour trip from Manila worth it! (Besides, a John Lloyd movie was played in one of the buses, hahaha…) The food in the resort was really […]

Cebu Hospitals stepping up use of IT in healthcare

CEBU CITY – The traditional IT environment inside hospitals and healthcare facilities in this city is effectively changing to meet rising patient quality expectations, keep up with the exponential growth of data, and enable labor-saving management of day-to-day operations. This was the picture that emerged in a forum on healthcare organized by Exist Software Labs [...]

Exist Cebu Outing in Dalaguete

Sunny day. Check! Dark clouds. Err, some… Beach towel. Oops, forgotten! Not everyone may have a perfect start for the day but nobody can’t deny that the Exist Cebu summer event this year got off to a great start. Despite the drizzle, we still had clear blue skies. Coupled with a hilarious Pinoy movie in […]

Philippines Software Services Outsourcing Up 37%

The software services outsourcing industry in the Philippines posted a positive growth as it reached a robust 37 percent in 2011, which translates to $993 million with 11 percent growth rate on employment or some 50,000 information technology (IT) professionals, based on a recent study conducted by the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA). The nearly […]

DevCon Entrepreneurship Camp

DevCon was proud to hold an all-star Entrepreneurship Camp last 14 May 2012 at the Casino Español in Cebu with top technopreneurs Winston Damarillo, Dado Banatao and Alvin Gendrano as speakers and Eric Manlunas, Earl Martin Valencia and Tony Pio de Roda as panelists. There were about 260 registrants, plus members of the media. For those who want to watch a 1.5-hour partial coverage of the event, just go […]

Exist Returns to CommunicAsia

May 29, 2012, Manila, Philippines — Exist Global (Exist), the Philippines’ software powerhouse in Java and Ruby on Rails development, is set to participate at CommunicAsia, Asia’s premier Information and Communications Technology (ICT) event, for the fourth consecutive year. Exist will be exhibiting its latest web and enterprise mobile solutions at Stand 5G3-01. It will introduce a […]

Exist to Host Cebu Healthcare Panel

Exclusive panel with Cebu hospital executives explores the role of technology in delivering better patient outcomes May 23, 2012, Cebu Philippines - Cebu is on its way to becoming a medical tourism and healthcare hotspot in Asia Pacific. However, there are challenges -- such as an increasing customer base with rising quality expectations, long patient [...]

10 Reasons Why You Want to Work at Exist

#1 Filipino Technology Innovators We’re an organization driven to achieve extraordinary feats. Born out of the passion to build brilliant Filipino engineers, we are devoted to pursuing the advancement of IT in the Philippines. Everyone on the team is multi-talented and superb at what they do. We take pride in our work and we’re inspired […]

Healthcare Lessons from Singapore

#Singapore (and China) are more rapidly aging than other countries in the Asia Pacific. Here's an interesting research paper: Singapore’s Changing Structure and the Policy Implications for Financial Security, Employment, Living Arrangements and Health Care. Because of this, remote consultation may see an uptake in Singapore in the next 5 years. I had an interesting discussion [...]

Enabling Better Healthcare Delivery

In the hopes of making headway in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Philippine healthcare market, the Philippine Healthcare Insurance Corporation or PhilHealth launched October last year the first phase of its e-claims project dubbed the "Claims Eligibility Web Service" or CEWS. According to PhilHealth, the CEWS will allow a hospital [...]

iPad.MD: 5 Reasons Why The Tablet Is More Than Just A Pill

An iPad app for this, an iPad app for that. But vertical-wise, as Apple clearly knows, medicine and healthcare is where iPad’s bright future is at. We’re not sure we’d go as far as calling the iPad a medical device but judging from the way health apps are sprouting, the idea doesn’t seem far-fetched.  From record-keeping to […]

Sinulog 2012 Photos

The Sinulog celebration is more than just the popular street dancing, the parade, parties and nightouts, the rhythm of drums, trumpets and native gongs… The Sinulog celebration presents the image of the child Jesus, the Santo Niño, as a baptismal gift to the Cebuanos. It is the moment of receiving the holy image as a […]

The Healthcare Commitment When You Say “I Do”

Susan Baer, weaves a heartwarming story of commitment as she follows the life of one couple and how a seemingly tragic turn of events has turned a health tragedy into an opportunity to expand our understanding of love, family relationships and yes, of healthcare, too. We often discuss healthcare matters as if it is only something to [...]

Q&A with Startup Founder Luis Buenaventura (On Infinite.ly & Beyond)

I was fortunate enough to interview Luis Buenaventura, social architect and founding partner of an internet startup called Infinite.ly. Infinite.ly is a social media manager for small businesses and individuals looking to maintain and improve their online social presence. Luis also co-founded a small software startup called syndeolabs. He created several shiny social apps that were featured in many popular […]

Exist Joins Healthcare IT Innovation Summit

January 18, 2012, Manila, Philippines -- Exist is supporting the Healthcare IT Innovation Summit which will be held on March 14 and 15 in Singapore to promote "technology as an enabler" for an improved healthcare services delivery. Integrated Health Information Systems, healthcare IT leader based in Singapore, has endorsed the summit, themed: Technology-driven quality care for [...]

Exist Information Technology Forecast for 2012

Exist is currently employing 171 business and technology professionals, from about a hundred at the start of 2011. The company’s revenue grew by 52% from the previous year (2010); revenue per geo has risen notably in areas such as the US and Australia. While Philippine-based enterprises from the telco and healthcare markets have strengthened their […]

Healthcare IT Future in 2012

We're taking the optimism of the new year as fuel to write and share more in the field of healthcare, not just IT.  Looking at many good posts published the past holiday week, here are a few worth noting and reading about - crystal ball predictions and more. All Health Care Is Not Local.  Winner [...]

Health Informatics: Meaningful Use Needs the Spirit of Christmas

This holiday season, happiness is (and will always be) for those unencumbered by material things, plain good health and for those who are afforded less than an optimum condition - improved patient outcomes. I'm sure if you're following current news and events on healthcare, you can't help reading about the US initiative called 'Meaningful Use'. [...]

An Epic eXist Factor Christmas Party 2011

The tradition continues as Existers gathered together to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. “It was EPIC,” as described by En De Vera, one of the company’s Project Managers. More than the venue, food and prizes, it is the presence of the employees — especially of our beloved Board of Directors and guests […]

Exist Joins Healthcare IT Innovation Asia Summit 2012

Exist will support the Healthcare IT Innovation Asia Summit happening March 14-15, 2012 in Singapore. We attended this March to learn more about the Asian healthcare market and I posted something too about Healthcare IT's imminent growth. Next year, we're looking at a much livelier forum as stakeholders discuss about Singapore government's implementation of its nation-wide [...]

Improved Healthcare Is More Than An App or Event Away

It is easy to expect that with great strides in technology, better healthcare would soon enough follow. But first, we need to put health where it belongs - top priority and that means for practitioners and technologists alike! The Phil Hospital Association (PHA) celebrated it's 62nd annual convention at the renowned Manila Hotel for good [...]

DevCon Summit Featuring Devops

Developers Connect Philippines (DevCon) Partners with Devopsdays to Deliver Cutting Edge Forum on IT Innovation and Cloud Computing “Knowledge is always an asset to your business. It’s pretty clear that businesses who know a lot about themselves tend to do well and those who lack that knowledge tend not to be very durable.” – Lee Thompson, […]

Exist, HP Host Roundtable with PhilHealth, metro Hospitals and HMOs

This Friday, there's going to be a roundtable aka chat room hosted by Exist and HP in cooperation with Mediag8way featuring key figures from PhilHealth, metro hospitals, and health maintenance organizations. This time, the participants will tackle PhilHealth's eClaims project and be given the opportunity to share their views, insights, and experiences on the following [...]

Philippine Healthcare Innovation Scores A Win

There are Filipinos who "walk the talk" about innovation. Even better is that they've zeroed in on saving lives by working on improving healthcare. Earlier this year, the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) began to officially identify and recognize leading health market innovation (HMIs) players in the country in partnership with the Global Center for [...]

Want to Drive Company Results? Think Culture

According to the recent results of the annual Booz and Company study, spending more on R&D won’t drive results.  Surprising thing aside, it says the most crucial factors are strategic alignment and a culture that supports, drumroll please, innovation! Now all this makes perfect sense until we go about implementing such advice especially when it comes […]

Philippines Software Industry Growth, Report from Tholons

I had wished for an updated report for 2011, to see how the industry has fared so far, given the ambitious goal 1.5B revenue in 2013. Now, I am again reminded that the industry isn’t supposed to move as one big godzilla. Read below and let’s discuss. Despite the global economic crunch in 2008, the […]

Nominate :: Top 10 Women Healthcare Leaders in the Philippines

Inspired by the release of the 52 Women Hospital & Healthcare Leaders report by Becker's Hospital Review, I'm interested now to profile the same (but maybe not 52) in the Philippines. Why profile the women leaders? Well, for one, in a male-dominant industry, it would be interesting to discover the women who are truly adding value to [...]

IT in Healthcare, Curing the Clutter

Co-written with Phoebe Magdirila, and published in the September issue of ComputerWorld Philippines Behind the health care provided to millions of patients in a hospital lies an efficient system in place that aids in faster communications and information dissemination. Today, Information Technology serves as nourishment to the health care industry -- integrating voluminous pieces of [...]

Exist Celebrates 10 Years of Software Engineering Innovation

Exist Global, pioneers in Open Source software engineering in Asia Pacific, commemorated its 10th anniversary with co-founders Winston Damarillo, Willex Perez, and Junnie Arreza joining CEO Jerry Rapes in a toast to honor 10 extraordinary years of software innovation and the next 10 years of success. Co-founders Winston Damarillo, Willex Perez, and Junnie Arreza – […]

IT Enabling Philippine Hospitals Part 1

Today's "IT-Enabling Philippine Hospitals" forum was very energetic. The participants, composed of chief information officers / IT heads of various hospitals in the metro, had a wealth of information and insights that were very valuable -- one single post won't suffice, so I'm going to take a shot on an overarching approach before I drill [...]

Cloud Computing for Healthcare

Famed for its power to reduce costs & transform application delivery, cloud computing has always become particularly FUD-laced when discussed on the table. It still gives a scratchy picture for many organizations (people too) — I personally enjoy listening to people from different industries make a better sense out of it. Resources … will always […]

Philippine Hospitals to talk about Challenges & Opportunities in Healthcare IT

This week, together with ComputerWorld Philippines, Exist will be hosting a roundtable for hospital CIOs. I've added "Philippines" because Cebu Doctors' Hospital might join the distinguished panel, which already includes hospital IT leaders from The Medical City, Asian Hospital, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, and St. Luke's Medical Center, Philippine Heart Center, and Manila Doctors Hospital. [...]

Innovation Mindset and Challenges to Growth

I’ve been hearing about “innovation mindset” for the past 5 years. The economic downturn definitely caused its upturn. BUT isn’t man innovative by default, and that sometimes he’s just being complacent or apathetic … I couldn’t quite place the word. Lately, I’ve been involved in several activities including the PhilDev forum, Cebu IT BPO conference, and discussions […]

Healthcare Gold Rush

In a post at the Signal to Noise blog, Charles Huang claims that the healthcare market is already a huge industry with a lot of frenzied activity with tremendous opportunities from innovation, technology, and employment standpoint. It's a huge industry. I agree it's not the new gold rush. I think we should look at the industry and then ask where is the [...]

Innovating Exist — Exist 10.X

On behalf of Jerry, Exist CEO and rest of the leadership team here at Exist, I’d like to share two great announcements today! Our team has formalized the Office of the Chief Technology Officer with Mike Lim at the helm. The role of the CTO will now be focused on INNOVATING Exist. Exist has been […]

Philippine Digital Strategy

As you will reference from my previous post, I had a chance to witness the 2011 Cebu ICT & BPO Conference, where Cebu’s Outsourcing Roadmap was discussed. I have a transcription of the presentation of Comm. Mon Ibrahim about the Philippine Digital Stratgegy (launched yesterday) and would like to share it here: Philippine Digital Strategy is 5 […]

Cebu Outsourcing Roadmap

Witnessed the discussion on Cebu’s outsourcing roadmap yesterday at Radisson Blu Hotel and here are the highlights of the event (please click on PLAY button and then view in full screen, click on SHOW INFO to read the image caption): At the end of the panel discussions, there was a breakout session where teams had […]

DevCon Java Camp 2011 Was Awesome!

The Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) gracefully hosted our first ever DevCon Java Camp held at the Santa Maria III Ballroom in Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu City last 10 June 2011 as part of the Cebu Business Month 2011: Business Beyond Boundaries.The program was emceed by Dr. Gregg Victor Gabison, DevCon Foundation founding member and […]

More Pinoy Technology Innovators from Exist Code Camp

Exist Code Camp Cebu will conclude today — it’s another impressive celebration and we’d like to salute all of the participants of this leg for a job well done! What’s also exciting is that people are already applying for the next camp! When we started this training program about 5 years ago, the objective was […]

Exist Code Camp: A Testimonial

The Manila side of Exist Code Camp 2011 has just come to an end. As a graduate and a participant of the bootcamp, I find ECC to be the most stressful, most intensive and hardest challenge I have ever encountered in my life as a programmer. During the six weeks of training, I and my fellow trainees pushed […]

CommunicAsia: Face to Face With The Drivers of Global Growth

The success story of the emerging markets (and sputtering of industrialized west) is juxtaposed with the current and future story of the rise of Asia. CommunicAsia 2011 is just around the proverbial corner. Many visitors will be again be treated to a pageantry of IT exhibits focused on getting the attention of buyers and decision-makers […]

Let’s Get Interactive at CommunicAsia 2011

“Mobility, social media, and cloud services are expected to be the key solutions for businesses to upgrade their value proposition and results in the coming years,” says Rizki Muhammad Ridwan, senior market analyst, IDC Indonesia. Indeed social media and mobile are shaping the digital media. And as CommunicAsia, the only event which combines broadcasting, digital media, and ICT […]

CeBIT Australia Opens Tomorrow

CeBIT Australia 2011, Australia’s largest business technology event, kicks off tomorrow at Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour Sydney. Here’s a list of things you might want to check out while you’re there: WebForward – If you want to understand the latest trends in mobile, social media, web and search marketing, then you must be […]

Tech Meetups and Beyond

A couple of months back, I met Tina — a Cebuana, wannabe-balikbayan “for good” (I hope that comes off appropriately), and an extraordinary lady inspired to follow the footsteps of our founderWinston Damarillo. Her passion? Organizing tech meetups. Exist had contributed greatly to these meetups by providing the TechBar as venue to gather the tech enthusiasts in […]

Building Next-Generation Tech Leaders

In the software development services industry — people are the software company’s #1 asset. With pressure to deliver faster with fewer resources, increasingly distributed teams, and savvy customers — software companies need to find ways to build capable leaders within their organizations. But how are next-generation tech leaders built? I spoke to Mike Lim, VP for Engineering at […]

Building Cebu’s IT-BPO Ecosystem

The 15th Cebu Business Month (CBM 2011) was launched a couple of days ago, bearing the theme: Going Beyond Boundaries. Event committee chairman Virgilio Espeleta mentions that: this year’s CBM is all about engaging more business players to advocate and craft continuing and sustainable economically-inducing activities that will enable Cebu businesses to maximize their potential. Now, the IT-BPO […]

What is HL7?

HL7, which stands for health level seven, provides the messaging standard that aims to connect healthcare organizations that speak different “languages.”  Let’s see what it does so we can better understand it.                Hospitals and other healthcare provider organizations typically have many different computer systems used for everything from billing […]

ECC Manila 2011 Has Begun!

Hoo-ha! After rigorous screening of the applicants for the Exist Code CampManila leg, we have narrowed them down to 12. The training started just this Monday, 25 April 2011, at the Exist office in Ortigas. It is slated to end on 10 June while the Cebu leg is expected to commence on 09 May at the TechBar in […]

Why Outsource to the Philippines

The opportunities for outsourcing in the Philippines are promising. “It is estimated that the total outsourcing market globally will grow to about $250 billion in 2016 from about $125 billion in 2011. IT Outsourcing (ITO) sector is projected to grow from about $80 billion today to about $140 billion in 2016.” “Of the $80 billion, IT Outsourcing in the […]

What’s Next: EMRs in the Cloud

EMR Opportunities Global electronic medical records EMR market is estimated to reach $9.2 billion in 2017, with CAGR of 15.3% from $3.4 billion in 2009. Given federal stimulus, digitizing medical records will soon be "inevitable" in the US, however "it will take some time". While this trend may lead to a "big job growth" in [...]

Open Source, Cloud Computing, Mobile & eHealth at HongKong ICT Expo

The annual Hong Kong International ICT Expo is set to happen from April 13-16, 2011. This year's technology highlights include: Cloud Computing & Open Source Enterprise Solutions such as eHealth & IT Outsourcing Smartphone & Tablet Telecom, Networking & Wireless Technologies Hundreds of exhibitors from different countries will showcase the latest advancements in technology. The [...]

Healthcare IT Leaders Recognized

IT decision-makers in the healthcare market embrace a technology vision to enable increased efficiencies and improved quality of care. However, with pressure to do more with fewer resources, their success increasingly requires tapping into innovative technologies to get the job done. Just the other day, InformationWeek Healthcare announced its list of healthcare IT leaders -- [...]

3 Common Misconceptions about HL7

Implementation of HL7 standards is widely and significantly supported by governments and the healthcare industry. In fact, HL7 v2.x is already being used by more than 95% of healthcare entities all over the world; HL7 v3 had its initial publication in 2005 and is still gathering steam. Dr. Mike Muin, CIO for The Medical City believes […]

Healthcare IT :: Are you Ready for the Cloud?

For some industries such as the telecoms and high tech markets, cloud computing presents a key innovation that enables them to efficiently utilize IT resources, improve time to market, and reduce TCO by shifting "the upfront cost burden of new initiatives to IT providers" rather than themselves. Does it have a legitimate place in the [...]

SMART Healthcare Application $5000 Challenge

There's a lot of room for innovation in the field of healthcare IT. But all too often, such innovation comes with a pricey investment. I stumbled on a new platform much "similar in model to the iTunes AppStore" that aims to "open up the market of health IT to a new cadre of developers who can [...]

Enterprise Healthcare IT Poised for Growth

Pressures to reduce healthcare costs, rising interoperability requirements and demand for better healthcare delivery will continue to drive growth in enterprise healthcare IT. A 2010 report indicated that the global Hospital Information Systems (HIS) market was valued at $7.8 billion in 2009 and is forecast to reach $18 billion in 2016 after growing at CAGR of 13% from 2009. [...]

Open Source, a Community-Inspired Software Development

The World Is Flat book author Thomas Friedman said that “the most disruptive force of all” is that of the increased ability for people anywhere in the world to collaborate. In his book, he re-told the story of how Behlendorf had founded the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), a big self-organizing community of software developers. Apparently Behlendorf […]

Comments on a ‘Programming Sins’ Blog

Recently my attention was caught by an article titled “The 7 Deadly Sins of Software Development.” (Since they do not allow new users to register on their site, I’m posting my comments here.) It challenged me enough to see how relevant and true were the points mentioned by the blog author. Although it can be […]

Marketing with the Right Mindset to Grow our Offshore Services

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet with Roger Strukhoff. He’s one of my revered personalities, having read a lot of his writings on cloud computing and outsourcing in the Philippines. We were with Morphlabs’ chief tweet officer Alain Yap and we were discussing about the upcoming Cloud Computing Now! forum, sports, and the Philippines. Stephanie Overby cites Eric […]

Come Together: Employing Agile Development and Embracing the Blur

f there is one skill that is critical for an enterprise to have, and for individuals to have who use and/or help deliver IT capabilities (which, by the way, is everyone) – it’s “agility.” There’s a lot that’s been said about the importance of being agile particularly about movement – one that is to move […]

Exist Shares in the Spirit of Gift-Giving

Manila and Cebu, Philippines, December 10 – Exist Global, the Philippines’ pioneering open source software development firm, announced today that it’s set to participate in two outreach programs this December. In Cebu, Exist has partnered with the Institute of Non-Formal Education and Community Outreach Program (INFECOP) and University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) to finance a […]

PSIA Elects Jerry Rapes as Board Director

Manila, Philippines, December 9 – Exist Global, the Philippines’ pioneering open source software engineering firm, today announced that its CEO Jerry Rapes has been elected as a member of the 2011 Board of Directors of the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA). PSIA, a non-profit organization that aims to promote the growth and global competitiveness of […]

Winston Damarillo: The Key Driver of the Philippines’ IT industry

December 3, 2010 — WHEN prominent technology publication Red Herring announced that Morph Labs made it to their Asia’s Top 100 Tech Companies award list this year, Filipino businessman Winston Damarillo wanted people to know that the company he founded is based in the Philippines. The Philippines is not exactly a hub of technology and […]

Exist Announces Induction to Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Cebu, Philippines — September 3, 2010 — Exist Global, the country’s pioneer open source innovator and leading software engineering services company, announced today its induction to the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), a highly-respected and multi-awarded non-profit corporation that serves as the ‘engine of Cebu’s business growth towards global competitiveness‘. “CCCI prides itself as […]

Exist Global Joins World BPO ITO Forum

Represents PSIA at the exclusive offshoring forum for CIOs and CFOs for mid-size companies in the US Manila, Philippines, July 22, 2010 — Exist Global, the award-winning open source-rooted enterprise software engineering company, is set to participate at the 3rd Annual World BPO ITO Forum at New Jersey in the US from July 28 to […]

Open source developer sees 100 percent growth

Manila Bulletin, July 4, 2010 (Melody Aguiba) — Open source software developer Exist Global foresees a 100 percent revenue growth this year to $4 million on back of a vibrant US market and local companies’ willingness to pay for high-valued software. The company believes this year is the start of sustained profitable operations from a […]

Exist Celebrates Manila Code Camp Graduation Day

May 25, 2010, Manila, Philippines — Exist Code Camp (ECC), the unrivaled software development training program organized and managed by the innovative software development services company Exist Global, will hold its culmination rites today at Racks, El Pueblo in Ortigas Center. A total of seven graduates will be commended for a possible job offer as […]

Exist at HK ICT Expo 2010

April 5, 2010, Manila, Philippines — From April 13-16, Exist Global, an enterprise software engineering services company, along with two other G2iX companies — Morphlabs and MaestroDev, will exhibit at the Hong Kong ICT Expo 2010 in Hong Kong. Acknowledged by renowned analysts such as Red Herring and ZDNet, Exist has vast experience doing various custom […]

Damarillo, 2 other Filipinos among Young Global Leaders

Damarillo, Davila and Eclarin honored by World Economic Forum Manila, Philippines (Philstar) — 03/09/10 — Winston Damarillo, founder and CEO of Global Gateway Innovation Exchange (G2iX) has been named among the Young Global Leaders (YGL) for 2010 by the Swiss-based World Economic Forum. Currently he chairs three companies which include Exist Global, Morphlabs and MaestroDev. […]

Team Exist Code Camp Goes to Davao

March 1, 2010, Manila, Philippines — Exist Global, the award-winning enterprise software engineering services company, today announced that it will host a screening exam open to all IT graduates for Exist Code Camp (ECC) to be held March 13 in Ateneo de Davao University in Davao. Exist Code Camp, which is focused on helping aspiring […]

Exist Brings a Year of Growth at eServices 2010

February 8, 2010, Manila, Philippines — Exist Global, ranked as the most progressive homegrown software services company at last year’s eServices, is set to showcase its latest portfolio of innovative solutions delivered successfully to Asia-Pacific, Australian and North American enterprises, at eServices 2010 from February 8-9 at SMX Convention Center. In a year that needed […]

Exist Global Wins Most Progressive Homegrown Company Award

Already recognized outside of the Philippines with numerous awards, Exist, a G2iX portfolio company, was awarded by the Department of Trade Industry (DTI) through CITEM as the Most Progressive Filipino Company in IT for 2009. Last year, Exist together with Morph Labs, another G2iX portfolio company, were finalists in the 2008 eServices awards. With its numerous achievements for […]

G2iX University Opens Doors to a Successful Software Development Career

Exist Code Camp launch announced November 23, 2009, Manila, Philippines – Global Gateway Innovation Exchange, G2iX, the global technology innovation leader in cloud enablement, development automation and software development announced today the launch schedule of Exist Code Camp (ECC) 2010, its highly-successful training program. Running under G2iX’s training and research arm, G2iX University or G2iXU, […]

Microsoft, Exist Global Jointly Build Critical Developer Tools

Partnership enables creation of more interoperable programs 4 December 2008, Makati City – Delivering on a shared commitment to push for interoperability in the industry, Microsoft Philippines and Exist Global today announced a key partnership that enables developers to create comprehensive solutions across different platforms. Microsoft and Exist, the leading proponent of Open Source in […]

Cloud-Based Build and Test Automation Tool Now Available

Open Source-Based Tool Integrates “Build Deploy Test” Process (MSNBC, Manila, Philippines, November 24, 2008) – Exist, a software innovation partner to some of the world’s most successful businesses, today announced the availability of Maestro S+, an extension to its open source build management platform, Maestro, fortified to run integrated testing using Selenium. [Maestro and Maestro […]

Exist Sees Expansion Opportunities in Current Economic Conditions

Open Source expert expands its offerings to include high demand technology service lines Pasig City, Philippines, October 3, 2008. Exist, the leading innovation partner for some of the world’s most successful business, including a number of Fortune 500 companies, has announced today developments to their executive board as well as the expansion to major emerging […]

Exist announces build automation tool in time for POSS

Filipino team behind first open source-based life-cycle platform solution (Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila, Philippines June 25, 2008) — Exist, a leading open source software engineering company, has announced the latest release of Exist Maestro, the first integrated open source build life-cycle platform solution. The company made the announcement in time for the Philippine Open Source […]

Philippine Open Source Summit set in Cebu

Open Source technologies take center stage in Cebu Business Month 2008 (Manila, Philippines, May 15, 2008) — Open Source stakeholders, user groups, advocates, and enthusiasts across the world will converge in Cebu for the Philippine Open Source Summit (POSS) in June. This was announced today by POSS Summit Director, Bonifacio Belen and co-sponsor Global Gateway […]

PSIA to Energize Pinoy IP Endeavors

IT Group recognizes first Filipina VP in a global Open Source community (Manila, Philippines, April 21, 2008) — The Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) plans to energize the “Intellectual Property (IP) Ingenuity of the Filipino” in its April General Membership Meeting. The meeting is sponsored by Exist Global, a Philippine-based software and services provider founded […]

Exist Global Acquires DevZuz

Asian strategic engineering services firm buys Los Angeles-based software developer to execute vision in developing first utility-based delivery grid for globally distributed software projects January 7, 2008, MANILA, Philippines & MARINA DEL REY, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Exist Global, a leading software engineering services firm headquartered in the Philippines, has announced the acquisition of […]

Exist Global Announces Venture Funding to Fuel Global Expansion

Appoints former Sun exec as CEO; Adds US-based operations and senior management team Marina del Rey, CA February 26, 2007 – Exist Global, Inc., Asia’s leading provider for software engineering services, today announced that it has secured venture financing to accelerate its growth plans. Exist Global has been operating profitably for five years and has […]

Exist Engineering Wins ZDNet Asia’s Top 10 TechnoVisionaries Award

Manila, Philippines November 6, 2006 – Exist Software Engineering bagged the ZDNet Asia Top 10 TechnoVisionaries Award for 2006. This award, which is on its inaugural year, was launched by ZDNet Asia to recognize the most promising homegrown tech startups and technopreneurs in Asia. Companies from 10 Asian countries, including powerhouses China, India and Singapore, […]

Exist Software reaches ‘High Five’ with prestigious Red Herring 100 Award

Exist Software Engineering celebrates its 5th Anniversary of delivering Filipino technical excellence to the Global market with a celebration at the Crowne Plaza Galleria last August 26, 2006. This milestone, plus its most recent inclusion into the Top 100 Companies in Asiagiven out by the prestigious Red Herring Inc. makes this year’s fete a double […]

Exist to Join O’Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland, Oregon

Exist, a global software development company supporting open source technologies is all set to join the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) in Portland, Oregon from July 24-28, 2006. As one of the OSCON Exhibitors, Exist will offer its services such as Architecture Consulting, Rapid Engineering, Quality Assurance, Technical Support and Technology Training to the many […]

Exist Provides Free Java Development Training

Dubbed Exist Code Camp, the training is open to fresh graduates of IT related courses April 2006, Manila, Philippines – Exist, a global leader in open source technology launched Exist Code Camp (ECC). ECC is an intensive 6-week training camp designed for fresh graduates. This program provides training on the fundamentals of open source technologies. The […]

Exist Quest, Inc. (EQuEST) Inks Agreement with Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA)

February 15 2006, Cebu, Philippines – Exist Quest, Incorporated (EQuEST), a pioneer in Open Source software engineering in the country, has officially set-up its software design and quality assurance facilities in Cebu. EQuEST, is one of the newest locators welcomed by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA). As an accredited PEZA locator, EQuEST is now […]

IBM Buys Open-Source Developer Gluecode

IDG News Service, May 10, 2005 — IBM said today that it has acquired Gluecode Software Inc., a start-up developer of open-source infrastructure software. Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. El Segundo, Calif.-based Gluecode built a Java application development platform called Joe out of open-source components from the Apache Software Foundation’s portfolio. The components […]

Upstart Gluecode Makes Money From Open Source

September 3, 2004 — First came Linux and the ubiquitous Apache Web server–products that largely introduced open-source software to the masses while compelling commercial-software vendors from Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) to IBM (NYSE:IBM) to sit up and take notice. Today, the open-source revolution is running much deeper and wider than operating systems and other underlying plumbing. Indeed, […]

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