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Exist Heads to SODEC Japan 2019, Highlights the Value of DevOps

Exist Heads to SODEC Japan 2019, Highlights the Value of DevOps 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Exist, a global consulting and IT solutions leader continues its quest to promote its comprehensive portfolio of innovative IT solutions and services in Japan with its participation to SODEC Japan on May 8-10, 2019.  

One of the largest conferences during Japan IT Week Spring, the Software & Apps Development Expo (SODEC) is known as Japan’s largest exhibition featuring a variety of products for development, operation, and maintenance of software and apps.

“Together with PSIA, DICT, and other Philippine participating companies, we’re excited to once again be part of SODEC and explore more opportunities for collaborations and partnerships with Japanese companies”, reveals Michael Lim, president and CEO of Exist. “As Japanese organizations continue to face globalization, we believe Exist can provide them readily-available and top IT talent pool to enable them to accelerate the digitization of their business.”

During the event, Exist will present and share the value of Agile and DevOps required to successfully transform and guide the customer’s digital journey. At the booth, Exist’s experts will discuss the challenges of implementing DevOps in Japan and will share insights on how to come out from those challenges. Visitors looking to know more about the value of adopting a DevOps approach in driving business agility also get to discuss various case studies and client success stories with the team.

“In today’s complex business environment, DevOps is fundamental to compete successfully, and enable rapid innovation”, shares Michael. “Whether you’re just getting started or want to advance to the next stage in your DevOps journey, Exist will equip you with the tools and strategies you need to attain new levels of automation, efficiency, and deliver greater value to your customers”.

Among the other offerings which Exist will showcase in the event includes Technology Consulting, Software Development, Automated Software Testing, API Integration, Big Data and Analytics, Blockchain, Mobile App Development, Anahaw retail solution, and Medcurial healthcare solution.

“Adopting DevOps is both a cultural and organizational shift that significantly impact deployment frequency, accelerate time to market, enable continuous delivery and boost quality”, explains Michael. “Given our experience in implementing DevOps for global clients and expertise on open source tools and technologies, we are in the best position to help Japanese companies plan and implement their DevOps journey to meet changing customer preferences, regulatory changes and global market opportunities in today’s digital economy”, concludes Michael.

To reserve a meeting with the Exist team at SODEC, visit:

web 800x507 sodec2019 768x487 1

ExistがSODEC Japan 2019でDevOpsの価値をハイライト/

ExistがSODEC Japan 2019でDevOpsの価値をハイライト/ 768 487 Exist Software Labs

グローバルコンサルティング&ITリーダーであるExistは5月8日~10日、SODEC Japanに参加し、そのITソリューションおよびサービスを包括するデザインをご提供します。

Japan IT Week春の中でも最大の展示会の一つであるソフトウェア&アプリ開発展(SODEC)はソフトウェアおよびアプリの開発、運用、そしてプロジェクト管理等を扱った日本最大級の展示会です。

Exist社長兼CEOのMichael Limは、PSIADICT、およびその他のフィリピンの参加企業と共に、SODECに再出展し、日本企業とのコラボレーション、パートナーシップの機会がさらに広がることを楽しみにしています」と語り、「日本の組織がグローバリゼーションに直面し続けているため、Existはビジネスのデジタル化を加速することを可能にするために、すぐに利用可能で最高のIT人材群を提供できると信じています。」と提言しました。