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This virtual event brings together individuals from the power sector from various areas, such as the market Operator, WESM Participants, and Power Technological Solutions Developers. The discussion will focus on the New BIR Ruling, Trading, and Nomination systems, as well as system processes such as handling meter data for billing, and forecasting bids and offers.

For the past twenty years, our company has been one of the developers actively contributing to the progress of the country’s energy sector, and we’d want to share this space with you to boost the sector’s stability.

Power Roundtable Strats In:


This roundtable is a three-session event that will focus on a different Energy Segment per session in order to understand and highlight each category.

Below is the schedule for each segment:

  • June 30 – Retail Electricity Supplier and Wholesale Aggregator
  • July 28 – Generators and Solar Companies
  • August 25 – Distributors

Join our session to engage and interact with The Market Operator, Tech Developer Expert, and other Industry Players!

So, what’s in it for you?

Learn New Market Developments

Explore some of the market’s technology breakthroughs for addressing energy industry difficulties.

Build Network

Create a network with other energy industry players!

Energy Market Operator

Take a seat and listen to the Energy Market Operator discuss WESM challenges and future developments.

Who will participate in the roundtable?

The Market Operator (IEMOP)

Market Player (GenCos, Distributor, WAG, RES, and Solar)

Industry Technical Solutions Developer

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