Software Innovation CEO to Stage Data Warehousing, Big Data on IT for Renewable Energy Tech Forum

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Software Innovation CEO to Stage Data Warehousing, Big Data on IT for Renewable Energy Tech Forum

Software Innovation CEO to Stage Data Warehousing, Big Data on IT for Renewable Energy Tech Forum 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Having paved the way for digital transformation in the local power and energy sector, EXIST Software Labs, Inc. continues its message of business profitability through information technology by being one of the key participants in the “Information Technology for Renewable Energy (IT for RE) Technical Forum”. The event is organized by the Department of Energy (DOE) in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), to be held on September 12, 2019, at The Legend Villas, Mandaluyong City.

Mr. Mike Lim, CEO and president of EXIST, will be speaking on the topic of “Data Warehousing VS. Big Data”. The talk will shed light on the importance of business intelligence and how these two enabling technologies could catalyze further innovation in the nation’s power and energy sector.

“The presentation is about data warehousing and big data: how they are different from each other, when to use one over the other, and when both can be used in certain situations. The audience can expect to know what data warehousing is, what big data is, and how it is used in real-world scenarios,” Mr. Lim explains.

According to the CEO, the audience will be given the tools and categories to better appreciate the data that they have and decide which of the two approaches, or even combined, would best suit their needs. A discussion on how other power and energy organizations have adopted these technologies would then fill out the picture.

“They will learn when to transition to a Data Warehouse or when to transition to a Big Data stack depending on certain situations that can be driven either by business or by the amount of data that they have. The audience will be able to decide, especially in the renewable energy sector, if they will now be more open to applying big data to their organization. I will also present some real-world use cases in both our region and other regions so they would have more appreciation of the technology.”

As a veteran of the digital transformation speaking circuit, Mr. Lim expressed gratitude for being given the opportunity to represent EXIST Software Labs, Inc. in this event. 

“As a software company, it is a privilege to be able to share our thoughts, our knowledge, our experience to organizations like DOE. The bottom line is how we as a company can provide real business value to DOE concerning technology and how this translates to more clear, real-time and faster decision making. Being able to be part of that process is a highlight in our organization. As I said, it is a privilege. It means that we are living up to our purpose as a software technology company by contributing to the nation’s progress through the advancement of appropriate technologies. It is a big milestone for us,” he asserts upon concluding the interview.