With Medcurial, Exist Lets Doctors Bring Important Patient Information With Them

With Medcurial, Exist Lets Doctors Bring Important Patient Information With Them

With Medcurial, Exist Lets Doctors Bring Important Patient Information With Them 150 150 Exist Software Labs Inc.

Manila – October 27, 2012: Exist Software Labs, a leading software development company and healthcare solutions provider formally launches Medcurial,  a web-based clinic practice management and electronic medical records (EMR) system designed to help Filipino doctors and clinics shift from paper-based practice to digital with ease.

“While working on healthcare systems in leading hospitals within Metro Manila and Cebu, we received numerous requests from doctors for a system they can use for their private practice,” said Jerry Rapes, Exist CEO. “They have seen how we use technology to help different departments manage hospital information. Medcurial is designed to do the same thing for doctors within the confines of their private clinics.”

“We applied the same cutting-edge enterprise technology used in hospital systems to create Medcurial,” added Jerry. “We’ve built a secure and stable platform and infrastructure that ensure that clinic data remain private, safe, and more importantly, always available.”

Unlike traditional EMR systems installed in computers, doctors need only to log in on the web to access Medcurial. There is no need to install software and no special computer specification needed to run it. Regular software updates occur at scheduled intervals in order to ensure that Medcurial evolves with the healthcare practice and never become obsolete.

One significant advantage of a cloud-based system like Medcurial is that it offers doctors the opportunity to improve services delivered to patients by sharing more accurate information across various health settings. According to MarketsandMarkets study released in July this year, the global use of cloud computing in healthcare will grow by 20.5% annually and will be worth $5.4 billion by 2017.

“Doctors see their patients at different care venues that it doesn’t make sense to have an EMR system that can only be accessed within their clinics,” Willex Perez, Product Head for Medcurial, explained. “Just imagine what will happen if for any reason you cannot go to your clinic and you need information badly because of an emergency situation that happens to your patient. Not only is it costly to repeat all laboratory tests, but it also causes a delay in treatment and loss of time!”

From mobile phones to laptops and even iPads, Medcurial will run on all these devices. Doctors can access their appointments schedule, view patient records as well as billing records whenever they need to, anywhere.  With the Internet becoming more widely available, there is no excuse to be cut-off from important information especially when it involves patients.

“Healthcare today is more complex because there is plenty of patient information from different sources,” Willex added. “We designed Medcurial not just for the current physicians’ needs, but built it on a platform that can support an integrated healthcare system of the future for the country, where all health providers – doctors, clinics, hospitals and other care practitioners including the patient themselves contribute in finding the best care outcome.”

“We don’t want to burden the doctors with technology. Doctors don’t have to worry about figuring out which software or device to use. We have a robust support team equipped to assist them during the entire modernization process. Using Medcurial, we empower the doctors to concentrate on what they do best which is to take care of the patient,” Willex said.

Doctors can signup for a FREE Trial or subscribe to affordable monthly plans by visiting http://medcurial.com.

About Exist

Founded in 2001, Exist is one of the Philippines’ leading software development and technology companies with over 150 innovators who work from offices in Manila and Cebu. Exist has years of experience developing solutions for the healthcare sector with key clients in the Philippine market and a broad portfolio that includes a hospital information system, health exchange, clinical repository system, electronic medical records, and an electronic referral system.

For more information, visit www.exist.com.

About Medcurial

Medcurial is a web-based Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system for clinics and doctors who would like to move from paper-based practice to digital without the costly software installations and special hardware investment. With clinic charting, practice templates library, appointments scheduling, electronic prescribing, billing, ordering and inventory, referral letters, and reports, Medcurial covers the full clinic revenue cycle that equips the physician with the tool to efficiently manage his clinic while also preparing for an integrated healthcare future.

For more information, please visit www.medcurial.com

Check out our healthcare product, MEDCURIAL, and see how it helped some of the biggest hospitals in the country provide better patient outcomes.

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