Exist Accents Value of Data Strategy in Transformation Age

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Exist Accents Value of Data Strategy in Transformation Age

Exist Accents Value of Data Strategy in Transformation Age 768 487 Exist Software Labs

As part of the objective to provide valuable knowledge on the responsible, effective, and ethical use of tons of enterprise data, Exist, in a joint effort with Microsoft Azure, held the How to Begin Transforming into A Data-Driven Organization webinar last June 10, 2020.

This 2nd online event in this webinar series aspires to impart insights to help organizations in understanding the necessity of having a clear data solutions strategy in staying competitive during these changing times.

Exist Data Solutions Architect Warren Cruz shared his knowledge from his years of extensive experience in designing and developing data solutions strategy for organizations. Meanwhile, Mr. Jonas Lim, Exist Vice President for Technical Services, facilitated it.

“Data, or the ability to harness it, is the key factor that will differentiate between a business organization that is there for the long haul and one that is only on survival mode,” Mr. Cruz said upon highlighting the importance of data for businesses nowadays.

Among the topics that were elaborated in the event are:

  • What is Data-Driven Transformation and How Can Your Organization Afford to Stay The Same
  • The 4 Key Value-Drivers of Data-Driven Transformation
  • Where Are You Now? Your Organization’s Data Maturity Level
  • The Key Components of a Data-Driven Transformational Journey
  • An Open-Source Data-Driven Transformation Starter Pack

“With the recently concluded webinar, I hope that I was able to influence the attendees, even if just a bit, towards the direction of putting up a modern data analytics platform of their own,” Mr. Cruz shared.

“EXIST and I are just here if they need help.” he ended.

Exist, and Microsoft Azure continue its collaboration in hopes to bring more informative events that will contribute to businesses’ and organizations’ digital development.

As of now, the two are preparing another interactive and relevant online learning session.

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