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MERX™: Next-generation hospital information systems with integrated  clinical applications for the hospital of the future

Hospital and  Clinical Information System

A hospital information system (HIS) is essential to achieve efficient operations of a hospital – one that involves processing patient registration, reports and compliance and auditing requirements. However, recent developments globally confirm that a true and valuable hospital IT system requires integration of clinical applications that directly impact patient care.

Hospitals can distinguish and open itself to more business opportunities by “committing to adoption of data or evidence-based decisions” to achieve better outcomes.

MERX™ lowers the investment risks for hospitals to transition to a next generation hospital system by providing a solid healthcare IT foundation and tailoring solutions that take into account institutional readiness. With a phased implementation, hospitals will be able to start with a solid foundation for an operational system and progress towards incorporating more clinical features without the need for costly system overhauls or extensive re-programming.

The 3-Point Progress Plan
for Hospital Information Systems

Point 1. Operational

As a base hospital system, MERX™ includes the necessary features (ADT, Order Management, Billing, and more) while conveniently easy to setup and implement. MERX™ utilizes an open platform paired with building blocks in order to make the upgrade, for hospitals still preparing to transition to clinical applications in the next few years, as seamless as possible. With essential features to support hospital operations, MERX™ is perfect for hospitals tired of dealing with maintenance problems and issues that come with traditional and closed legacy systems who are risking disaster by being dependent on software systems at the end of their lifecycle support.

Point 2. Clinical

Hospitals ready to embrace the challenge of delivering value healthcare -– better care and patient outcomes is adequately addressed by MERX™ which incorporates electronic medical records and other key clinical components that support secure and reliable data collection and storage towards a paper-less environment. MERX™ backend ensures hospitals are ready for interoperability not just through using HL7 standards but via special clinical modules such as clinical data repository and medical data dictionary that facilitate the flow of usable data as a result of integrations between other systems including RIS and LIS. On the front end or user side, focus is on ensuring user adoption, not IT people but direct care providers such as doctors and nurses and other hospital staff.

Point 3. Advanced Clinical and Analytics

In truth, there is no finish line for optimizing healthcare IT. But with data collection and single data repository conveniently in place, MERX™ gives hospitals far greater ability to harness and analyze data and present them using advanced system control dashboards that will give hospital leaders and administrators the real-time clinical and financial information they need in visual form. Hospitals will be able to harness comprehensive hospital and medical data to innovate and empower clinical decision support systems such as medications management for doctors and nurses as they perform their duties at the point of care. With MERX™, hospitals will be sufficiently equipped to create networks and share health records that facilitate coordination among medical teams and provide convenience for patients at the same time.

Fully-integrated, End-to-end
Hospital and Patient Care System

Traditionally managed separately, MeRx fully-integrates both administrative and clinical applications centered on a single patient database. As a health system, it provides comprehensive information to help clinicians make better treatment decisions as well as better manage hospital population at any given time.

By readily integrating clinical applications into the system, MeRx reduces the burden of unnecessary cost and risk for hospitals faced with managing multiple health IT interfaces and ensure high degree of performance. Its standards-based technology is designed to support an exchange infrastructure that facilitate sharing of health information in a secure manner.

Technology Advantages


Traditionally managed separately, MeRx fully-integrates both operational and clinical applications that deliver beyond the administrative aspects of managing a hospital.

Built-in Clinical Application

Clinical applications generate medical information which can be accessed across systems and analysed to provide insights that drive both care and business decisions forward. As a system, it provides comprehensive information to help clinicians make better treatment decisions as well as manage hospital population at any given time.


Using a modular systems architecture allows hospitals to build and deploy features in phases and modules significant to the hospital needs. Furthermore, these stand-alone modules give hospitals the option to integrate with existing legacy systems or 3rd-party applications available in the market.

Built to Scale

Well-architected for scalability and redundancy using enterprise Java, MERX™ is proven to perform well under increasing load as a result of user growth. Built using a web-framework, MeRx allows for rapid development and flexibility and support software deployments at shortest possible time.


MERX™ commits to standards-based approach to technology and as a system is designed to support an exchange infrastructure that conforms to standards that facilitate sharing of health information (HL7) in a secure manner (HIPAA).

Support and Training

Success doesn’t end with system implementation. Implementing hospital systems require sufficient training and support for both users and IT support staff to fully realize the promise of having a usable and useful hospital information system. From readiness assessment to service and maintenance agreements, Exist employs a dedicated and responsive team tasked to look after your needs.  Our expert and experienced development team are always available to respond to technical concerns and help ensure that the system will always be in optimal condition.

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