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Exist offers a solid digital banking solution that will enable banks to deliver next-generation services across digital channels.

Exist Digital Banking and Fintech have already streamlined the solutions-building process by creating a foundational banking app that can easily integrate with core banking systems using a standard set of integration connectors to equip banks with capabilities to shift and compete in the digital economy rapidly.

For those in need of a modern and agile digital banking solution, Exist offers a faster and more flexible way for banks to create and implement a solution that can be tailored to their own unique needs which can deliver a seamless customer experience across any device.

Mobile & Internet Banking

Innovate and establish a mobile banking app that understands your customers. Deliver an excellent customer experience to them by being the bank of their choice.

Don’t just create, build the bank that you want to achieve. Exist Digital Banking Solutions provides customization and freedom that matches your direction.

We are building more than just a bank. Exist Digital Banking solution connects you with almost everything; Bills Payment, Shopping, Personal Dashboard, and other channels!

Online Account Opening/Onboarding allow the users to do full banking transactions without the need to visit a physical branch.

CONVENIENT – Customers can enroll in a bank account – anytime, anywhere.

Exist Digital Banking gives freedom to the customers to create the account that they need.

Loans Management System

A web-based application that automates the process of applying and approving loans. With this new kind of technology, Exist can help banks connect with their customer and make availing of loans quick and easy.

No more long queues, the short application process, & paperless! Our LMS service is customizable and can be tailor-fit to your business needs.

It Includes:

Automate the Loan Application Process.

Improve turn-around-time of the whole Loan Application Process from application to loan approval.

Provide real-time updates of the Loan Application Status thru SMS, Email, and Push Notification.

Provide dashboards and reports that internal users can utilize for Data-Driven decision-making.

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Exist Digital Banking Platform

Exist delivers a platform that is ready to meet not only the need for banking agility but the market’s ever-changing demand.


Secure Digital Banking

Compliant with OWASP

Acknowledging the sensitive nature of financial transactions and web application vulnerabilities like phishing and security breaches, our solution is compliant with the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

SSL Certificate

Ensuring that your customers’ data are encrypted and can securely performs bank transactions, Exist implements Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate and guarantees the passing of highest possible rating.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Access to the system will require multi-factor authentication (MFA) and all sensitive information will be encrypted on the database. This includes a customizable security phrase setup.


Requires the customers to register and utilize personal biometrics to open and manage their bank accounts.


Connected Digital Banking

API-Based Integration

Our digital banking solutions are integrated with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that keeps the database interconnected for an ideal financial ecosystem and helps your customers bank with ease.

Core Banking Integration

Integrating with Core Banking systems such as but not limited to Finnacle and Temenos T24, daily banking transactions with interfaces to general ledger systems and reporting tools can be seamlessly processed.

Payment Gateway Integration

With different payment gateways integrated into the solution such as Instapay, PesoNet, BancNet, and DragonPay, our solution ensures the security of fund transfers from banks to merchants.


Cloud ready digital banking

Experience Cloud Deployment

Our digital banking application is deployable both on cloud, on premise, and hybrid. This allows your business to effectively scale up or down depending on your requirements and only pay for the resources that you consume.


Scaleable Digital Banking

Enterprise-Grade System

Built for a high scale of service, our digital banking solution allows your customers to access their accounts via the website and mobile application both for iOS and Android.

Microservices Architecture

Developing single software systems each running independently enables your banking business to evolve as you scale without difficulty.


Flexible Digital Banking


The solution is modular, extensible, and allows for a wide-range of customization tailor-fit to your business needs. We collaborated with several banks in deploying mobile internet banking, online customer onboarding, loans management system and other digital banking solutions.

Specific Requirements

The system can be developed based on your business’ specific requirements. Our expertise in software development brings modern solutions to your problems.


Home-Grown System

For more than 20 years, we have gained a foothold as the premier enterprise software provider in the Philippines. We help businesses achieve a competitive advantage with our innovative solutions.

Developers are in the Philippines

With software experts residing in the country, we can ensure your business with high-end technical support that will keep your banks up and running online.


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