D2iQ, Exist Team Up for First Day 2 Cloud-Native Event Manila

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D2iQ, Exist Team Up for First Day 2 Cloud-Native Event Manila

D2iQ, Exist Team Up for First Day 2 Cloud-Native Event Manila 768 487 Exist Software Labs

D2iQ (formerly Mesosphere), a leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud platforms that enable smarter Day 2 operations, alongside Exist, a global consulting and enterprise IT solutions leader, is set to host the first-ever “Day 2 Cloud-Native Event in Manila” on the 10th of October, Thursday, at Ascott Hotel, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Upholding the theme “Driving Business Success through Cloud-Native Architecture”, the event is tailored to present the benefits of cloud-native technologies and the approaches for enterprises to embrace prevailing open-source innovations while achieving long-term success. It brings a mix of keynote presentations, strategic use cases, business stories, and technical analysis from cloud-native experts of D2iQ, Exist, and Voyager Innovations. 

“We are thrilled to make history as we are about to hold the very first Day 2 Cloud-Native Event in Manila. We have been looking forward to introducing our new brand and product portfolio especially to organizations that are at the early stages of exploring cloud and container technologies,” expressed Sam Chen, APJ RVP, D2iQ.

In early August, Mesosphere has changed its name to D2iQ (Day-2-IQ), reflecting a new strategy to bring cloud capabilities to the enterprise. The D2iQ strategy includes: Ksphere, a solution category tailor-made to deliver advanced capabilities for application orchestration leveraging a foundation of Kubernetes; Datasphere, a data-centric set of solutions which are centered around requirements for building and maintaining large-scale data analytics and processing environments; and Mesosphere, a solution category rooted in providing a very mature foundation for massive application scale and reliability leveraging a Mesos and DC/OS foundation.

With this recent amendment, D2iQ also wanted to clasp every opportunity to impart the understanding of cloud-native technologies across its market. The company deems the event a great chance to tap into enterprises in the country that need professional assistance in venturing the platform, reintroducing its brand accompanied by its recalibrated strategy.

“Throughout the years, we found customers still need lots of help getting educated and supported around cloud-native technologies – from planning and selecting the right technologies, to the workload deployments, scaling up and maintenance. As one of the original cloud innovators, D2iQ has years of unmatched experience in driving some of the world’s largest cloud deployments with a focus on scalability, resilience, governance, and security. With the enterprise-grade technologies, training, services, and support across a wide spectrum of cloud-native services, we are here to help more Philippines enterprises during their cloud-native journey as a trusted partner,” D2iQ explained. 

Among the expected attendees are IT heads from some of the foremost companies in the industry within the Philippines. An interactive panel discussion rounds out the event where attendees have the opportunity to share and exchange ideas and best practices, and network with fellow tech enthusiasts.

Exist, being one of the front liners in forwarding such technology, also shared its end-goal in taking a part in initiating this event.

“The underlying idea is to leverage emerging technologies to help large enterprises accelerate their cloud-native journey. As an early go to market partner with D2iQ in the Philippines, our deep experience in open-source and cloud-native technologies combined with our Agile development process and successful cloud-native implementations is an essential part of creating a holistic cloud adoption strategy for our enterprise clients,” shared Michael Lim, president and CEO of Exist.

“We believe that engaging in cloud-native has a significant business value. We can help more innovative organizations have a smoother path in their cloud-native journey and accelerate their time to market through imparting our expertise and experience in enabling our enterprise clients to deliver cloud-native apps successfully.” Mr. Lim further affirmed.

For the participating firms to gain a better comprehension of the cloud-native architecture, some of the subjects to be discussed are the effective navigation and deployment of cloud-native strategy, familiarizing Kubernetes, and DC/OS practices.

For more information, visit https://www.d2iq.com and https://exist.com.