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Taking To The Road To Move PHL RE Forward

Taking To The Road To Move PHL RE Forward 768 487 Exist Software Labs

As part of the Philippine delegation comprising of representatives from the Department of Energy (DOE), the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC), Exist, a global consulting and enterprise IT solutions leader, advanced to the Technical Consultation on the Implementation on the Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) and the Philippine Renewable Energy Market held at California, USA last September 2019.

Led by Undersecretary Felix Fuentebella of the Department of Energy, along with representatives from various agencies in the energy sector, the Technical Consultation (TechCon) was particularly laid-out to be a capacity-building event for DOE, PEMC, and related agencies to implement the Renewable Energy Market (REM) and the RPS policy to strategize on the introduction of enhancements to the REM. Also, the event intended to introduce related markets and mechanisms for RE development in the future.

The said event included various stops in California. At each stop, the group was treated to lectures, discussions, and interactions with experts on various topics related to RE market management. 

The itinerary took the group on a quick California tour to the offices of six (6) public and private agencies that included the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), the counterpart government agencies such as the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), and industry participants including Sacramento Municipality Utilities District (SMUD), MCE, Clearway, and 3 Degrees.

Chriss Silerio, Exist’s Vice President for Operations and tour participant asserted that, “It was an honor and privilege to be part of this group charged with bringing home valuable insights in moving the Philippine RE market development forward from ideal concepts to a strategic standpoint. As a developing market, we are at a point where we can balance our very own RE project between innovation and benchmark with existing markets,”.

In the post-event report released internally, the group paid particular attention to how the introduction of new market enhancements paves the way to enabling the typical Filipino consumer to be active participants and transforming them into “pro-sumers” opting for RE over traditional energy.

“As the technology partner for the DOE and Philippine Renewable Energy Market, we consider ourselves not only as committed proponents but direct beneficiaries of this project as well,” Mr. Silerio added.

“We’re committed to put all our resources to ensure its success and only by continuing to take advantage of learning opportunities will we be able to put our software engineers in a better position to design and create the platforms that satisfy not only current requirements but one that is prepared for the future as well,” he concluded.

Photos with event speakers:

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D2iQ, Exist Team Up for First Day 2 Cloud-Native Event Manila

D2iQ, Exist Team Up for First Day 2 Cloud-Native Event Manila 768 487 Exist Software Labs

D2iQ (formerly Mesosphere), a leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud platforms that enable smarter Day 2 operations, alongside Exist, a global consulting and enterprise IT solutions leader, is set to host the first-ever “Day 2 Cloud-Native Event in Manila” on the 10th of October, Thursday, at Ascott Hotel, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Upholding the theme “Driving Business Success through Cloud-Native Architecture”, the event is tailored to present the benefits of cloud-native technologies and the approaches for enterprises to embrace prevailing open-source innovations while achieving long-term success. It brings a mix of keynote presentations, strategic use cases, business stories, and technical analysis from cloud-native experts of D2iQ, Exist, and Voyager Innovations. 

“We are thrilled to make history as we are about to hold the very first Day 2 Cloud-Native Event in Manila. We have been looking forward to introducing our new brand and product portfolio especially to organizations that are at the early stages of exploring cloud and container technologies,” expressed Sam Chen, APJ RVP, D2iQ.

In early August, Mesosphere has changed its name to D2iQ (Day-2-IQ), reflecting a new strategy to bring cloud capabilities to the enterprise. The D2iQ strategy includes: Ksphere, a solution category tailor-made to deliver advanced capabilities for application orchestration leveraging a foundation of Kubernetes; Datasphere, a data-centric set of solutions which are centered around requirements for building and maintaining large-scale data analytics and processing environments; and Mesosphere, a solution category rooted in providing a very mature foundation for massive application scale and reliability leveraging a Mesos and DC/OS foundation.

With this recent amendment, D2iQ also wanted to clasp every opportunity to impart the understanding of cloud-native technologies across its market. The company deems the event a great chance to tap into enterprises in the country that need professional assistance in venturing the platform, reintroducing its brand accompanied by its recalibrated strategy.

“Throughout the years, we found customers still need lots of help getting educated and supported around cloud-native technologies – from planning and selecting the right technologies, to the workload deployments, scaling up and maintenance. As one of the original cloud innovators, D2iQ has years of unmatched experience in driving some of the world’s largest cloud deployments with a focus on scalability, resilience, governance, and security. With the enterprise-grade technologies, training, services, and support across a wide spectrum of cloud-native services, we are here to help more Philippines enterprises during their cloud-native journey as a trusted partner,” D2iQ explained. 

Among the expected attendees are IT heads from some of the foremost companies in the industry within the Philippines. An interactive panel discussion rounds out the event where attendees have the opportunity to share and exchange ideas and best practices, and network with fellow tech enthusiasts.

Exist, being one of the front liners in forwarding such technology, also shared its end-goal in taking a part in initiating this event.

“The underlying idea is to leverage emerging technologies to help large enterprises accelerate their cloud-native journey. As an early go to market partner with D2iQ in the Philippines, our deep experience in open-source and cloud-native technologies combined with our Agile development process and successful cloud-native implementations is an essential part of creating a holistic cloud adoption strategy for our enterprise clients,” shared Michael Lim, president and CEO of Exist.

“We believe that engaging in cloud-native has a significant business value. We can help more innovative organizations have a smoother path in their cloud-native journey and accelerate their time to market through imparting our expertise and experience in enabling our enterprise clients to deliver cloud-native apps successfully.” Mr. Lim further affirmed.

For the participating firms to gain a better comprehension of the cloud-native architecture, some of the subjects to be discussed are the effective navigation and deployment of cloud-native strategy, familiarizing Kubernetes, and DC/OS practices.

For more information, visit and

Exist Provides Tech Spark 768x487 1

Exist Provides Tech Spark For Major Renewable Energy Project

Exist Provides Tech Spark For Major Renewable Energy Project 768 487 Exist Software Labs

MANILA, Philippines  — Exist, a global consulting and enterprise IT solutions leader, is currently working on the development of the country’s landmark nationwide system to establish the country’s renewable energy market (REM).

Faced with a tight bid schedule which threatened the 2019 project timeline, the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC), the governance arm of wholesale electricity spot market (WESM) has finally found its worthy IT partner to help design and build the platform and all accompanying technical systems to run the Philippine Renewable Energy Market System (PREMS) that seeks to promote more RE-based investment locally.

“We are honored for the trust that was given to our team, for believing in our enterprise IT skills and experience to provide solutions for the local energy sector”, reveals Mike Lim, CEO of Exist.  “Working on PREMS and previously on the WESM spot market system afforded us a unique perspective and as a result, we can say we have a better understanding of the local power sector and a bountiful supply of ideas for innovative solutions that could help market participants, as well.”

Under the joint auspices of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) called Development for Renewable Energy Applications Mainstreaming and Market Sustainability (DREAMS) Project, the development of PREMS is intended to curb local greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through commercialization of the RE markets and incentivize investments in RE-based power generation projects.

“We’ve assembled our best software minds and utilized knowledge of up and coming technologies to ensure that we deliver a complete system that is perfectly capable to carry out PREMS’ supportive policies and regulatory requirements”,  adds Mr. Lim. “As per practice, we keep close coordination with all partners concerned, working out changes to ensure that we still deliver within schedule.”

In 2008, The Philippine Renewable Energy Act was passed which aimed to elevate the use of renewable energy resources and its capacity development yet in many ways, adoption and preferential use of RE is still very much in a transition phase.

Mr. Lim further adds, “We are aware of the significance of this project, not only for its alternative power-providing component but for the focus this brings towards a cleaner environment and a sustainable future.”

We cannot afford any more delays. We understand this is also about doing our part as a nation to contribute towards the health of our planet”, concludes Mike.

You can view the official UNDP Procurement Notice for the Development of Software, Supply and Delivery of Hardware for the Implementation of the Philippine Renewable Energy Market System (PREMS) awarded to Exist here. (

Exist Ashnik and EnterpriseDB Present Postgres Powers Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia – Success Stories at the Future Energy Show Philippines 2019 768x487 1

Exist, Ashnik and EnterpriseDB Power Digital Transformation for the Philippine Electricity and Power Sector

Exist, Ashnik and EnterpriseDB Power Digital Transformation for the Philippine Electricity and Power Sector 768 487 Exist Software Labs

At the recently concluded The Future Energy Show Philippines 2019, Exist, Ashnik and EnterpriseDB teamed up to highlight the advantages of using Postgres for a number of IT projects specifically within the electricity sector.

During the 2-day event, booth visitors and fellow sponsors personally listened to the stories about how Exist, Ashnik and EnterpriseDB were able to provide their skills and expertise for the local energy sector which began not too long ago.  

With years of experience working on enterprise systems across a diverse range of industries from banking and finance to retail and healthcare, Exist was able to get the opportunity and win the trust of the main local energy corporations PEMC and WESM for developing mission-critical systems required to bring the electricity spot market closer to achieving its goal of having a transparent, fair, competitive, and reliable market for the trading of electricity throughout the Philippines.

Working closely with Ashnik as a partner, the push for the use of EDB Postgres has always made the most sense as the choice of database with the balanced mix between cost and features that make it the most complete open source-based data platform.

One of the highlights of our participation at the event is our talk entitled “Postgres Powers Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia – Success Stories”, presented by Rekha Ramaswamy, Enterprise Sales Manager at Ashnik and Jenish of Vyas, Solutions Engineer, SE Asia and Hong Kong at EDB Postgres. In this session, they shared compelling business cases and customer success stories highlighting the value of the open source-based EDB Postgres Platform in helping enterprises confidently deliver on the promise of digital business.

“Based on the open source Postgres platform, we’ve enhanced it in such a way that it has additional application security and improved performance. [In using EDB Postgres] we are not compromising on existing features but giving added flexibility with [their] existing legacy database.”
Jenish of Vyas, Solutions Engineer, SE Asia and Hong Kong at EDB Postgres

Check out the slides and videos below:

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Exist Joins Philippine Trade Delegation to Japan, Expand Business Opportunities

Exist Joins Philippine Trade Delegation to Japan, Expand Business Opportunities 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Exist Software Labs, Inc., a global consulting and IT solutions leader will be participating in a Philippine Business Delegation to Japan from May 30th to May 31st organized by the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Trade and Investment Centre, Philippine Embassy alongside the visit of President Rodrigo R. Duterte to Tokyo.

During this trade mission, selected Philippine companies will convene in Tokyo for a special business program featuring company presentations, seminars and one to one business matching with Japanese organizations in order to explore and discover new potential cooperation opportunities.

“We are honored and at the same time, humbled to be part of the Philippine business contingent together with President Duterte to Japan, and excited to be back in Tokyo after our successful participation in Japan IT Week Spring SODEC three weeks ago”, shares Michael Lim, president and CEO of Exist. “This event is a great opportunity for us and other Philippine companies to promote our products and services and further strengthen our relationship with Japanese companies”.

The Business Matching and Networking Seminar Event will be conducted on May 30, 2019 at the Peacock Room West and South, 2/F Main Building, Imperial Hotel. This will be a special program for the official business delegation featured along the periphery of the President’s address to the 25th Nikkei Conference on the Future of Asia.

“With our integrated IT solutions and services portfolio and years of experience in building software solutions for global enterprise clients, we are confident that we can help Japanese organizations in their application transformation journey and expand their business globally with confidence”, reveals Michael.

Supported by the following partner organizations such as Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN or SMRJ, Asia Leaders Association or ALA, and Japan External Trade Organization or JETRO, the Philippine delegation includes other Philippine companies from various sectors including Manufacturing, Automotive, Medical, Aviation, IT, and Construction.

You can learn more about the Business Matching and Networking Seminar event here.

Power System Solutions

Exist, Ashnik and EnterpriseDB Jointly Sponsor The Future Energy Show Philippines 2019

Exist, Ashnik and EnterpriseDB Jointly Sponsor The Future Energy Show Philippines 2019 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Exist Software Labs, Inc, a global consulting and IT solutions leader, is participating at The Future Energy Show Philippines 2019, as a Bronze sponsor, in collaboration with its partners Ashnik Pte Ltd, a leading enterprise open source solution consulting firm and EnterpriseDB, the world leader in open-source based Postgres software and services.

Happening on May 20 and 21 at the SMX Convention Center Pasay City, the Future Energy Show, is the Philippines’ largest energy event gathering more than 180 of the world’s leading energy providers and presenting eight free-to-attend conferences. Co-located with the Asian Power & Energy Summit, the event will gather the energy sector ecosystem in the region to discuss industry strategies, trends, and key innovations to help local energy stakeholders replicate industry best practices.

“As new energy sources, market dynamics, regulatory factors, and the rapid technological advancement are disrupting the energy landscape, succeeding in today’s digital power era will require agility, innovation, and leadership,” shares Exist president and CEO, Michael Lim. “With our experience in providing an end-to-end enterprise systems for both major energy utility organizations such as Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC) and Independent Electricity Market Operator of the Philippines (IEMOP) as well as other power generation and distribution companies, we stand ready to help more energy companies of the future transform their business, achieve cost efficiencies and harness the potential of an integrated market system.”

During the event, Ashnik and EnterpriseDB will present a talk entitled “Postgres Powers Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia – Success Stories” at the Power Theatre Arena on the second day of the event (May 20) at 9 am. Compelling business cases and customer success stories highlighting the value of the open source-based EDB Postgres Platform in helping enterprises confidently deliver on the promise of digital business will be shared.

“Businesses are witnessing unprecedented disruption and it is coming from most unlikely players. Today, to stay ahead in the game, organizations are expected to become disruptors themselves to avoid being disrupted and open source technologies are the key to becoming a successful disruptor. They are the driving force behind the transformation that an enterprise is looking for. We at Ashnik are happy to bring key open source technologies to enterprises in the region”, explains Kaustubh Patwardhan (KP), Director – Southeast Asia and Hong Kong at Ashnik.

At their exhibition booth, Exist, Ashnik and EnterpriseDB will showcase their innovative platforms and systems designed to promote transparent transactions and drive efficiency in the field of power commodity. These solutions include the Central Registration and Settlement System (CRSS), an enterprise system that facilitates timely and updated participants’ registration and trading information for wholesale electricity spot market (WESM), the Philippine Renewable Energy Market System (PREMS), an enterprise platform that manages all market processes for newly organized Philippine renewable energy market, Billing and Settlement System for Power Generators, a billing and settlement system for power generators that simplify management of energy contracts to process billing and documentation of energy information built on top of the No. 1 enterprise-class, open source relational database management system today that is EDB Postgres.

“EnterpriseDB is pleased to be a joint sponsor with Exist Software Labs and Ashnik Pte Ltd for the Future Energy Show, Philippines 2019. EDB Postgres is the most complete open source-based data platform for digital business with increasing number of organizations adopting the EDB Postgres platform”, concludes Violet Seah, Head of Marketing, APJ, EnterpriseDB Pte Ltd.

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Exist Heads to SODEC Japan 2019, Highlights the Value of DevOps

Exist Heads to SODEC Japan 2019, Highlights the Value of DevOps 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Exist, a global consulting and IT solutions leader continues its quest to promote its comprehensive portfolio of innovative IT solutions and services in Japan with its participation to SODEC Japan on May 8-10, 2019.  

One of the largest conferences during Japan IT Week Spring, the Software & Apps Development Expo (SODEC) is known as Japan’s largest exhibition featuring a variety of products for development, operation, and maintenance of software and apps.

“Together with PSIA, DICT, and other Philippine participating companies, we’re excited to once again be part of SODEC and explore more opportunities for collaborations and partnerships with Japanese companies”, reveals Michael Lim, president and CEO of Exist. “As Japanese organizations continue to face globalization, we believe Exist can provide them readily-available and top IT talent pool to enable them to accelerate the digitization of their business.”

During the event, Exist will present and share the value of Agile and DevOps required to successfully transform and guide the customer’s digital journey. At the booth, Exist’s experts will discuss the challenges of implementing DevOps in Japan and will share insights on how to come out from those challenges. Visitors looking to know more about the value of adopting a DevOps approach in driving business agility also get to discuss various case studies and client success stories with the team.

“In today’s complex business environment, DevOps is fundamental to compete successfully, and enable rapid innovation”, shares Michael. “Whether you’re just getting started or want to advance to the next stage in your DevOps journey, Exist will equip you with the tools and strategies you need to attain new levels of automation, efficiency, and deliver greater value to your customers”.

Among the other offerings which Exist will showcase in the event includes Technology Consulting, Software Development, Automated Software Testing, API Integration, Big Data and Analytics, Blockchain, Mobile App Development, Anahaw retail solution, and Medcurial healthcare solution.

“Adopting DevOps is both a cultural and organizational shift that significantly impact deployment frequency, accelerate time to market, enable continuous delivery and boost quality”, explains Michael. “Given our experience in implementing DevOps for global clients and expertise on open source tools and technologies, we are in the best position to help Japanese companies plan and implement their DevOps journey to meet changing customer preferences, regulatory changes and global market opportunities in today’s digital economy”, concludes Michael.

To reserve a meeting with the Exist team at SODEC, visit:

Exist Managed IT Services 768x487 1

Feeling Cold from MySQL Backups that Take Forever? Hot Backups to the Rescue!

Feeling Cold from MySQL Backups that Take Forever? Hot Backups to the Rescue! 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Many business entities have entrusted their data to MySQL, and for certain use cases, this is a sound choice. If you need an RDBMS for basic transaction processing that does not involve complex tasks and does not require full SQL standard compliance, then MySQL may be right for you (for enterprise-scale workloads, Postgres is the only choice). In fact, Facebook and YouTube have used MySQL for a while now, just to name a couple.

However, there is a conundrum that commonly afflicts MySQL users when their data suddenly assumes massive proportions (terabyte range): long backups and the database unavailability that goes along with it.

Simply copying the data files to a backup location will result in internal data inconsistency since data may have been added or changed while the copying was taking place. An alternative to this is stopping the database and performing the backup, which renders the database unavailable! Availability is the rage and rendering the database unusable is very much unacceptable. And even if, by a stroke of luck, management allows for some downtime, the slowness of MySQL’s native backup mechanism would eventually cause anybody to reconsider.

managed IT services

Consider this actual scenario from one of our clients, a large retail outfit in Southeast Asia. Their POS transactions are fed into a MySQL database that is involved in a replication cluster. The database has grown to 2 TB in size and their backups take 15 hours to complete–if at all. The backup process encroaches in upon operating hours and they are forced to just kill the backup. The problem escalates when the Slave server needs to be refreshed (often by lost binary logs preventing it from synchronizing with the Master) since resetting replication involves restoring a backup of the Master on the Slave node. What to do??!!

Enter hot backups and Percona’s Xtrabackup!

Percona XtraBackup

A hot backup is a database backup that can be performed while the database is online.

From Percona’s website:

“Percona XtraBackup is a free, online, open source, complete database backups solution for all versions of Percona Server for MySQL and MySQL®. Percona XtraBackup performs online non-blocking, tightly compressed, highly secure full backups on transactional systems so that applications remain fully available during planned maintenance windows.”

Xtrabackup solved the problem for this retail giant, reducing the backup time from 15 hours to 4 hours! Database availability was no longer an issue and re-establishing replication is now a fast and straightforward endeavor.

The following are the basic steps to beating the cold:

  1. Simply install the tool:
  2. Create a backup directory if one does not yet exist like so, for example: mkdir /var/lib/mysql-backup.
  3. Run the utility: innobackupex –user=root –password=<password> /var/lib/mysql-backup.
  4. Apply the binary logs. For example: innobackupex –apply-log /var/lib/mysql-backup/2018-10-04_15-05-25, “2018-10-04_15-05-25” being the directory where the utility created the backup.

If you need expert database services, contact us and we will be more than happy to solve your DB woes.

Stay warm!

MuleSoft Manila Meetup 768x487 1

Starting the 2019 Right With First MuleSoft PH Meetup

Starting the 2019 Right With First MuleSoft PH Meetup 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Technically, this is the fourth meetup already but for 2019 it’s the first one. To find out what’s the big deal about MuleSoft, we tagged along with our resident certified MuleSoft developers, ‘Muleys’ to attend the Manila MuleSoft first meetup (Journey to Success with Mule) for 2019.  Here’s what we learned and discovered.

1. Pursuing digital transformation?  API integration is life.

Any business that runs some kind of software is more or less using more than one type already. Software has this snowball effect in companies that once you start to see the value of one, it will only be a matter of time before you think of getting another one and so on and so forth.  What this usually amounts to is having systems that perform for one specific task and doesn’t care about what the other software/s are helping with.

Like the human body, every company is an ecosystem that needs to function in sync with the different body parts. There is a need to connect and integrate the parts, most especially software, in order to optimize how the whole entity performs.  And Application Programming Interface (API) just makes integration between systems easier.  It’s an integral part of what digital transformation of companies is all about.

2. Pay big attention to using Microservices

The first topic discussed during the meetup was the importance of using microservices. And for good reason.

Think of it this way, while the use of APIs ultimately holds most applications together as required by enterprises, microservices is the way enterprises can build applications rapidly which in turn create new services.

Without getting to specifics, microservices is like creating applications using Lego blocks while traditional applications are single slabs of concrete.  If I were in the right frame of mind, I’d be leaning towards using microservices. Anyway, you can read more about them Microservices.

3. Software development without actual coding (again)

Will there come a time when this actually becomes the reality?  Probably, because this has been a constant tech trend (even though a lot will probably be just hype).  This time it is RAML which stands for Restful API Modeling Language – for managing the entire API lifecycle from design to sharing.  What’s even cooler is their Creative Laziness Whoa! and I’ll leave you to discover this for yourself.

[vc_single_image image=”21427″ img_size=”medium”][vc_single_image image=”21432″ img_size=”medium”]
[vc_single_image image=”21430″ img_size=”medium”][vc_single_image image=”21436″ img_size=”medium”]

Here’s the deck used during the meetup:

Overall, the MuleSoft meetup is as good as meetups can be.  It started on time. There’s plenty of food and drinks and the hosts, WhiteSky Labs, did a great job at making sure that the presentations are not just informative but entertaining as well. (Loved the free blue shirt for the 1st 50 participants as well)

Looking forward to attending again. Hopefully, we get to hear more about some use cases and business values from projects leveraging MuleSoft next time.

Exist Offshoring Software Development Services 768x487 1

Exist’s US Offshore Software Development Push Gets A Major Boost with Accelerance

Exist’s US Offshore Software Development Push Gets A Major Boost with Accelerance 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Exist Software Labs, Inc., a global consulting and IT solutions leader, has partnered with Accelerance, the leading consulting firm for software outsourcing strategies and best practices to expand further its commercial footprint in the US and drive growth.

Following the recent partner agreement to bring Exist’s IT solution and services to the Japanese market, this collaboration now delivers the same technology expertise and suite of services encompassing technology consulting, enterprise software development, QA and testing, mobile application development, big data and analytics, and DevOps to the US market and enables Exist to become part of Accelerance’s Certified Provider Network.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Accelerance and honored to become part of their select group of trusted software providers. We believe our deep technology expertise, combined with Accelerance’s extensive market reach and network is a powerful combination that will drive future growth for both brands”, shared Michael Lim, president and CEO of Exist.

All partners undergo a rigorous certification process, have been carefully evaluated and have their references checked before being accepted into the Accelerance Global Partner Network. Through this program, Accelerance helps companies reduce software outsourcing risk and successfully matched hundreds of client teams with outsourcing partners.

“We are pleased to welcome Exist to our certified partner network. With their track record in providing offshore software services and experience in building innovative solutions for global companies, Exist is definitely a great addition to our network”, said Andy Hilliard, president of Accelerance, Inc.

One of the pioneers of Open Source in Asia Pacific, Exist has helped companies from a diverse range of industries boost revenue and tap new markets through access to best-of-breed software development capabilities, best practices and global talent.

“We have historically had great success servicing the US market since 2001, and now that we have Accelerance by our side, we are confident that we can further advance our market reach in the US and offer our offshore software development services to help enterprises reduce cost, gain competitive edge and grow their business”, revealed Lim.

“We positively rate the Philippines with a “high readiness” score. Among Asian countries, it has a unique understanding of Western sensibilities which makes it a great outsourcing destination for US companies. With our market expertise and track record of excellent client service, we are confident we can help amplify Exist’s brand awareness, increase their customer reach and establish a solid revenue base for their outsourcing services here in the US”, concludes Hilliard.