System/Network Administrator

System/Network Administrator

System/Network Administrator Exist Software Labs

The System / Network Administrator is responsible for network design, configuration, implementation, tuning and troubleshooting. He supports and administers all servers and network resources, user accounts, as well as systems administration and networking issues and trends.


  • Assembles, configures, and installs workstations, servers, and other networking components
  • Sets-up, expands, and maintains the physical infrastructure of the network
  • Participates in network planning, design, and materials acquisition
  • Participates in designs of high-availability and clustering of Internal and External server
  • Installs, configures, and troubleshoots all operating systems and application software on the servers and workstations. Provides end-user training whenever needed.
  • Provides technical support to all network clients. Ensures that all employees connected to the network are able to utilize network resources trouble-free.
  • Develop, implement and execute network procedures for basic network maintenance operations like the management of various data stores, connectivity procedures, and backup/restore operations
  • Establish server security standards and levels
  • Monitor overall network performance providing strong response times to network clients
  • Troubleshoot and resolve server and network issues. As problem(s) arise, identify the problem(s) and resolve them with minimal impact on the daily operations of the company. The problem resolution(s) will necessarily require detailed knowledge of servers, workstations, operating systems, network components, and hardware troubleshooting.
  • Performs related work as assigned

Skills / Experience Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any engineering related courses/field
  • 5+ years of intensive experience in Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian) system administration
  • Have extensive knowledge in implementing solutions using Open Source Technology particularly the flexibility in handling different Linux Operating System (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS)
  • Experience with setup and implementation of Apache, Nginx, and other web server modules likes Reverse proxy
  • Well-versed in Databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Experience with MongoDB is a plus
  • Experience with virtualization implementation such as OpenStack, Xen, and/or Proxmox
  • Have working knowledge administering various services such as SVN and Git repositories, Squid, OpenLDAP, DHCP, DNS, and Asterisk PBX system
  • Have a strong foundation in networking concepts such as LAN, Wifi, switches, routers, VLAN, VPN, IPSec, and firewall
  • Troubleshooting skills in both hardware and software issues
  • Ability to write Perl and BASH script
  • Experience with Cisco switches is an advantage
  • Ability to deploy, support, and diagnose real issues for a production environment

  • Experience with Cisco switches is an advantage

  • Experience with Hadoop implementation (CDH or HDP) is a plus

  • Initiative, teamwork, and good problem-solving skills

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