What’s so Great about Scala

What’s so Great about Scala

What’s so Great about Scala 150 150 Exist Software Labs Inc.

In the software development world, Scala is a one of the more modern programming languages touted to be the “better Java“. I ambush-interviewed one of our Java developers and he eagerly offered a run-down about what makes Scala great.

  • Multi-paradigm. Scala is both object-oriented and functional. Object orientation is the main approach when using languages like Java. Functional programming deals with evaluating expressions and uses immutability of state to help ensure consistency. This means that Scala helps in producing robust, scalable, concurrent, and easily testable applications.
  • Powerful. Scala has the power of Java and more, because of its functional programming paradigm, mixins and structural typing, pattern matching, actors, static types, rich type system, among others.
  • Big Data and Cloud. Scala’s parallelization library, actor system, and emphasis on immutability allow the development of robust cloud-based applications, and applications that address the processing of big data.
  • Seamless interoperability with Java. Scala compiles into 100% Java byte code and runs on the JVM, which means it can make use of the vast libraries of Java components out there. You can use Maven out-of-the-box. It even runs on Android!
  • Concise, elegant, and type-safe. Because of functional programming, you can express business logic more clearly, whereas you would have verbose code in Java. Pattern matching and actors are powerful concepts.
  • Excellent and helpful community, abundant resources. Lots of books and online resources. Integration with popular tools such as Eclipse, Netbeans, Intellij IDEA. Plenty of test frameworks. Plenty of web frameworks.
  • Accepted, used, and promoted in the enterprise. Foursquare, LinkedIn, Twitter, Sony, Siemens, Xerox, and Novell are some of the companies using Scala. {ref:http://www.scala-lang.org/node/1658}


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