Three Agile Practices

Three Agile Practices

Three Agile Practices 150 150 Exist Software Labs Inc.

#Simplify the decision making process. One of the ways to do this is through [proper] delegation. By delegating tasks, you empower individuals to think and what we Filipinos call “pagdiskarte”. When you empower individuals, they become more accountable. I think if individuals are more accountable, they deliver better results … make less mistakes, given the opportunity to think through a particular challenge and be able to create a more personal approach to solve and overcome such challenge. And less mistakes may mean faster turnaround.

BUT delegating is like … given, right? You have to do it, at some point. And also what if you got nobody to delegate to? Another possible way to simplify decision making is to create scenarios and collaborate with your team on possible action items given a scenario. Doing this will streamline the decision making process because now your team will be aligned as to what to do given a particular scenario. Get advisers and consulting, if you need to.

Or what you can do is master the art of critical thinking.

How else do you think can decision making be simplified? Flip a coin?

#Automate whenever possible. When you can execute in the same or better quality, automate it! This is as much about the process as the technology, because change is never easy and with new technology comes changes in the way people do things.

Let’s talk about my favorite example, which is Medcurial. It’s a clinic practice management tool that takes out a lot of paper out of the clinic, streamlines and organizes patient info gathering, and provides real-time and complete info to doctors during patient consultations or assessments. In a number of ways, Medcurial automates the work of not just the doctors, but the doctors’ assistants. So yeah, try it for FREE.

Take advantage of open source software. TRY not to build from scratch. It takes so much development time and cost to build from scratch.

Utilize the cloud for its scalability without the big overhead costs.

#Stop the blame game and stop making excuses. Sports teams typically (typically) have one goal — to WIN. Offense players score the points, while the defense protect the opponents from scoring. They practice, again and again. They make sure that when it’s the real game that they’d win. But in any game, a lot of things can go wrong.

You’re not defending enough, that’s why I always get tackled.”

You ain’t running too fast!

What’s my point? Stop blaming each other and work as a team. You’ll get things done a lot faster, and even better.


Learn more about agile software development methodology.

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