Starting the 2019 Right With First MuleSoft PH Meetup

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Starting the 2019 Right With First MuleSoft PH Meetup

Starting the 2019 Right With First MuleSoft PH Meetup 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Technically, this is the fourth meetup already but for 2019 it’s the first one. To find out what’s the big deal about MuleSoft, we tagged along with our resident certified MuleSoft developers, ‘Muleys’ to attend the Manila MuleSoft first meetup (Journey to Success with Mule) for 2019.  Here’s what we learned and discovered.

1. Pursuing digital transformation?  API integration is life.

Any business that runs some kind of software is more or less using more than one type already. Software has this snowball effect in companies that once you start to see the value of one, it will only be a matter of time before you think of getting another one and so on and so forth.  What this usually amounts to is having systems that perform for one specific task and doesn’t care about what the other software/s are helping with.

Like the human body, every company is an ecosystem that needs to function in sync with the different body parts. There is a need to connect and integrate the parts, most especially software, in order to optimize how the whole entity performs.  And Application Programming Interface (API) just makes integration between systems easier.  It’s an integral part of what digital transformation of companies is all about.

2. Pay big attention to using Microservices

The first topic discussed during the meetup was the importance of using microservices. And for good reason.

Think of it this way, while the use of APIs ultimately holds most applications together as required by enterprises, microservices is the way enterprises can build applications rapidly which in turn create new services.

Without getting to specifics, microservices is like creating applications using Lego blocks while traditional applications are single slabs of concrete.  If I were in the right frame of mind, I’d be leaning towards using microservices. Anyway, you can read more about them Microservices.

3. Software development without actual coding (again)

Will there come a time when this actually becomes the reality?  Probably, because this has been a constant tech trend (even though a lot will probably be just hype).  This time it is RAML which stands for Restful API Modeling Language – for managing the entire API lifecycle from design to sharing.  What’s even cooler is their Creative Laziness Whoa! and I’ll leave you to discover this for yourself.

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Here’s the deck used during the meetup:

Overall, the MuleSoft meetup is as good as meetups can be.  It started on time. There’s plenty of food and drinks and the hosts, WhiteSky Labs, did a great job at making sure that the presentations are not just informative but entertaining as well. (Loved the free blue shirt for the 1st 50 participants as well)

Looking forward to attending again. Hopefully, we get to hear more about some use cases and business values from projects leveraging MuleSoft next time.