Marketing with the Right Mindset to Grow our Offshore Services

Marketing with the Right Mindset to Grow our Offshore Services

Marketing with the Right Mindset to Grow our Offshore Services 150 150 Exist Software Labs Inc.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet with Roger Strukhoff. He’s one of my revered personalities, having read a lot of his writings on cloud computing and outsourcing in the Philippines.

We were with Morphlabs’ chief tweet officer Alain Yap and we were discussing about the upcoming Cloud Computing Now! forum, sports, and the Philippines.

Stephanie Overby cites Eric Simonson, managing partner with outsourcing consultancy Everest (in the Feb issue of Computerworld PH): There’s not a CIO in the world who isn’t trying to figure out where, when, why and how to implement cloud-based services this year. Yes, it’s not hype. The only way to figure out (your cloud strategy) is for you to be in a cloud environment, recommends Morphlabs’ CEO Winston Damarillo.

The forum is going to be at Dusit Thani hotel and you can find more info about the event here. Some of us will be there, so we’d be happy to catch up with your thoughts on cloud computing.

Anyway, what I wanted to share about the discussion yesterday is this piece of advise from Roger. This is what he tells us: We (Filipinos) shouldn’t be too over critical of ourselves. He’s telling us that you know, there’s a lot of room for improvement and the only way for us to really hit our goals is if we remain focused on achieving these goals. At least, that’s how I perceived his message.

He talked at length about some statistical data, so I decided to dig deeper and found out:

  • the Philippines placed 85th out of 139 economies in the Global Competitiveness Report 2010-2011, lagging behind APAC counterparts Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam
  • the Philippines has been growing less rapidly in boom time, but in small amounts in downtime. During the global recession, the Philippines outperformed, in a region with a negative contraction – World Bank chief economist Eric LeBorgne said in a recent report

And he even cited that South Korea had lagged behind the Philippines a couple of years ago and look where they are now. We’ve got a lot of good points; Roger goes on to note that culture affinity and language are two key advantages that we have vs our Asian counterparts in terms of doing business with US companies. The other one’s basketball.

I completely agree with him. I may be sometimes overcritical of myself, but that’s only because I want to challenge myself more. I’d like to keep a healthy mindset. Always. And also one thing that I often do is ask myself where I am now from where I used to be. Where I want to be tomorrow.

You know one thing that our CEO Jerry Rapes has been telling us about our goals is that — we sometimes would think we were setting them too high. But at the end of the year (2010), we actually were able to hit it. Almost, but it’s good enough. If we had set a lower goal for ourselves, then we would have probably achieved something lower than that.

Set higher goals. Dream bigger. That seems to be a recurring theme this year.

Later on, I attended a PSIA marketing committee FGD. We gathered companies interested to do global software outsourcing to discuss how some of the companies were doing it and to explore new avenues/methods to hit our goal of $1.5B ITO revenue in 3 years.

Did you know that:

  • the Philippines has outgrown India in terms of the BPO industry?
  • the global offshore IT services market is set to grow up to $144b in 2016?
  • there are 30,000 IT graduates in the Philippines every year, but we only have 40,000 more or less FTEs for export last year?
  • talent acquisition and management seems to be the #1 challenge for software development providers in the country?
  • PNoy pledged a fresh Php62M fund for the IT BPO industry in 2011?

A lot of us can learn from each other and soon be able to realize an ecosystem to enable us to meet the growing offshore services market. The FGD was a great start and I’m likewise pleased to have been part of it.

BUT we can’t do: one step forward, two steps backward. Sure, it does take a lot of determination to be on track of your goals. So maybe a piece of advise would be is that every time you feel like stepping back, THINK of how great it felt to have been one step forward!

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