How integrating UpToDate to Hospital Information Systems Helps

How Integrating UpToDate to Hospital Information System Helps

How integrating UpToDate to Hospital Information Systems Helps

How integrating UpToDate to Hospital Information Systems Helps 800 507 Marc Angelo Manongdo

Introducing innovation into the health system is directed at enhancing clinical effectiveness

The healthcare industry is becoming more and more volatile as made more apparent by the ongoing global pandemic. Globally, research are being conducted in hopes to find better ways and solutions in dealing with the virus. Prescriptions, medications, and treatment protocols are updated on a daily basis in order to minimize the rise of more COVID cases and deaths. Simply put, all clinicians and health practitioners rely on updated data to improve delivery of patient care.

The power of accessible medical information and staying updated on medical news, studies, and breakthroughs is essential in improving patient outcomes. Such valuable information is exactly what UpToDate offers.

What is UpToDate?

UpToDate is developed by Wolters Kluwer, a provider of trusted clinical technology and evidence-based solutions that engages clinicians, patients, researchers, students, and the next generation of healthcare providers. 

UpToDate is updated daily following a continual comprehensive review of peer-reviewed journals, clinical databases, and other resources, by more than 7,100 world-renowned physician authors and editors.

UpToDate not only provides clinicians with easily accessible data, it also aligns care teams to provide a more unified decision whenever it comes to clinical analysis. UpToDate also provides the opportunity to align care teams to provide a more unified decision on clinical analyses. Consequently, this allows a more synchronized delivery of patient care through evidence based data and recommendations by renowned experts around the world. 

Results from Asian Hospital and Medical Center have shown that with the use of UpToDate, there has been a downward trend in ICU mortality. Dr Ana Maria Jimenez, Director for Quality, Asian Hospital and Medical Center, says

If, for instance, an ICU intensivist needs to review certain topics, be it about an illness, diagnostics, or differential diagnosis, and especially when they encounter these topics for the first time, they turn to UpToDate.

UpToDate and COVID-19 Treatment

COVID-19 is novel, therefore physicians require regular updates on its infections and treatments. With UpToDate, resources are updated daily – this brings clinicians more confidence in making sure that their decisions are supported by evidence and information.

Dr. Jimenez also states:

The ICU intensivists also use UpToDate to check if there are new guidelines on process measures for ICU as well as the contention with regard to how fast to lower FiO2 in ventilated Covid-19 patients. Our Emergency Physicians likewise refer to UpToDate for Covid-19 treatment updates like for the management of ARDS and for use of high-flow nasal cannulas. Furthermore, we consulted the literature when we created the hospital policy on protected code blue, which resulted in an improvement in our Healthcare Worker safety.

MERX HIS – UpToDate Integrations

Critical to healthcare quality and safety, clinical effectiveness ensures patients’ total healthcare experience remains the primary priority

As a Gold Partner of Wolters Kluwer in the Philippines, Exist continues to find ways on how to improve its hospital and clinic systems to promote evidence-based care to help them achieve quality patient outcomes.

At present, we are already incorporating the power of UpToDate (and Lexicomp) into our hospital information system, MERX. This means that clients can easily access these clinical decision systems right inside their MERX interface. With this integration, clinicians and healthcare teams will have quick access to relevant and updated information provided by UptoDate and Lexicomp and help harmonize decisions in the delivery of patient care.

With this integration, MERX is further able to:

  • Provide tools that integrate into clinical workflows that reduce medication and diagnostic errors, 
  • Align care teams across the entire healthcare system with information that supports evidence-based care. 
  • Provide information that helps the physician make good decisions and ensures that the nurses, pharmacists, and patients are all aligned with that decision making.

This quality of healthcare solution that Exist Healthcare provides is one of the reasons why the team caters to 3 out of 6 JCI (Joint Commission International) Accredited Philippine hospitals. 

Get the most out of your hospital system (HIS) with UpToDate and MERX!

Learn more about this in our upcoming webinar on The Power of One for Decision Support! Click here for more details.

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