Exist Information Technology Forecast for 2012

Exist Information Technology Forecast for 2012

Exist Information Technology Forecast for 2012 150 150 Exist Software Labs Inc.

Exist is currently employing 171 business and technology professionals, from about a hundred at the start of 2011. The company’s revenue grew by 52% from the previous year (2010); revenue per geo has risen notably in areas such as the US and Australia. While Philippine-based enterprises from the telco and healthcare markets have strengthened their partnership with Exist, the company’s global presence has had its share of limelight in events such as HK ICT, CommunicAsia, CeBIT Australia, SODEC Japan, and strategic healthcare IT forums around the world.

I have witnessed an immense growth and flurry of activities in Exist in 2011 and I guess that makes me very thrilled to talk about Exist 2012, or should I say Exist 10.x. Below are key themes for 2012 at Exist, based from interviews and discussions with the executive team.

Healthcare IT will Flourish

“The IT development potential in healthcare is huge,” said Jerry, Exist CEO. Much of this can be attributed to increasing demands to provide better quality of care, streamline operations, gain more administrative visibility and clinical insight, and improve access to healthcare.

Healthcare IT will Flourish, Exist Software Philippines

In the Philippines itself, a couple of healthcare IT developments, such as PhilHealth’s eClaims project, are already underway. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. “Exist will be very active with Philippine healthcare stakeholders as an authority in technology.”

“Our problems here are not unique,” noted Jerry, sharing feedback from a healthcare IT forum in the United States. “There are lessons which we can take from America’s healthcare system — from improving workflows to data integration, as well as from health reform to putting the right tools in place.”

Expect Exist to make waves in healthcare in the APAC and US this year.

Growth in Mobile Platforms

Companies are integrating mobility and/or building mobile versions of their enterprise systems due to the rising popularity of mobile devices as preferred means to communicate. Applications that provide real-time info and which enable “on the go” transactions have found favor with consumers around the world.

“Exist has invested heavily in helping its customers in the telecoms and healthcare markets to develop solutions on these emerging mobile platforms, as they seek competitive advantage,” said Jerry. Testament to this is the company’s ongoing project with an inmate telecommunications provider in the US — which is the development of a state-of-the-art video application that runs on the company’s unique phone system.

In 2011, Exist expanded its service portfolio to offer Android development on top of its iOS development capabilities. A number of Android projects are in the company’s project pipeline.

The demand for mobile applications, as well as web applications that converge with mobile devices, present a lot of growth opportunities for Exist.

Dynamic Infrastructure Services is Upon Us

Cloud computing has come of age and is rising more than any other CIO priorities with 60% (ASEAN 57%) of CIOs ready to embrace cloud computing over the next 5 years, as a means of growing their businesses and achieving competitive advantage — nearly double the number in the same study two years ago. Specifically, ASEAN CIOs cited rationalization of application portfolio (ASEAN 20%; Global 23%) , and utilizing cloud services (ASEAN 23%; Global 12%) as top activities to control and reduce legacy costs. (Source: Computerworld PH, Sept 2011)

Technology and market research company Forrester has in fact pointed out in its “Sizing the Cloud” report published April 2011 about the rise of ‘dynamic infrastructure services’ – which are the virtual private cloud counterpart of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) in the public cloud, combining pure infrastructure with high-level services and close integration into existing on-premises landscapes and touted to outperform public cloud services in the long run.

Quick to answer the call to innovate, cloud infrastructure provider, Morphlabs has expanded its product offering to include its mCloud Data Center Unit (DCU) solution and bring infrastructure services to Southeast Asian countries in partnership with Globe Telecom, Pratesis and Exist.

“Implementing mCloud DCU will allow us to deliver vertical cloud access for our customers,” said Jerry. On top of re-selling mCloud DCU, Exist is also on its way to creating a solution that combines new-generation mobile and cloud technologies to bring business intelligence and efficient computing to the enterprise.

“Cloud computing has a disruptive potential to create powerful new value propositions,” said Mike Lim, Exist CTO. Mike leads the company’s R&D team.

Imagine an application for a retail brand that not just provides a game but an e-commerce solution that allows users to view real-time data about the brand’s products and pricing information, as well as enable them to explore what their friends have bought from that brand right on their mobile phones.

“Cloud will play a very important role in making these trends happen,” said Jerry.

IT Outsourcing to Intensify

More applications will be built and more IT functions will be outsourced.

The enterprise’s application utilization has probably doubled the past 2 years and will see new heights in the years to come. That’s not really a weak guess — experts are predicting companies will take advantage of “Internet-based applications to improve everything – from collaboration to employee engagement”.

On the other hand, some companies need to integrate existing applications more than they need to build new applications, and that will also call for additional web services that communicate between systems. Technology research firm Gartner predicts that:as organizations’ application portfolios become ever more diversified and distributed, corresponding integration projects will also increase in scope and complexity.

“Projects per customer has a good chance of improving next year, as customers demand for mobile integration and / or integrations with other existing applications,” said Jerry.

From a resource standpoint, Jonas Lim, Exist VP of Engineering said that: Demand for engineers such as Java and Rails developers will soar, as well as IT professionals with cloud computing experience.

Those 4 themes will keep me (and the team) busy all year. It’s going to be a great run, I know, because we’re not going to be doing the same things as we did last year.

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