Come Together: Employing Agile Development and Embracing the Blur

Come Together: Employing Agile Development and Embracing the Blur

Come Together: Employing Agile Development and Embracing the Blur 150 150 Exist Software Labs Inc.

f there is one skill that is critical for an enterprise to have, and for individuals to have who use and/or help deliver IT capabilities (which, by the way, is everyone) – it’s “agility.”

There’s a lot that’s been said about the importance of being agile particularly about movement – one that is to move quick and light like some fleet footed cat in search of prey or to evade an enemy, both in essence as a way for survival.

But one thing that’s been largely understated in agile software development is the symphony of collaboration among cross-functional teams to deliver solutions, that is iterative with continuous attention to technical excellence and design.

Boiling it down to a T, the work that comes out of interaction among different expertise is what quite simply will supply the solutions over any new developments that the future has been dishing out ever so constantly. Time and again this has proved it’s worth.
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Ever noticed what’s been happening today? Gartner analyst Tom Bittman shares:

… in 2004, I talked about “the walls coming down” between business, the data center and development. I wasn’t unique – others have discussed boundaries breaking down between different aspects of IT architecture for years. However, I’m not sure how many people are aware of how utterly pervasive this megatrend in IT really is, and how much it affects all of us. In a word, the megatrend is “blur.” Think about it.

He then goes on to cite examples such as…


  • What the heck is an operating system any more, and what does it matter when I have a virtual pool of distributed resources I need to use?
  • Whatever happened to the boundary between consumer technology and enterprise technology? Consumerization of IT. And not just personal technology devices – some IT services are given away for free (and subsidized by advertising). Which leads to boundaries disappearing in business models.
  • Whatever happened to the boundary between outsourcing and insourcing? Now we have cloud computing: public, private, hybrid, and every other variation. Looking for a black and white definition of cloud computing? A waste of time – it’s gray!

Virtualization. Consumerization. Cloud. Instant connections and collaboration. The list goes on.

So how do people particularly organizations cope effectively with this resulting unpredictability?


It pays to be able to be quick to move for sure but hardly adequate. It is a big plus to be able to realize that the situation demands many perspectives – almost same as the disparate systems that has come to transform itself to a different entity. It requires a coordination of a team to come up with holistic solutions to tackle the issue.

So, let us embrace the blur. And as the four individuals who redefined what it really means to cohesively jam, remind us, so should we “come together.”

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