Business Unusual – Making Your Business Emergency Ready

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Business Unusual – Making Your Business Emergency Ready

Business Unusual – Making Your Business Emergency Ready 768 487 Exist Software Labs

With the threat of COVID-19, a number of countries including Italy, the Philippines, and parts of the United States have started quarantine measures, including prohibiting the movement of their citizens. For everyone’s safety and in the interest of public health, most businesses have been ordered to provide their employees with flexible working conditions. 

During these difficult times, Exist Software Labs has adhered to the government’s directives for the Enhanced Community Quarantine. With our Business Continuity Plan in full effect, Exist operations and services remain up and running with a variety of phone and web communication lines open, such as Skype, Google Chat, and online meeting rooms such as Zoom and Google Meet. As a global technology provider, the Exist team has been providing remote work for decades and is fully equipped with the tools needed to execute and complete work tasks.

Maintaining business open at this time is becoming more and more important, as people’s needs require fulfillment. Keeping workplaces open and running is vital to ensure that the economy continues to run and workers get paid. 

If you need assistance in getting your business emergency proof, drop us a message and we can help modernize your company’s processes and keep you running.

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