Becoming the ‘Big Fish’: Pivotal Steps Up the Game with Its 4x-Bigger New Office

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Becoming the ‘Big Fish’: Pivotal Steps Up the Game with Its 4x-Bigger New Office

Becoming the ‘Big Fish’: Pivotal Steps Up the Game with Its 4x-Bigger New Office 768 487 Exist Software Labs

Pivotal, the go-to provider of cloud-native platform, developer tools, and unique methodology to help the world’s largest enterprises transform the way they build and run their most important applications, opened its new office in Funan at the Wework Offices last Sept 19, 2019.

Moving into the new space four times bigger than the previous office, it houses amenities where innovation teams can get together and create wonderful applications.

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Jonas Lim, Exist’s Vice President for Engineering and I represented the Philippines & Exist Software Labs. The impressive space can house client team members as well in what they call “Dojos” – a training quarters used in martial arts training, this time used in the building of modern software.

Present in the event were Pivotal President Bill Cook, Senior Vice President for Products & Marketing Ian Andrews, Vice President and Managing Director of Asia, Pacific and Japan Lionel Lim, and General Manager of Partners & Alliances in APJ KM Tan. We also met up with other Singapore team members; Sachin, Shaun, David, Dennis, and Nam along with the APJ regional officers in Korea, China and from Pivotal Japan, Andrew Lee, Yanagihara-san, Kobayashi-san, and Takashi-san.

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Curtained space encased Pivotal Labs’ clients, having Pivotal engineers pair up with clients and do knowledge transfer of best practices and learning the pivotal process for application development and platform implementation.

This is a very important concept for success learned – “The Big Fish”. In a pond, the small fish always gets eaten by the big fish. In the corporate context, if a new process needs to be adopted, this new process should be in an environment wherein it will be the “big fish” devouring the old practice from the client team, the “small fish” which leads to the transformation into the new Pivotal process. Once the company gets strong enough and better established, it can go back to its old environment with a higher rate of success to thrive and propagate the new process.

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At Exist, we implemented one of the first and largest ever Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) installed here in the Philippines for a Government project. The application uses designed and containerized microservice and cloud-native architecture that is meant for the management, monitoring and accelerating the processing of the documents importation handled by multiple agencies to process port entries of goods and containers. It has been rolled out to 14 agencies already and will still be rolled out to other agencies.

Fulfilling Exist’s mission to provide cutting edge technologies to provide a competitive edge to our client is one of the key reasons why our large enterprise clients chose Exist as their innovation partner in the implementation of their digital transformation strategy.

In the opening ceremony, a Lion dance was performed as a Chinese tradition for good luck, health, blessing, and prosperity and to bring positive energy in the space. In performing this, paints are being dotted onto the lion’s body. The first to be dotted will be in the mirror at the front of the lion’s head. This is known as the “third eye”. Then, it will be followed by the nose so that it can breathe and smell deals from all over. Next will be inside the mouth. Next, the ears to be able to listen to clients’ needs, the eyes to be able to see more deals. Lastly, it will be dotted all over its body – from its head to have the wisdom to successfully help in achieving clients’ goals and satisfaction, down to its neck, tail and finally, the limbs. The Lion Dance was performed all around the space to spread the blessing.

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It is such a wonderful experience overall to be able to be around key people from the industry and we look forward to creating amazing stories with them from this new home towards the new frontier of Cloud-native and modern architecture for applications.